Syracuse University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I think that athletics at Syracuse is the biggest thing. If you're an athlete you will fit in here. You don't have to be a D1 athlete though! There are club teams and people who get together and play just for fun. It's a different atmosphere at a sporty school and it makes college a lot more fun. The spirit and pride is crazy and going to a game of any kind is an experience. There is also something for everyone though. The amount of clubs to join are endless and when you meet people who enjoy the same things as you, you find your niche.


Absolutely basketball and all the winter sports, since Syracuse has very long winter.


Students are interested in a wide variety of activities including the Student Union Association, the Daily Orange, Orange Television Network, and sororities/fraternities. As a member of SA and a sorority, I find myself involved quite frequently on campus. However if a student isn't interested in either of those, there are several more clubs, sports, concerts and events on campus to entertain. I find that I am so busy with my classes and the activities I am involved with that I do not drink or party on the weekends because there is always something else for me to do. Through the sorority I am in, we provide concerts and philanthropic events in Syracuse. I met my closest friends through the sorority and through my classes. I live off campus, so I try to spend as much time on campus with them before I head home.


The athletic events, guest speaker and theater are hold frequently on campus, especially the athletic events. Also, people do party every week. SU students like parties.


The most popular organization of any sort on campus is the Basketball Team. We are world renown and almost always expected to win. Another popular organization is Jerk Magazine that parodies many current events and makes fun of several aspects of Syracuse life. I am an Assembly Member of Student Association, the student government on campus. There, my job is to represent my constituents voices to provide ideas and take initiative to make changes in the campus life. Sporting events override many other events, but many major music groups and artists often come to visit SU. Theatre here in Syracuse isn't as promoted as it should be, but Syracuse Stage is a beautiful theatre that puts on AMAZING productions and invites several guests stars. Some famous alumni of the theatre department are Jerry Stiller, Vanessa Williams, Paul James, and Vera Farmiga.


Basketball is huge in Syracuse. University Union brings in great comedians, shows, and concerts. I'm involved with the ASCE which is the American Society of Civil Engineers and we do a lot of community service and do tours of buildings. Many people in the dorms leave their doors open, the dorm i live in is very friendly. I met my closest friends during orientation week, Syracuse does a great job during orientation, everyone makes friends here. If i'm awake very late, I'm either doing homework or going to order food with my friends. The party scene is huge, the frat parties are a great time, and the bar scene fun. Fraternities are not that important here, not everyone does it. Last weekend i went to a concert called rock the Dome with Ludacris and Rickross. Then i went the next day to a David Guetta conert downtown. Then on Saturday i went to a Frat party. And o Sunday i watched the Superbowl at a Frat. There is a lot of concerts that are on the weekend, also the office of residence life offers other options for non drinking. If i go off campus it is to go to a concert downtown or eat downtown.


There are a variety of different extracurricular activities here at SU. Think of an activity, and we probably have some sort of organization surrounding it. From fully student-run television stations, to the sensational SU basketball team, to comic book appreciation clubs, to intramural sports, to Greek life, there's something for everyone. And if you're not the type of person to join clubs or sports or just want a fun alternative to getting drunk, there's all kinds of university sponsored events that are run through various organizations like the Student Association or University Union. Concerts, snow tubing, dances, laser-tag- there's a lot to do in the snowy town of Syracuse. With Marshall Street just seconds from campus, there's always some late-night food place open, so you can feel free to pig-out on Jimmy Johns or Acropolis Pizza in between late night study sessions.


There are a variety of different extracurricular activities here at SU. Think of an activity, and we probably have some sort of organization surrounding it. From fully student-run television stations, to the sensational SU basketball team, to comic book appreciation clubs, to intramural sports, to Greek life, there's something for everyone. And if you're not the type of person to join clubs or sports or just want a fun alternative to getting drunk, there's all kinds of university sponsored events that are run through various organizations like the Student Association or University Union. Concerts, snow tubing, dances, laser-tag- there's a lot to do in the snowy town of Syracuse. With Marshall Street just seconds from campus, there's always some late-night food place open, so you can feel free to pig-out on Jimmy Johns or Acropolis Pizza in between late night study sessions.


