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I love how the entire Syracuse community, both locals and students, wear orange and support our teams. It creates a closer community feel.


Syracuse University is unique in so many ways. Since it is a large school with many different departments, I was able to take classes I had never even considered. That includes classes abroad. The Study Abroad program at Syracuse University was amazing. There were so many different places I could go and classes I could take. I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, and took classes like, "Christians, Jews and Muslims: Historical Encounters in the Mediterranean." It was an enlightening class and included a trip to Istanbul Turkey, where the East and West cultures really blended.


Syracuse University is a gorgeous university with a variety of academic, athletic, and professional opportunities. The spirit on campus is undeniable; there's something here for everyone! Between fantastic academics, a beautiful campus, incredible athletics, and countless clubs and organizations to get involved in, how could you go wrong?! I love how Syracuse has the feel of a small-town Univesity, but it's plopped right in the middle of a big city! Even though there are many, many students, Syracuse University really feels like home.


What is certainly unique about Syracuse University is the weather. Learning how to walk downhill in snow or thin ice is what makes my weekly routine interesting. But, the weather is just one part of the reason I chose Syracuse as my future alma mater. I considered Iowa State, Penn State and Rutgers. I got accepted to all. The reason I am in Syracuse University is because it allowed me to fulfill my future plans of becoming a physicist and a painter. Out of those universities I mentioned Syracuse allows me to combine those two majors.


This is a school that provides students with a 100% college experience feel. The campus is large, however, everything from the housing services to dining halls provide a community and family-like feel. Everything that prosective students imagine about college, or the things they see on television shows or movies regarding college life can be found here at Syracuse. I could not imagine going to school anywhere else and getting the same experience that I currently am.


Syracuse University is a unique institution simply based on the student body. You have a wide array of students majoring in many different fields. Upon coming to Syracuse I did not know Jewelry design was even a major, but I intend to graduate in May of 2015 with a bachelor's degree in jewlery and Metalsmithing and then go on to make a living with the education I obtain at Syracuse.


The reason for which I chose Syracuse University over the other colleges to which I was accepted was for the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications, which is one of the top communications schools in the world. Since I want to study broadcast journalism, I wanted to go to the school that would help me the most in what I want to do.


The diversity in both academics and cultures is most unique. The sheer amount of opportunities that students have here as Syracuse is unbelievable. From skiing in the winter to Otto Orientation to greek life to yoga classes, Syracuse has it all. People here come from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. It's always fun to try some of your dormmate's cultural foods! Academically, Syracuse offers a wide range of majors and minors which can be catered according to your interest. It might seem confusing at first, but the Academic Support team does it's job.


There is a university-wide career center on this campus, but there is also a career center specifically for the communications school in which I enrolled.


My school has a prestigious and respected Public Communications program. Our campus has everything students might need and they make the transitional process into college fun and easy. The professors are experts in their field and actually care about their students. It had the best academic program and campus than any other school I considered by far.


The balance they have with athletics and academics, and how it is a pretty big school ,but it still is able to maintain a small school feel


Syracuse University is for students who want to attend a school where it's not too big and not too small; when you walk across campus, you will see people you recognize and people you have never seen before. Also, the people here, for the most part, are very diverse and friendly. There are many clubs/organizations that students can join, which are great ways to meet new people. Also, there are many facilities that can be used for studying and working.


Parents and students must realize and understand that SU has changed. Parents must understand that their hard earned money for tuition ($250K over 4 years) is not going just for “education” anymore. It is used as a platform for the SU's liberal leaders to push their agendas, policies, propaganda, political objectives and indoctrinate students.


The culture of the school is much different than the other schools I considered. Syracuse Univeristy is located on a hill so it is mostly isolated from the rest of the city. There are lots of school activities, events, and ways to get involved with the school. The value of Syracuse sports is important. Basketball for example, brings students and othes from the community together to cheer on the city and school.


