Syracuse University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




The school is best known for our basketball team as well as certain schools like New House and Whitman.


Syracuse University, aside from class studies, is best known for our men's basketball team. Just this past season we made it to the final four and although we weren't able to secure the win, our school spirit never waivered. We backed our boys through the entire season and were there through the ups and downs. Syracuse students and alumni are no fare weather fans and support our team through thick and thin. When people think of Syracuse not only do they think of the frigid cold, but they think of an amazing basketball program. Bleed orange!


Our school is best known for its Law School, Newhouse, the basketball team, and the entertainment on campus.


Socially, we are known for greek life, school spirit and basketball. Academically, we are known for top rated programs, courses, and professors; as well as staff that will help you on your way to finding a real job. It is a great place to learn and make friends and connections. It is a difficult school and is challenging, but you will get a lot out of it.


Syracuse University has taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. I would never change anything about my choice in college because these are the years I am going to forever look back on. I have amazing relationships with professors and many students and I feel that the relationships I have with my friends will be friendships that I will have for a lifetime. There are so many positive things about this school and the enviornment. All the snow is well worth the amazing experience you will have here.


People have different views on what Syracuse University is best known for. Some say it is best known for their sports teams and others may say it is due to certain schools within the university. In my opinion my school is best known for being so prideful in who we are as a university and what we stand for. Syracuse University has such a strong foundation and thats why we can be proud and prideful about our athletes, students, professors and individual schools within the university.


Top ranking of iSchool, Newhouse, and Maxwell school.


My school is recognized for its Sport teams, its great colleges among them are a Public Communications school and Maxwell school as well as its vigorous performing arts school. All of the colleges provide great networking and research work outside of comfort zones. It's academic programs within all schools enable students to think globally and become active locally with communities.


Syracuse is best known for it's strong academic programs and NCAA sports teams. The S.I. Newhouse School of Communication is currently the number one journalism school in the nation. Syracuse is well known to all sports fans. With many trips to the NCAA basketball tournament and won the championship in 2003.


Syracuse University is best known for it's sports teams, especially in basketball. However that can be misleading because although we do have great sports programs we also have incredible academic programs and resources. One of the things that many people do not know is that in the "Theater World" Syracuse University is known for having one of the top ten Musical Theater programs in the country. The drama department works in conjunction with the Syracuse Stage so the students have the opportunity to work with professional directors, choreographers, stage managers, and even perform on stage with equity actors.


The beautiful mountain campus, and the opportunity for research.


Syracuse is known for the Newhouse School of Communication. If you ask youth from the inner city, they will tell you that Syracuse is known for its School of Education and the time the education majors spend working with and tutoring at risk youth. To some, it may not be as exciting as working with celebrated television personalities but to others, like me, it is more exciting teaching a student how to solve a complicated math problem and seeing the look of joy on their face, when they conquer the problem.


Syracuse University is best known for their school spirit and its diversity.


Sports, Maxwell School, Communications School


Basketball. Definitely basketball.


My school is best known for the parties that are thrown but especially for our networking skills and our sports teams.


The varsity sports teams.


Syracuse University is known for a lot of things; its academics, its diversity, its sports teams and student life. In terms of academics, Syracuse has several nationally and internationally ranked schools including the Maxwell school of Citizenship and the Newhouse School of Public Communications. The student body is greatly diverse, notable by just walking through the school. For students, there are a great variety of activities to do on campus including musical performances, poetry readings, art galleries and most of all attending the Syracuse Orangemen Basketball games, one of the top teams in the country.


Basketball Team


syracuse university is very well known for Newhouse, the school of public communications. we are also a very competitive school athletically. our basketball team and lacrosse team do very well.


Syracuse University is known for business, media, information, architecture, and communications. The university is based on practical application of skills in these areas and is particularly known for the Whitman Business School and the Newhouse Communications school. In addition, the basketball team here is very good.


Outside of sports (basketball, football, and lacrosse), I would say SU is best know for its academic excellence. SU has one of the best, if not the best, School of Information Studies, School of Communications, and School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. The faculty and staff are dedicated to educating their students 110% and every graduate I've ever come across agrees that they learned an enormous amount at SU. Every alumni I've come across since graduating 9 years ago is extremely proud to be considered a Syracuse University Alumni.


Syracuse University is best know as a prestigious university where there are world class facilities and faculty. Along with the academics at Syracuse, the athletics are very competitive, competing at the Division I level. If one works hard, which is needed to succeed at Syracuse, there will be no problem to be able to participate in the many other activities around campus. Managing one's time is the best way to do well in school and have a social life that compares to no other college experience I've heard about.