Woodsmen. SA.


SU has something to offer everyone! Whatever you like, there is something for you. Basketball is probably the biggest sport on campus! (Unfortunately, the football team isn't too good these days) Anyways, if you are a big sports fan Otto's Army is the thing for you- you are the biggest, loudest fans in the stands and truly epitomize Orange Pride. They even show up sometimes to support the Olympic sports, like my field hockey team! If you like to play sports, there is a TON of d1 and club athletic teams. Less competitive? You can join one of the many fitness classes offered. If you are into going out and socializing, there is always the Greek life (with a themed party almost every week) and there are also multiple bars on Marshall Street (a hangout spot on campus with a bunch of restaurants and shops.) If your not into the party scene, the University Union is always planning events for students, from dances to casino nights to weekly movie screenings. I was never a big drinker, so I know there is still plenty of things to do! Living in a dorm will throw you into an environment with on-going activities by RA's and sort of give you a base group of friends. Choirs, honor societies, community service opportunities and on/off campus jobs are also all very popular. The possibilities are endless. College is a place to become YOU. You choose how often you go out, study and what you do to make college a meaningful experience.


Most popular teams on campus are definitely the basketball and lacrosse team. University Union, who is responsible for the big concerts on campus is also really popular. We also have a variety of dance groups. There are a ton of organizations that students can get involved with on campus. Athletic events are the most attended on campus. Cuse is BIG on sports! The Dome is the place to be during a game. The school also prides itself on having guest speakers come to campus, and although I don't attend a lot of them, they do have them quite often. Alumni are always willing to come back and give advice to students. Since there is not a lot to do in the city of Syracuse, there are always a lot of parties going on, on campus. However, not all of these parties are worth walking in the freezing cold for. There are house parties as well as frat parties. Sororities and frats are prominent on campus. They are pretty much the social scene, but you can still party without being in one.


One of the most popular activities is attending sporting events. The basketball team is always good and the Carrier Dome is really a fun place. I am involved in the Syracuse University Debate Society, a really fantastic source for intellectual engagement and competition. I met most of my closest friends on the team and on my freshman floor. Good concerts and great speakers are abundant. Fraternities and sororities are very popular, but not everyone joins. There is plenty to do without drinking and plenty to do with drinking.


The social life used to be the best in the nation. Not true anymore...high crime, closing of campus bars, crack down on Greek life. Left Wing Leadership has destroyed this school and social life....


Sports are fairly big, especially basketball. There are always guest speakers on campus, and some impressive ones at that. Homecoming is pretty awesome, and many alums come back which is cool to see. People stay up pretty late doing what usually amounts to nothing, but that's just part of the college life. For people that party, they go every weekend, Thursday through Saturday. Then there are people who occasionally party. I guess there's people that don;t party at all, but I haven't met them yet. You have to know people to hear about parties, it's not like they're just thrown at you.


Some people leave their doors open in their dorms, I met my friends mostly from my floor but also my best friend i met at a talk in the beginning of the year that was about sexual abuse and I ended up sitting next to her so be open minded. The entire social scene during the winter is set up around basketball because we're a decent team in the middle of no where so it becomes pretty important which is actually awesome. There's a bar scene during the week and always parties on the weekend. If you're bored with nothing to do you aren't trying very hard to find something.


Two of the most popular sports at Syracuse are Basketball and Lacrosse. The football games are very popular too during the fall. It is a great feeling to walk around and see everyone excited to support their school and their fellow teammates. Another popular activity/event is the Fraternities and the Sororities however only about 20% of the student body actually participates. Nevertheless everyone still knows they are there. Syracuse has a lot of really good looking people so it’s not very hard to find someone you like. As for the social life, there are parties going on almost every night. People go out to the Frats almost every weekend. Most nights there is always something going on but how much one wants to party is up to them. If you don't want to party there are other options such as the mall, movies or going into the “college town” which is only a few blocks away.


