Susquehanna University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone that's intereted in furthering their education with qualified instructors, meeting a wide array of people, and who wants to have the great oppurtunity of studying abroad in one of the best study abroad programs around.


The majority of the people here are white and usually come from money. It is different since I came from a much more diverse environment, but non the less there are a few minorities on campus and everyone gets along very well.


The kind of person who should attend Susquehanna University is the student who is not afraid to stand up for what they love. Susquehanna has a very open community with many outlets to pursue passions that may not fall directly in line with their major of study. It is also a place to cultivate new loves because the open community allows everyone to lean on each other and teach each other new things.


The kind of person that will take hold of opportunities. For those that stay in their room and play video games, this campus is not for them. This campus is made up of some of the future leaders of the world, and is well worth the money...if students were to stay active. While it is expensive, the active lifestyle of a go-getter would offset the costs and enjoy a busy and fulfilling 4 years at Susquehanna University.


The person who should attend Susquehanna should be an academic- wanting to get the best out of their education. They should be career-focused, like a small school setting, prefer one-one-one with professors. They should not expect a lot of social activity, especially off campus since this is also a small community. You should also want to be involved in volunteer work and organizations. The study abroad programs offered are amazing, in my opinion.The person should also be willing to work hard and often.


The kind of person who should attend Susquehanna is looking for a small town kind of campus. It's a small school, so people know each other, and a lot of the time what's going on with other students. But it also makes it easier to make friends and feel safe, as well as adjust to college life, especially what college life on campus is like.


Someone who is interested in a well-rounded education with wonderful professors.


Motivated, enthusiastic, flexible people... and no gay haters!


Someone looking for a small, close-knit student population with a great relationship with the surrounding communities. Someone who is committed to academics, wants to get a good education and career but at the same time knows how to have fun and enjoy themselves.


A person who enjoys a small, close community that is academically driven and looking to be involved.


Someone who wants to completely focus with minimum distractions


The people best suited for this school are people who do not have a major in mind. Since it is a liberal arts college there are many core requirements and a person set on his/her major already may find it time consuming or pointless to take classes that do not further help their major. Also someone looking for a close relationship with professors should considering attending because the professors are always willing to help and know students on a first name basis.


We are conditioned to go to big schools with big sports teams that offer small opportunities for sucess after college. You may receive a classroom education with great parties and team spirit, but how does that move you into the real world and a real career ? This school is for someone looking for a pictueresque campus with quality facilities and caring and qualified professors who prepare and network you into the real world. A best kept secret in a little piece of heaven this school is for any student who wants to venture out of the box towards their future.


The kind of people that are currently there are rich white Christians. The school needs more diverse students.


If you are looking for a school with a great writing program or a great music program then this is the school for you. Susquehanna University is well-renowned in both of these areas.


The kind of person who is looking to be challenged and wants to succeed.


SU is a great place for someone looking for a comfortably-sized community; by the end of one's four years, it would be safe to bet that everyone knows almost everyone some way or another. Come to SU for a well-rounded liberal arts education that exposes the student to a variety of fields and ways of thinking.


Kids who go to Susquehanna should be willing to adapt to the small town life, enjoy making different types of friends, and be open minded to discuss different view points.