It is an academically focused school that is renowned for its communications program as well as other fields of study including business, law, and visual and performing arts. In addition to the prestigious academics Syracuse University also has very successful sports teams, including men's basketball and lacrosse and women's field hockey.


Syracuse University is best known for its sports teams (specificaly football and basketball), as well as the Newhouse Communications School and School of Architecture.


Our school is best known for its large research projects as well as its popular communications school and policy school


Parties and Sports.


The orangemen.


Syracuse University is both known for its education as well as a its sports programs. Most noteablly the communication and journalism because of the high profile alums that have come to Syracuse for those programs.


My school is best known for its athletics program and its communications school.


Syracuse has a great communications program and is strong in many other fields, including business, architecture, and the performing arts. The basketball team is great. The abroad program and many student publications are also respected.


I believe my school is best known for journalism and a bit for informational studies.


My school is known for being one of the most diverse universities, because there are so many people that come here with different backgrounds.


Academically my school is well known for its Communication school as being one of the top in the country. Athletically my school is known for its basketball and football teams and its famous former players.


Syracuse University is known for many things. They have huge school spirit, great sports teams and a wide range of majors/minors available. Syracuse University is known for having an orange as a mascot and having many opportunities as a student.


My school, Syracuse University is best known for it's student-altheltic program! I am constantly being surrounded by a myriad of different school events and multiple other ways of expressing my school spirit. Our Division I rugby team just qualified for the nationals about a week ago and will represent our school spirit well. Our Division I basketball team, who had made it to the sweet sixteen of the march madness tournament, has got off to a great beginning of the season with 2 wins and no losses. One of those wins, was a blow out 100-60 !


Sports! Syracuse has a very active sports community and most people here are involved in varsity or club sports.


I think football and snow. Obviously, people, strong academics programs... but when I mention my school those two subjects always pop up.


Syracuse University is best known for the ITS school, which is number one in the country. Also, Syracuse University boasts Newhouse College which is number one in the country as well, if I remember correctly. The architecture school is top five in its category in the country.


Syracuse University is known for two things. First their outstanding basketball team, the Orangemen. The attendance at basketball games is overwhelming, students have their faces painted and all that can be seen is orange. Syracuse's School of Communications is the best in the country. Newhouse is the most competitive college to be accepted into, but once accepted the benefits are life changing.


Syracuse is known for parties, great academics, and compared to the city of Syracuse, campus is like disneyland.


Syracuse basketball is one of the best teams in the nation. If the name "Syracuse University" is ever spoken, then the conversation is most likely about basketball.


Syracuse University is best known for the New House for Communications, which is the best of the Nation. Our schol is also known for the Business school for Whitman which is also ranked high. There are a huge diversity of people on campus that is based on ethnicity, culture, their home town, and where they were born. I enjoy this Syracuse University because I have the opportunity to be involved in school activities and organizations.


Syracuse's acedemic reputation is widely known. The biggest colleges are Architecture, Management, and Communications. But even the smaller schools like Engineering, which I am in, get the respect they deserve. Because of the big name and broad spectrum of classes offered, internships and job offers are all over the place. Some of the schools biggest partners are General Electric and JP Morgan Chase. There are alot of great smaller companies that recruit here too and puts alot of stress off especially in these hard economic times.


Syracuse University is best known for its overall academics. Mainly it is known for its S.I. Newhouse school of Public Communications as it is ranked top in the nation for its majors such as film, advertising, photography and public communications.


Syracuse University from my perspective is best known for it's sports; specifically lacrosse for the continous championships. It is also a very prestigious school and a degree from Syracuse University means a lot more than other universities.


Continuing education in the liberal arts. Around other college campuses Syracuse is know for a terrible football team and a fantastic basketball team. we are also best know for the money kids have on campus.


Syracuse is first known for their sports teams. Our basketball and lacrosse teams are nationally renowned. Syracuse is also know for its great diversity. At Syracuse, people of all ethnicity, genders, ages, religions, and sexual preferences are treated equally. When it comes to academics, the highlight of the school is the S. I. Newhouse school of communications, regarded as one of the elite communications schools in the country. This is not to say that the other schools at Syracuse are inferior; however, students at SU are given the opportunity to study many topics and attain a truly well-rounded education.


My school is best known for our basketball team and our cleanliness.