Greek scene is huge. I'm involved with Alpha Phi Omega- a community service fraternity that has the same things as a regular fraternity/sorority, except for a house. We perform service in the communty, but we end up being each others' best friends, roommates, study partners... Studnets in the dorms do leave their dorms open. Athletic events are huge, particularly basketball. Guest speakers are common but I don't think they draw a huge crowd- unless they're extra credit opportunities. Theater is pretty big and pretty well supported on campus. Freshmen/sophomores don't seem to be involved in relationships, but as students get older, they seem to settle down a little more. I've met my closest friends from the dorm and from APO. Awake at 2 am on a Tuesday- writing a paper. Traditions: MAYFEST, Block Party, Juice Jam, Homecoming People party ALL THE TIME. Frats/sororities are huge and important, but that's not all there is to do. It honestly does help a person's social life if they so choose to become involved. Social fraterntities/sororities are not a student's only option, though. Last weekend- went to the mall, studied, went out Thursday/Friday/Saturday Saturday night- movies, usually a play or something, hang out in the dorm, go to Marshall Street Off campus: go to the mall, down to Armory Square, or head to Marshall Street


Big thing about SU. There is a lot of drinking. A lot. Like fish. There are some people who are physically incapable of having fun without being drunk. You will find them at every college and you will find some very obvious ones at SU. But they are not the only people you will find. I not usually drink, (especially not religiously every weekend like most of my peers). My friends and I have art nights, or go out to movies, or go to gallery openings, or to the mall, or to Funk n' Waffles (live music and good food, if you go to SU you must go), we might go to a concert or learn how to salsa dance. We also might go home and go to bed because we have been up for the last two nights straight trying to meet deadlines. It depends.


basketball is the biggest sport on campus with lax following. football games are fun even though we cant win a game. club sports are a big thing, especially hockey, skiing, rugby, and soccer. athletic events are huge and absolutely should be attended. 2am on a tuesday, you are most likely studying or if its a holiday that day/the next day or an event you are partying. frats and sororities are big but not the biggest thing.


The bars are dirty college bars and everyone underage will be at Maggies. The Frat Houses are gross but throw some good parties. House parties on Comstock are fantastic.


Very good especially the greek life.


I was the photo editor at The Daily Orange for a year - and loved it. The DO is a bit of a unique student newspaper in that it is independent - it receives no funding from the school and can therefore publish whatever it wants. I have no doubt (and the wall of awards will agree with me) that the DO is in the nation's top 10 collegiate newspapers. If you're looking for a real-to-life journalism experience look no further. It's a perfect compliment/replacement for a Newhouse education. That all being said, the DO is a crazy sub-culture that will suck you away from your school work. SU Ambulance is the other activity that I'm involved in - can't tell you how much fun it can be. I joined freshman year (join things freshman year the sooner you get started the better!!!) and then found out that we had recently been declared the top collegiate ambulance in the nation. Who knew? SUA is an intense learning and working environment that can provide the perfect/break distraction from school work (besides you get to drive an ambulance!). There is always a party to be found on SU campus, if you know where to look. Most students however, keep their partying to Friday and Saturday nights - when, during good weather, it's easy enough to walk down Euclid and find any number of parties.


Greek life is HUGE at Cuse. There are even non-Hellenic frats for gays, blacks, hispanic, community service and honors. There are over 300 official groups and clubs you can join and and endless amount of other activities you can take part in while you are on campus. There is never a dull moment at Cuse, whether it be students holding a strike outside Hendrick's Chapel on the war or people sunbathing on the Quad. There are many hot guys and gals at Cuse. Most take pride in their outer appearance and so its like a bunch of jewish barbie dolls and all american kens walking around. Overall, Cuse has amazing parties, an amazing social scene and you won't dislike Cuse for this aspect for sure!


I joined a sorority (Phi Sigma Sigma) in the Spring and it's been such an amazing experience so far. I can't imagine my life without it--I've met so many great people and have had so many good times, with many more to come, no doubt! There's always a party to go to on the weekend, or people to hang out with in the dorm. Insomnia Cookies (AMAZING!) deliver until 2AM so a great night in would constitute milk, cookies, and a nice movie to cuddle up in bed and watch. The dance shows are great--shows are always put on by students or put on by famous people, Bill Nye the Science Guy came this year... There are so many concerts--Fergie, Sean Kingston, Third Eye Blind, and the Gym Class Heroes all came this year!!!