The unique thing about my school that I would not have found at any other school are the friends I've made. My roommates are two of the greatest people I have ever met. I would have made friends at other schools, but I always remind myself that only here would we have met each other.


The unique aspect of Sryacuse compared to the other schools I considered, is the wide selection of courses. Not only are SU students able to take classes within the several schools of the university, but also courses from the neighboring schools, such as SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry. The beauty of colleg is being able to take the courses you want to take, and nothing is better than having a number of courses to choose from.


It is very big and the athletics are enjoyable.


Syracuse University is unique because of its diversity, school spirit and amazing opportunities that it is able to give its students. The cultural, racial, political and religious diversity gives the campus a much more welcoming and interesting atmosphere. If Syracuse University is known for anything, it is known for its school spirit. Students religiously attend sporting events decked out from head to toe in orange and blue. Lastly, the school is unique in that it gives students opportunities that are rarely found elsewhere. Internships with National Geographic or on the set of a photoshoot for Martha Stewart magazine for example.


Although Syracuse University is very large, there is still a strong sense of community. Even if you do not know someone personally, there is a good chance that this person is a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend of a friend, and so on. It is rare to meet someone who has absolutely no connection to you; however, the university is large enough that there will always be new people to meet.


The school has the best schools for the majors that i am mostly focused on. Addtionally, the professors are very helpful and are experts in their field of studies. Finally, the school atmosphere is friendly and very open to all ideas and beliefs.


I chose Syracuse University because the campus is beautiful and social. They also have a wide variety of majors, so I found this convenient.


Syracuse University is a very prestigious school and it is highly competitive school.It was an honor to even get accepted. The reason why I chose this college because the is academics are great, they have a very excellent Pre-med program. This school prepares you for the Mcat and Medical school. I know that when I graduate in 2013 , they will be so many doors that will open for me.


Syracuse has a real college campus with beautiful buildings, and it is not located in the middle of no where. There are many enjoyable things to do and the education is great. It also has one of the best journalism schools and one of the best business schools in the country.


There are so many different things to do at Syracuse and so many people you can do those things with. The people here are great and very diverse in ethnicities and backgrounds. There is no stereotype for those who go to Syracuse because so many different kinds of people attend it.


Unlike the other schools I considered, Syracuse University puts a heavy emphasis on diversity. My other choices simply stressed academics and maybe sports, but SU constantly advertises events happening both inside and outside of campus so students can experience affairs of all types. At Syracuse University, there is a bus called the ?connective corridor,? and it stops inside and outside of campus. It allows one to travel to various locations without paying a fee?another way the school tries to make students more experienced.


I think what unique about my school is our strong alumni network . I don't think people know how strong it is and the alumni gives back alot of money. I also think in some crazy way the whole student body is connected.


The size. It's not too big or too small so you can feel like a part of a huge crowd yet feel like you know the entire campus too.


The unique thing about Syracuse University is that it is in a small town, yet the campus is thriving with many activities that one can take part in. The school has a very diverse campus, although some races out number others, diversity is beginning to be more incorporated in the school. There are many organizations that can be hobbies or important to ones backgound, which can make one feel welcome in the school. Syracuse also offers a great Ischool major, which is not offered in many of the other Universities across the country.


impeccable communications school, Maxwell, iSchool, great array of high-profile speakers, Whitman, school of Architecture, VPA, University Union, widest variety of majors in its location


Syracuse has the perfect mix of qualities; the campus is just the right size, frequently describe with "it's small enough that you'll never get lost but large enough that you can get lost if you want to;" great DI sports teams accompanied with school spirit to match; greek life that's a great outlet for those who join, but a social life diverse enough so students who chose not join have limitless options on the weekend; perfect amount of "city" feel with the city of Syracuse mere minutes away; top rated programs in an array of fields; etc.


The VPA facaulty is very trained in the photofield. They prepare us very well when we go out there to get real jobs.


