Syracuse University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think they care more about money than they do about the actual student's education. They put most of their effort into the athletic programs because that is what makes them money. If you are a middle to upper class white student, no matter if you have good grades or not, it is almost impossible to get financial aid in the form of scholarships. Also the city is ugly and the weather sucks for most of the school year.


The worst thing about Syracuse University is the far walks to class during the freezing cold winter!


In my opinion, the worst part about Syracuse university is the artic like atmosphere that manifests itself between the months of December, January, and February. I mean I am originally from Maryland where it does go below freezing during the winter, however, when you wake up in the morning and see that it is -12 degrees and your nose hairs freeze on your way to class, that just flat out sucks.


Lack of study space


The fact that it is so ridiculously expensive means that my partents have to find money to pay for it and what they cannot pay for means that I have to either have to find scholarships or loans to cover the difference.


The worst thing is how much fun it is! It makes it difficult to sometimes focus on my school work because there are always so many fun activities going on and the students at this school are very lively and sociable.


It costs a lot of money and tuition seems to keep going up.


The worst thing is that everything is not in walking distance. You need to reply on public transportation or have a car.


The worst thing about my school would have to be that it doesn't have a big college town righ outside the school. There are a few restaurants and stores, but in order to get to other shopping, lively, or downtown areas, you have to travel by bus.


I don't like how big greek life is on campus; the statistic is that supposedly 30% of students are involved in it but it feels like a lot more so that you feel excluded if you are not a part of it.


This is a rather odd and hard question to answer. The worst thing about Syracuse University, in my opinion, would probably be the cold winters. I come from California, so this was the first time I was ever in the snow. The city of Syracuse can be very different from campus. There’s almost a line that separates the campus and the city. Thus, when there is no school, the city is a bit dry. Nonetheless, Syracuse University is a great institution!


The worst thing about Syracuse University is the social life around the campus. A person can get sidetracked with how many parties and activities going on around the campus. A student if not careful can let these activities effect their grades.


The worst thing, by far is the weather. It is cold and gloomy. The warm weather in the beginning of the year doesn't last too long. Temperatures drop and the skies get gloomier each day. Rain is very common, but during the winter months, snow is even more common. Blizzards are an everyday occurence and a good pair of snow boots is a must. The winter can last through much of the spring semester, including April and May. However, the weather is the only bad thing I can think of a Syracuse. It truly is a wonderful campus.


Attending this school is very expensive. The living arrangements on and off campus are pricey, and the on-campus parking is extremely expensive. The meal plan is also quite expensive, and you are required to have one if you live in the dorms freshman and sophomore year. I did get a decent amount of financial aid to attend this school, but it is still overpriced.


The worse thing about Syracuse Univeristy is that it is too big at times. If one is looking for a location it may take a while to locate or if one is trying to get to class on time, the long distance of walking is a con.


The worst thign about my school is the lack of integration of diversity. We have students from various parts of the world but we don't connect or talk because there is no reason. From classes to clubs students aren't forced to integrate or talk.


There are not many things I could consider bad about my school. Personally, the only thing I don't really like is the Liberal Arts Core. Even though I do think that it is good to expose students to a variety of subjects and concentrations, I feel that making them a requirement causes students to take them just to meet standards instead of studying what they really want.


I would have to say mother nature. She really doesn't seem to pick a season up here, it could be December and feel like fall or it could be April and feel like Christmas was 2 weeks ago.


The worst thing about my school is it's diversity, even though the institution has an amazing Multicultural Program it's demographics based on ethnicity and race display the lack of minorities. It is essential to learn culture from one another, I believe that my generation is becoming less exposed to culture on thier own and by the institutions in which they belong to. Syracuse overall is not rich, 55% of children living in syracuse live at or below poverty line and those kids are a majority of African Americans. Higher education must include culture knowledge.


The worst thing about Syracuse is the weather. There is a great deal of snow here during the winter and temperatures drop below zero, which can make it hard to motivate yourself to get up and out of your warm bed.


The city itself is a little bit isolated. The only way out of Syracuse is by going through Hancock International, which is tiny. So the holidays can get a bit crazy with everyone trying to leave at the very same time out of the little airport. There's also not much to do in the city...people almost always stay on campus.


The worst thing about Syracuse University is the location of some of the dormitory. Some of the dorms are far from the others where it gives students the feeling of isolation.


I think the self segregation is very debilitating. I went to a high school where everyone, no matter what race, had friends outside of their race. At Syracuse people tend to stay with their own race, and don't really intermingle, which I think is very wrong and inhibiting, socially.


