Susquehanna University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


If I had to describe my classmates I would choose three words: creative, determined, and outspoken.


My classmates are very well educated and enjoy being in school and in class. They are very competitive and have a strive for learning.


My classmates at Susquehanna University are highly intelligent individuals who have set educational goals similar to mine, allowing our interaction during and after class hours help all of us reach our highest potentials.


Being at a small school in my senior year means I know most of the people in my classes, and there is always someone nice to chat or swap notes with, making my college experience comfortable and offering plenty of interpersonal interaction rather than a crowded lecture hall full of strangers.


some weird., some pretty cool


A mixed group of smart, talented, and privileged people.


They are energetic, attentive, hard-working, and intelligent.


My classmates are eager learners and willing to express their minds at any times.


Upper-Middle class white.


My classmates are energetic, well-rounded, intellectually diverse and have a vested interest in improving themselves and the surrounding community. While there are many who may be mediocre in many regards and not go far (either geographically or in the career sense), there are many who I believe will get out into the world and do great things.


Make sure you go to class, since being there is half the grade, and make sure you do the work. When ever you're struggling, don't be afraid to ask for help because the majority of the professors want to see you succeed.


They are very competitive.


Very fun, energetic individuals. While they do party on occasion, they do not overindulge too much and tend to not let things get out of hand. Most of them tend to get along with each other especially within majors and dorms.


They are a little judgemental, selective, and intimidating, as well as a little supportive and helpful.


Individuals who have there own sense of style and outlook on life!


I believe that my classmates could put more effort into being better students, yet overall they seem to do quite well grade wise.


Most of the students at Susquehanna are white and middle class.


My classmates at Susquehanna Unniversity are intelligent, unique, and creative individuals with a thirst for knowledge and a strong drive to succeed. Although my classmates come from all over the world, we are united in that we strive to enrich ourselves by continuing our educations .


Many of the students coe from wealthy or upper class families. They could be described as snooty or stuck up. Some of the students seem pretty dumb and I wonder how they got into this "competitive" school. Many come from large cities and complain about the lack of clubs and concert halls around, but it's a rural town so I wonder why they even came here in the 1st place. Most of the girls arn't very friendly and just want to drink and chase boys and act silly. There's a lack of consideration amoung students.