Susquehanna University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that dislikes a small atmosphere should not attend here. This place is very small to the point where just about everyone either knows or knows of everyone, meaning there are very little secrets left unsaid.


Any student who is not looking to be part of an intellectually and socially engaged campus would not enjoy SU. Students who are only looking to party or be exclusive among sports teams or Greek life would not enjoy SU and quite frankly they are the type of students who harm the amazing community that Susquehanna has to offer.


A person who does not like small towns should not attend Susquehanna University. Located in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, Susquehanna attracts a lot of local students who come from small towns. This is not the school for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.


I would not know of any type of student that should not attend our University. It is a very diverse type University. I think any person who wants a great "one on one" type education would be very happy here.


A person who does not enjoy rural areas and small campuses and is more interested in urban settings.


someone who is used to the city life, used to having a lot of things to do. The area around campus has a lot going on but it itself is a pretty quiet place. Also if someone doesn't want a small campus this isn't the place to be.


Anyone who is super liberal, loves the nightlife or a lot of weekend activities. Also, anyone who doesn't enjoy nature or cows.


A person who does not want everyone to know their business or doesn't like knowing everyone's name or really just wants to get lost in a crowd should definintely not come here. It is a small school, there isn't much else to talk about other than each other.


Top tier students


lazy and one who doesn't like drinking


This school is very preppy, so basically anyone who doesn't like that should not attend this school.


Someone who needs an environment with a lot of diversity.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't enjoy SMALL schools in the middle of Pennsylvania's Amish country. Susquehanna is a very small liberal arts school in the middle of farmland. Those who come from big cities and don't like the country shouldn't come to SU. The closest city is Harrisburg which is 45 minutes away and it is not like New York City. Also, Susquehanna only has about 2000 students, so anyone who wants a large school should look somewhere else.


People that don't have a lot of money shouldn't attend this school because it is expensive and the average student here has a lot of money so they may feel out of place.


One who wants to be in/near a big city. One who expects to meet a lot of new people each day. Anyone who is looking for a big school experience. Someone who gets in trouble a lot.