As I mentioned above there are many things to do: lots of campus events, cultural events, parties, discussions/panels, performances, dances, etc.


Basically create your own student group. I was sick on focusing my life purely on architecture. I needed another creative outlet. The Warehouse Architecture Theater is now in its fourth season and just got funded by the school for 10,000 dollars. If you have a passion, there are ways to be productive with it.


Syracuse has a fabulous club sports program. The club sports are run through recreation services. It is a well-run department of the university that is eager to involve students in activities and works for the students' benefit. Most likely, any club sport you could want already exists, but if not, it's not hard to start it. I'm captain of Women's Ultimate Frisbee, which is a club sport. The school recognizes my hard work for the team and does whatever they can to help me and my team out. You meet your best friends through the activities you join. My roommates now, as a senior, are the upperclassmen on my Ultimate Frisbee team. They are my best friends. My other good friends are the students who studied abroad in France with me. (Syracuse really encourages study abroad.) But as a freshman or sophomore, you are usually friends with people on you floor, which is fine.


Students in dorms DO NOT leave their doors open. This is one the biggest problems with Syracuse. Even freshman year when I was living in a learning community I never felt like I could just go visit anyone on the hall. Especially in upper class dorms, this gets even worse. The dating scene here really seems nonexistent. One Syracuse tradition is the Drawing Marathon. On a Saturday, students spend 24 hours just drawing and making comics. This year we are also having a star wars marathon to go along with the event.


Sports is huge on campus. If you're a sports fan, then this is the school for you.


I would say that Frats and Sororities are the most important groups here. I'm not in one, but many of my friends are. I'm a reporter at the campus TV station, and I love it. There are some students in the dorms whose doors are always open, and then there are those whose doors are always shut. Many students plan their lives around the basketball games, but football- not so much. My closest friends just happen to live in my building. Some live on my floor, and a few live on the floor above me. There are some people who are in committed relationships, but not too many. Hooking up is way more common. If i'm awake at 2AM, I'm either studying, watching a movie, or (rarely) smoking pot. People go out at least once a week I would say. Some just chill in the dorms and drink with friends, though, if there's really nothing going on. Again, greek life is pretty big here. But I don't feel like I'm in the minority by not being in one. Last weekend, I started my weekend on Thursday night by playing beer pong in my friend's room. Friday, my friends and I smoked weed and went to see a local band play. Saturday, I went to the basketball game during the day and went to a frat party at night. And my entire Sunday was spent studying.


There's always something to do and basically every type of club you want to join. There is NEVER a reason to not have outside experiences and to be bored.


