Syracuse University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Te stereotype of students at SU is that they're all sports kids or rich preppy kids. Though you will fin people like this on campus, I wouldn't say that it is a stereotype that is accurate in the least.


Lots of Wealthy students and then those on aid.


They are all rich kids


Syracuse students are wealthy, jappy, from New York, New Jersey and other places up North.


That they are all ugg wearing types that follow the latest fashion trend and try to impress everyone around them. SUNY ESF has the hippie stereotype that they all go around in birkenstocks or barefoot and care more about trees than anyone who isn't in ESF.


Syrcause is very cold and gets lots and lots of snow.


The stereotypes are that everyone is involved in greek life, not true.


Girls are big time JAPs Boys are tan and very metrosexual Huge party school Greek life is huge Athletics are amazing You won't have fun unless you party Newhouse is very difficult School is very diverse


Rich jewish sorority girls and bro dudes


rich, snobby people, from nyc, connecticut, nj area, smart


When I first moved to Syracuse from the South I was informed about the stereotypes of the coined term the "JAPS" and at the time I thought it meant just alot of Asians, but little did i know it stood for Jewish American Princess. Girls who were spoiled by their parents and had more $ than God, I heard the campus was diverse but those diverse clicks usually were tight knit. After attending for two years and on the brink of my junior year I quickly erased the image I had in my head of SU and saw the competitive witty kids that i go to school with. Sure..every car in the parking lot is a BMW, Lexus, or Range Rover... but that was just something to get used to. The School did an amazing job of playing it's cards right and offered numerous organizations to fit students needs.


Syracuse has a lot of rich students.


There is a large Jewish population, and a large population from the tri-state area of the north east (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut).


1. It's cold... very, very cold. 2. The whole campus is greek. 3. Syracuse girls wear Ugg boots, spandex tights, and have huge handbags


The most prevalent stereotype among Syracuse students would have to be that they are either: Jewish, rich, or both. For the most part, students are seen wearing they're designer handbags, shoes (uggs), and shades. The students are snobby, spoiled, and clueless.


rich, Long Island Thugs, Jewish American Princesses


Syracuse, NY is the coldest college city to ever go to. Syracuse University is full of daddy's little girls and momma's boys that have everything given to them. You can't go to Syracuse University unless you have a million dollars. Syracuse University is basketball, football and nothing else.


Newhouse kids are all snobs, VPA (particularly drama students) are gay (if they are mail) and promiscuous/experimental, the Engineerings school is full of Asians and Indians, all the hot guys are in Whitman, all the minority groups stick together, etc. etc.


That it's a generally unintelligent group of partiers and there are few good professors.


-They are all rich Jews from Long Island -They are all in frats or sororities -It is really, really cold and there is lots of snow.


There are stereotypes that our school is full of sorority girls from New Jersey that party all the time. Overall the campus has a less academic atmosphere than some schools. In general students are more concerned about getting into a profession than getting a liberal arts education.


Race plays a huge role in how students and faculty alike view each other, whether they want to accept it or not. The school advocates for diversity and does well to create environments where different students can interact. At the same time, in doing so, racial stereotypes like "the rich white Jewish kid" or the "loud angry Black woman" or the "studious Asian student" are perpetuated. It is common to hear about the JAP's (Jewish American Princess's) and their ditsy attitudes and lack of common sense. Its common to hear about the drama Black and Latino students deal with because they talk so loud in public, drawing attention to themselves. Its not rare that you don't hear about the Asian because either they are staying away from everyone else and only living in their clique of only Asian friends.


Rich, from Long Island, NYC+ Jersey. Girls wear uggs and black northfaces and guys wear polos and designer jeans. Ive also heard that people here are better looking than the "average" campus, and to some degree that is true.


That a lot of SU students are Jewish. They're rich. They're smart.


That the weather is unbearable, it snows every day.


Jewish, Rich, Northeastern, UGG wearing, Jappy, Attractive, daddy's credit card with the lexus


Jewish, rich, hugeee partyers


jappy, white, upper class, kids from Long Island


A lot of people think Syracuse students are really Jewish. The girls are supposedly "Jappy" and some guys are considered "Guidos." Some people are like this, but lots aren't. Kids at Syracuse definitely have a lot of money. The typical Syracuse girl wears uggs, leggings, a long black northface, has a starbucks coffee in one hand and her blackberry in the other, and has long straight black hair.


That all the girls walk around with big sunglasses, and designer handbags with dogs in them, but actually even if you do rarely see someone like that they are usually a pretty down to earth kind of person. But for Syracuse in general, it is known to be a work hard - play hard kind of environment.


Syracuse weather sucks and it's never sunny. The city is also really sketchy.


Everyone is rich or Jewish.


the school stereotypes are rich, jewish, and smart. the city stereotypes are shitty, cold, shitty, snowy, and shitty.


they are rich? we live in igloos?


- That it's a drink or else environment, and that you have to join a fraternity to have a good time.


Syracuse University is stereotypically known for rich kids who party belligerently, attend basketball games at the Loud House and go to school on the side.


Some of the main stereotypes about SU and SU students are that they are snobby. People think that the Northeastern Students, that come from NY, NJ, PA, VT, etc. are snobby and have a sense of that they are better than everyone else. Also, since SU is a private school, there is a stereotype that there are a lot of rich students here. Also, another stereotype is that SU students are diverse.