Susquehanna University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is probably best known for the river it resides by. The Susquehanna river is a short distance from campus, and is central to the identity of our school. We are a very rural and aesthetically appealing college, and it is somethign we take pride in. The river only enhances the feeling of beauty surrounding the university


We're a small campus, so it really feels like a family. If it wasn't for the friendliness and sense of community from the faculty and students, I would not have come to Susquehanna. Everyone is super willing to help you out if you need it, whether it's in the classroom, with financial aid, etc.


SU provides lots of scholarships for academic merit and has a strong liberal arts program. Small classes are led by passionate educators in exceptional facilities, so students work closely one on one with their professors for research, projects, etc. There are also a diverse range of extracurricular clubs and activities to get involved in on campus from the arts to politics to athletics. SU's Global Opportunities programs mandate students to travel to a foreign country or study abroad so that students are more cultured and informed of global events.


Susquehanna University is an undergraduate liberal arts school with an emphasis on its expansive business and Creative Writing program. It was the colleges Writers' Institute that interested me in the school in the first place, and I am proud to be a member of the Creative Writing cult.


Susquehanna University is best known for it's competitve academics and beautiful location. The University is located in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna River. It is surrounded by rolling mountains and in the middle of a quiet, small town. Susquehanna is a small school, roughly 2,000 students, allowing those who attend to have the opportunity to know most of their classmates and have small classes with professors who are more than willing and able to give one-on-one help. It is also known for numerous service projects, including a mandatory volunteer day for all incoming freshmen upon arrival.


Out of all the outstanding qualities of Susquehanna University, I would definitely say that we are famous for how friendly we all are. There is not a single professor who won't sit down with a student who is struggling to comprehend subject material, and every student greets one another with a smile, a nod, and even the occasional bear hug! There is no doubt that Susquehanna is a tight-knit community of faculty and students, and if you're not willing to meet new people or explore outside of your bubble, SU isn't for you.


Our school is best known for their excellent education program,the new science building they are currently building, students volunteering in the community and the overall excellent education that a student receives at Susquehanna University.


Susquehanna is best known for the liberal arts education it offers. This university has a new curriculum designed so students have to take classes in fields such as sciences, reasoning, english, foreign languages, etc. Students must also complete time abroad, whether this be a full semester or a short summer program. Students will definately recieve a "well-rounded" education at Susquehanna.


Music and theatre departments, study abroad, and disaster relief trips.


business program


My school is best known for its business school and networking opportunities.


It's old (est. 1858), well known business school, known music department, largest rotating stage in PA.


Business, Music, and Communications


Susquehanna is best known for its business and music programs.


The liberal arts program.


Our business and writing programs are both great. We also have an amazing biology department that has a great research program.


This school is best known for its business program and friendly professors.