Otto's Army are all of the students who hold season tickets to football and basketball season. This is very popular- tons of students buy season passes and will go to every game. The Daily Orange is one of the top college newspapers in the country and a huge number of students on campus write for this publication. Greek life is also huge on Syracuse campus. It makes up more than 30% of campus including multicultural and academic sororities and fraternities. Sorority rush this year, 2008, more than 800 girls went through recruitment. It is a different kind of social life if you're not into fraternities and sororities. There are still things to do, but Greek life definitely enhances that. Plus there are tons of philanthropic events and community service events that Greek students participate in, providing an experience that gets students involved on campus. Students leave their doors open during the first two weeks of school when everyone is making friends. Usually sophomores (and hardly ever juniors) who still live in the dorms- as opposed to South Campus or off campus- will keep more to themselves. Freshmen get really close with the other students living on their floors without a doubt. Athletic events are HUGE- without a doubt. Guest speakers come to Newhouse all the time and the auditorium is usually packed. Syracuse Stage theater is popular as well. There are plenty of guys on Syracuse campus to choose from, whether you want a boyfriend or a hook up or something in between. While many girls complain that there aren't any, I've had no trouble finding quite a few. I have a boyfriend now and we've been dating most of the year, which has worked out great for me. It's totally different in college- there are no rules (enforced by parents). I met my best friends through other people last year, but they all lived in my dorm. We all ended up pledging the same sorority, which is where we met tons of other best friends. If I'm awake at 2a.m. on a Tuesday, I'm either trying to do work in my dorm, but drinking box of wine (which just leads to falling asleep) or I'm on Marshall St. getting three slices of Augies pizza with ranch dressing before heading home or heading to after-hours at a frat house. Mayfest is a day in May when all classes are canceled and there is a big fair with different academic presentations and other activities. However, students take it as a huge block party day where fraternity houses up and down Comstock Ave and all the houses on Euclid Ave play music, BBQ on their lawn, drink kegs, and socialize. Students it's an all day block party- people roam from house to house hanging out and meeting new people or visiting with friends. It's great because usually the weather is nice and it's before finals week so everyone is letting loose. People party as much or as little as they want to. There is a constant social scene on Marshall St. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are big bar nights. Friday is happy hour day. Wednesday is flip night at Feagans. Mondays are sporadically fraternity or sorority crush parties. People party all the time, but when they have to get their work done, they will. Fraternities and sororities hold a lot of party power on campus. If you're in a sorority, you have social events with other fraternities already made for you so you don't have to worry about finding something to do. Also, fraternities have parties as an alternative to spending money at the bar. This is where you will see the most people- whether they are in Greek life or not. Last weekend I went to my boyfriend's frat's Nickelodeon theme party. The next night I went to Harry's and then once it closed I went to my friend's house party. On a Saturday night, if you don't want to drink, there are plenty of events going on around Syracuse downtown. There are busses that take you to and from the mall, which has a huge movie theater. You can go downtown out to dinner at a restaurant with your friends. There are always concerts at SU underground or Funk n' Waffles on M street. There are a number of artists or speakers that come to campus.


Frats and sororities are a huge deal on campus. A large percentage of students are involved with them. The dating scene is pretty big, the best way to pick up a girl is to find a cute girl in a large lecture and say hey. I met my closest friends through my fraternity and my floor from freshman year. There is a pretty big mall about 15 minutes away, you can spend a full night there instead of drinking. Every weekend University Union puts up a free movie that recently came out. University Union is also responsible for bringing the largest concerts and comedy shows to campus. Last year, OAR came to campus, and this year block party (the big concert at the end of the year) will be pretty big. Traditions include winter carnival, homecoming and block party... The biggest nights in campus in order (from smallest) are Monday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, Saturday


i liek doing volunteer things. you really dont do stuff too often off campus because you need a car and freshmen cant have cars on campus.


I am involved with a theatre-for-non-majors group called "Drama L'Orange" it gives students who enjoy acting, but are persuing other fields of study, a chance to express themselves in the way they are passionate about. Everyone in this group is very friendly and we all have stayed close friends even after the show has ended. Athletic events are huge here. Our football team is awful, but you still see a flood of orange filling up the carrier dome at every game. Basketball games are even bigger here. Soccor and Lacrosse are not as big but a good number of students attend those games as well. There are always parties. Not to say that students party all the time. Some students make Thursdays a big night, some friday and saturday, some go out on all 3, some never go out at all. Regardless there will always be some kind of party available, usually with a theme. If you don't want to drink, there really isn't much to do on campus unless you find other friends who aren't drinking and then you just have to be creative. Of course there are tons of events that go on here, but those will usually be over by 10 when everyone starts geting ready to go out. There's not a lot to do off campus.


Danceworks is a really popular dance club- they're amazing. Other popular clubs are the sports teams, and definitely frats/sororities. I meet friends all over. There's so many places to meet people. There's definitely a lot to do if you don't drink or party. Personally, I don't know why you'd want to miss out on the party scene here. But theres's movies, shows, and alcohol free dances. Pledging is dry, so I've been just hanging out with friends in dorms or appartments. There's so many people here, you can never be bored.


Fraternities and Sororities are definitely dominant on campus. I love it because it also makes the university smaller, and you get to know so many people quickly.