What's unique about my school is that I can take other classes that aren't just visual and performing arts classes. I can major in other areas of study, and I can be well rounded. For example, this semester I am taking ballet and a religion class along with my other art classes. As of next semester, I will be declared a writing minor! Syracuse University allows me to take many classes that aren't required by my major, but have their own way of inspiring me for my art.


The location and the weather!


At Syracuse, I can major in the arts and still take creative writing or even language classes. I even plan on taking Hebrew next year in the fall semester. All the other schools I applied to were art schools which either did not offer classes in liberal arts or I would have to travel to another college to take these classes. I like having all of these learning opportunities in one place.


Syracuse University has a wide variety of majors, and an amazing network of alumni. My choice was between Syracuse University and Northeastern University. I choose SU because I was not quite sure what major I wanted, but I knew that I could freely choose a major once I decided. Now I am in the Advertising Design program, and I have a million different opportunities at my fingertips, between the schoalrships, internships, and the amazing communication department, I know that job placement will not be difficult. Also I very much enjoy the campus feeling,which wasn't the case at NU.


The study abroad program at SU is amazing. Having studied abroad in France via SU Abroad, I believe it was by far the best choice of my career. There are countless options for study abroad through SU, and the university made it easy to do without pushing back my graduation date.


My school is a large campus with a small campus feel. There are many times when I have seen people whom I have never met, and there are other times when I have seen the same person each day. It is extremely easy to meet new people, if one is so inclined.


The school spirit here warms our blistery cold winters. It snows A LOT but our spirits are never dampened by the oppressive weather. Go Orange!


It has employers come to the school and recruit new workers, also they were voted number 1 in journalism and information studies which is my major.


Our mascot is a giant orange, there are a lot of students here, new buildings were built, they prepare you for your future after you graduate.


My school is very unique in it's own way, shape and form. Syracuse University supports diversity and culture extremely, which is why I applied to this university. It also promotes Scholarship in Action which is exposing higher education to most if not all students that attend SU. Education here is also very intense, in a positive way, which is again why I traveled almost 300 miles from home to attend Syracuse University. SU is huge on school spirit which is why I feel at home and happy that we are routing for the same things like one big family.


I think that the most unique thing about my school is that there are many oppurtunites here. There are many activites that can be done that no student should be stuck in their dorm room on a weekend. It is unbeliveable on how much clubs,associations, greek life and many more. i just think it is great to know that i am in a school where im not bored on days that i have no work to do. Just knowing that i can go out a join anything is great.


Scool spirit is big and the financial aid is pretty good for those who need it.


It's so diverse in terms of ideas and types of people. Becuase there are so many incredible specialized programs, (i.e. top of the line communications school and incredible theatre department) there is something for everyone! It's a great balance of education and partying. There is always something going on.


Then environment is one that generates alot of excitement about academic success and also about non-academic things. At Syracuse, one has the ultimate balance of great academics mixed with a great social life.


Syracuse University gives their students the urban atmostphere with the city 5 minutes away, but also a suburban safe feel beacuse the school and most students who attend live right on the hill, in student neighborhoods. Also in April/May the school gives us a day off for project presentations etc. Most of the student body however can be found down on Euclid in any one of the 40+ houses that participate in holding an open party for the day. It gives our students one last hurrah before finals start. You can always find an extracurricular activity to participate in.


Syracuse University first of all was on the opposite side of the country from where i live, California. Here in Syracuse i will be able to experience each of the four different unique seasons. The diversity here is incredible, I have encountered people here from different parts of the world and country. Another reason why i came here was for it's engineering program, by majoring in aerospace i can simutaneously recieve my pilot's license which is one of my lifelong goals.


We have a good Basketball team, we have a large emphasis on greek life.


My school, compared to other schools, is very unique in the diversity of people both ratially, and intellectually. There is a feeling of acceptance of all people in these two typologies.


It was the only school that gave me the finanical aid that I really needed inorder to attend college. Also, it had the most school spirit of any of the schools that I looked at.