The weather: It snows quite a bit in Syracuse, and is sunny less often then I would like.


There is nothing terrible at this school. The only negative factor is that it is always cold. Winter seem to be the longest season, it is always rainy and or snowing. It is difficult to keep a positive mood when the first thing you wake up to is 10 inches of snow. Though, as the year progress and the sun starts to come out, it makes that negaive factor fade away.


The worst thing I consider about my school is the amount of snow there is in the winter time.


The weather


The worst thing about my school is that there are a lot of clicks. To fully experience Syracuse fun wise it is best to join a fraternity or sorority or some type of organization that allows you to meet people. Fraternity and sorority life is very big and classifies a lot of people. So I would say the clicks and stereotypes that go on rea a negative at my school.


Upstate New York tends to get quite a bit of snow, which can just get annoying after a whlie.


The worst things are the tuition and the decline in proper campus security.


Very hard to transfer into certain programs, for example the Newhouse School of Communications is extremely difficult to get into.


The weather is by far the worst thing about Syracsue. It's cold, rainy or snowy and windly a good majority of the year. The constant clouds can certainly be a downer for some, but it makes you appreciate those sunny days even more when they come around!


It is not in a big city


I would have to say that the worst thing about school was the amount of distractions! There are so many activities on campus and you're constantly meeting new people. That combination is both good and bad. The good thing about the distractions is that it teaches you to prioritize your daily activities. Something you have to deal with in the real world!


The one worst aspect of Syracuse that I have found are the dining halls are not open late enough for students to eat over the weekend. The dining halls on campus close at 6:30pm on the weekends not allowing students to be able to eat at a decent time. I have also found that in some academic departments the TA's do need to be re looked at, and some are not willing to help their students. It is difficult when one is placed into a tough subject and the TA's are never available during office hours.


The worst thing about my school is that not all buildings have wireless connections. Therefore, it makes it harder for students to connect to the internet if they need to research a quick fact or some information about the topic.


I really enjoyed my experience at Syracuse University. Other than the cold weather (!), I would have to say the worst thing about SU was the difficulty getting credits transferred from one program to another, the organizational bureacucracy.


The size of the school tends to be a little too but at times


The worst part about attending Syracuse University is the city in which it is located in. Some parts of campus are located near poor and lower class residentials, and as a result walking on campus at night can be considered unsafe. Several muggings and thefts have been reported on campus this year alone.


There is really not anything that is very bad about Syracuse. The classes fill up fast during registration, but at what college do they not? There is a lot of snow which can make it hard to get around sometimes, but I?m used to it. One thing that I saw at first as a negative was that the theater building is downtown away from campus. However, it is really not a bad thing because I get to have more experience in the city and get to know the city of Syracuse not just the campus of Syracuse University.


i haven't really found a major flaw in the university so far


There are stairs everywhere. Most of the academic buildings are located on a hill, so you have to go up to get to any of your classes from the residence halls.


The first thing that pops in my mind is food- although su really does have a lot of variety it gets very old very quicky. Also by not allowing freshman to have a car on campus the students are very limited to what they are able to do on the weekends. The city of Syracuse is dysmal and without a car the only events to do are to go to frat parties.


The worst thing about Syracuse University is the price of everything. In the bookstores, on Marshall Street, and even in the nearby CVS, everything is overpriced. Part is because of the New York State tax, which is of course, not the University's fault, but the other part is the University's fault. The augmented prices make the process of getting even the most everyday products difficult.


Students don't get involved enough if something isn't thrown right in front of them. Getting people to participate in clubs and events is really difficult and I feel like there is a lack of communication in this area.


The worst thing about school for me where distractions. You grow up hearing about college being the best times of your life the partying, sex. Every day it seems that someone is trying to live up to this cliche especially in Syracuse. Party's start on Thursdays end on Saturdays on Sundays the libraries are packed with procrastinators.


The lack of financial aid for students. The extremely high tuition.


The worst thing I consider about my school is students being allowed to smoke cigarettes on campus. I have asthma and I am on two different types of inhalers due to health issues and the smoke is not making it any better. I would like to walk around campus without constantly breathing in clouds of smoke in most places.


Binge Drinking and Greek life is a big part of Syracuse University so if you don't drink, then I wouldn't recommend coming here.


The lack of space to study because there are so many students who want to study, but can rarely find a quiet space. In the library there are few private rooms and plugs for you computers.