Syracuse provides everyone who is intereseted with the opportunity to get involved with something. I made the great decision of getting involved with the Syracuse SIFE team. Basically SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is an organization that pretends to care about social issues within the community and makes a mild effort to perform service work in order to win a competion and snag job offers and internship opportunities with major corporations. I personally have made most of my closest friends through SIFE and through my major. I've also met most of the people I've dated through organizations and classes as well. You don't want to date someone on your floor. It is bound to end and it is bound to end badly, and if they live lets say across the hall, you will be frequently confronted with the constant 'we used to bone' awkward tension. No good. If you're awake at 2am on Tuesday, your drunk at Maggies or on a serious amount of aderol. If you're not drunk on Saturday night, its either because you're still too hung over from the night before to drink or you're crying yourself to sleep because you have no friends.


Need better speakers and bands, take advantage of our size and popularity. i dont blame famous people for not wanting to come to central new york. frat and sorority life are great because there is ZERO places to party if you are not in a frat, unless you want to walk through snow for 2 hours looking for a shitty house party down euclid. so being in a frat makes royalty on campus.


sororities and stuff seem popular. i was in african drumming, nt my thing i quit. do broomball..its interesting. last year everyone on my floor left their doors open. not so much this year. athletics are VERY popular. well basketball at least. we only go to football because we are bored and want to mock them. guest speakers are cool, havent been to theater. dating scene...umm...average. my closest friends are in my major or lived with me. 2am on tuesdays i am painting until my 8 am class. traditions...? ummm....i dont know...mayfest i guess. some people party 4 days a week some never do. frats and sororities are kinda important. last weekend i went to house parties. saturday that doesnt involve drinking...i'll have to get back on that one. off campus i go to WEGMANS!!!!!


Syracuse provides countless social, extracurricular and philanthropic outlets. There is something for everyone. Each major has its own honors society and clubs, while there are also numerous adventure, dance and event planning groups as well. I was the assistant news editor for the Daily Orange newspaper on campus, which is a must-have experience for anyone seriously considering journalism. Other campus publications like 360 Degrees, Jerk, the Student Voice and What the Health are also popular publications. ED2010, a magazine networking group is also an excellent group to be involved in. It’s all about networking, baby. The group brings in experienced professionals in the magazine field to come and speak and even workshop with the group members. About 25% of students become members of fraternities or sororities and another chunk of the students are involved in Division I or club athletics. I am currently the Vice President of Marketing at Alpha Phi, and although I was weary about joining a sorority, it was the best decision I made. I have met my best friends through my sorority, and it is so comforting to have such a strong support group of girls with the same values as me on a rather large campus. There are twelve sororities on campus, though every sorority has passed through here at some point. Inter-sorority relations are sub-par, and the Greek Office is really working to kick that in to gear. Sororities and fraternities will often host closed parties with sports teams and even cheer leading teams. However, the Greek Office is making huge efforts to kick sorority and fraternity chapters off campus by imposing strict regulations and social punishments. There is plenty to do without being involved in Greek life or athletics, and though drinking is encouraged, sobriety is completely accepted. The Carousel Mall, soon-to-be Destiny USA has 17 movie theaters, and concerts, speakers, comedy shows and even theater productions are popular.


The most popular groups on campus/teams would be SU men's basketball. Everyone on campus goes to see the men's team play. It is so much fun to go to a game at the Carrier Dome and see the future pros. That being said, football is awesome to go to as well, as we have a great facility for these events. The best part about it, as that at other schools you cannot get tickets to all events, but at SU you can! The athletic teams are super popular, as all students get free tickets to women's bball, lacrosse, and non-revenue sports. The theatre scene is great, as SU's drama program puts on some many plays. Most students either leave their doors open or unlocked. People are friendly and you can constantly be up past 2-3am just talking with friends on your floor in your common lounge, because people get along well here. If I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I am either studying, playing video games, partying or working on a group project. I met my closest friends through the dorm system and classes. It is extremely easy to make friends on campus, so don't worry. As my best friends lived with my as freshmen or sophomores and were students in my major. People party here a lot. You will def. see parties Thurs-Sat, but I know that my roommate goes out of Tuesday's, so you won't have a problem finding a party whatosoever. Greek life is big, but it isn't for everyone. But a lot of students partake in it, and there are so many to chose from.