Susquehanna University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the lack of social events and activities to be the worst thing about SU. It makes it more difficult to make lasting friendships when there are limited activities to partake in at school.


The fact that there are so many options for clubs and classes -- it can really make it hard to limit yourself to a few!


The worst thing about the school would be the cafeteria food. Sometimes the food is under or overcooked. Overall, the food does not taste very good either way.


It is made up of predominantly upper-middle class white kids from conservative suburbia. Though the campus lacks racial and religious diversity, it lacks class diversity even more.


Over the past few years as well as continuing into the future, my school as been growing in size by increasing the number of incoming freshman. I find this to be the worst part of my school because as a freshman I enjoyed how small the classes were . Small classes allowed for more discussion. The smaller the classes the more comfortable the class is with each other. As my classes have now grown in number the discussions have lessened. I have found that having the students talk with each other clarifies the material that is being taught.


The fact that you usually can't get into a class unless you're a major/minor in the department. It seems this problem will only get worse as the school population increases.


There isn't much to do on weekends if you aren't interested in partying.


It has many great qualities, but the distance from major cities.


It's in the middle of nowhere. Closest train station is an hour away. Very difficult to get around without a car.


The worst thing about Susquehanna is the lack of diversity. SU alum are very finanically supportive of the school, however, they want it to be similar to when they attended ... all white. Since, Suquehanna is a private school we can get away with that. Admissions are doing a better job at accepting more minorities but we are still very undiverse, even our faculty consists of most caucisions. I would say for the most part students are tollerent of ethnic students, but there have been a few incidents this past semester.


Restrictive alcohol policies. Limiting alcohol use is pointless because there is nothing better to do in that town.


The price is by far the worst thing about the school in my opinion. I think that it is a shame that students have to pay such a ridiculous amount to further their education. Also I think it is frustrating to students to have to worry about financial situations when they are trying to balance all other aspects of their college lives.


For me, the worst thing about my school is it is pretty far away... almost 5 hours. This is a small problem when I consider the education, opportunity and experience I am receiving from classes and staff interaction.


It isn't nearly racially or ethnically diverse enough. We preach diversity but have trouble actually getting it.


Weekends can be kinda slow but its good and bad because it teaches you to make your own fun ; the student activity commity does work hard to put on events but students mostly choose not to go becasue they are concidered "lame". The lack or racial or any type of diversoty is really lacking.


The location is somewhat rural and it sometimes makes it difficult to get things such as craft supplies (important for an education major) or other items. And the school does not provide transportation so it can be extremely difficult to egt anymore.