Syracuse University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


This depends on which room type you apply, open double is not that good, you don't have much privacy, but overall , then facilities are quite good.


The dorms on campus are all pretty nice actually. We have split doubles, which includes a wall separating your side from your roommate's. Those are nice because you still have the experience of having a roommate, but you can still have your own space. The dorms are a bit far from the main campus-at least 5 minute walks will be very common. The closet space and storage space in the rooms is pretty substantial, considering it being a dorm room. Many of the dorms have new furnishings too, so they might look kind of bad on the outside, but the insides and rooms are a lot nicer.


Some dorms are completly up to date, some are not. But all the dorms are okay. The dining halls are either a hit or a miss.


The dorms are dorms! :) However, the rooms are fairly large inside and each one offers open doubles, split doubles, suites and singles. They are maintained nicely and located all around the campus, often grouped together (usually 2 dorms). Each dorm has its own dining hall, or is connected to one through underground passages (Remember: it snows a lot!). Two dorms share a late night snack bar style cafe and the newest dorm, Ernie Davis Hall even has a full gym built inside! Living in a dorm is a rite of passage and you experience co-ed living; you get to meet a lot of new people who are going through the same experience as you.


Nice sized room for two, good set up so each roommate has their own four walls.


Upperclassmen dorm on campus. Watson is home to around 300-400 students who range from soph-seniors. It's nice!


This one has 15 washers and 15 driers for about 400 students, but it never really is too packed. They are nice washers.


Some freshmen get placed in the split double .This is where you have a giant wall in the middle of your room.


This is a single room at SU. There is no bed because the boy moved out last week, but it is very large.


This is an open double at SU. You have a large room for 2 bed, desks, etc. As you can see it is nicely sized.


This is the MAIN Lounge for the entire building. You can see pool tables, ping pong, foozball, tvs, couches, etc.


It had 3-4 couches, a tv, microwave, sink, storage places too. Usually this place is packed.


50% freshmen and 25% sophomores and 25% juniors. It is the best location on campus near all dining halls and bus areas.


It has 3 showers, 3 stalls, and 3 sinks for about 20 guys on the floor. It’s nice and clean now too.


50% freshmen and 50% sophomores. It is very good location on campus near all major areas.


One of the rooms at Syracuse.


Dellplain and Booth Hall, 2 of the larger dorms on campus. They house freshmen through seniors have a great location.

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