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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I could see it all now, a blast from the past that I would have never expected. I feel it would be like a "Scrooge" setting, where a ghost from the past brings me to one of those days in high school. I walked through the doors of the media center, and saw her sitting at one of the tabels alone with her headphones on. I sat down. She looks up and swears in amazment. "Yes, it's true" I said to her, "it's your future self!" I can see all the questions about to spill from her mouth. "Before you said a word Little Me, let me give you advice that may just change everything," I paused and waited for a response. She hushed and opened her ears. "College is coming up for you soon and quick, and I just want to forwarn you that college needs to be number one in your life. I understand that work, friends, and boys get in the way sometimes but never stop studying! Education is everything so don't get caught up in life's little things... you'll regret it." She nodded, and the dream faded away.


If I could go back in time, I would have told myself about the financial advantages of going to a community college first. If I had known the advantages before I started applying to colleges, I would not have spent the money to apply to the many colleges and universities I had and could have used that money more wisely. I would have also told myself to do my best in my classes. Although I did very well, I know I could have done better, especially with math. I have always had trouble with that subject when I was younger, but I never helped myself to understand it. Instead, I just went through the motions and never asked questions. I now know that if I had been more active instead of blaming the teacher that he or she "cannot teach", I would have been more confident in my learning ability. Also, I would have been able to tell myself about the difference in teaching style used in college. College professors explain less than high school teachers and expect the students to research the subjects on their own. I could have prepared myself by developing better study skills and time management.


I would say to make sure to take your time in thinking about where you want to go and have fun with it!

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