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Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.

The first thing you notice when coming near the University is the Carrier dome. It is a staple at SU. When you come onto the campus, I think you will be taken back by its beauty. Dorms and Greek houses surround the campus and once you step on, you will notice the beauty of its architecture. With the quad as the central locations, there is a blend of new, modern buildings and old, Ivy-league looking buildings (literally with Ivy on the sides of them). Each building tells a story and I think each building fits the field of study that occurs inside it. Then, by taking a short bus trip down the road, you will see the athletic facilities and nest of on-campus apartments (South Campus). These apartments are old army barracks, so don't look too special on the outside, but are very nice inside. That's what so cool about my school is that you could ask about any building and there is a history behind it. (ie. the central building on campus was used for the filming of the Addams Family)

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