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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love my school! The opportunity to study at a great school has been such a privilege and I'm thankful to my family for making it happen. I'm on the sailing team, a member of Syracuse University Ambulance and will be taking advantage of the study abroad program starting this summer.


not so good


I love the school. Its rich history is very important to me and I enjoy being there. It is the perfect size. Campus is not large yet there are 15,000 students. It has the big campus feel which is awesome. But it is on the smaller end. Orange pride is incredible and its probably the best in the country. Everyone wears Orange and the games are crazy.


I really like Syracuse. I think the classes are challenging but not ridiculously hard for no reason. I am a biochemistry major, so I only know what the science courses are like, but so far I like the way they are taught. The professors are actually there to talk to during office hours, and the TAs actually care about teaching. Unfortunately my major is not my passion, which gets me down sometimes and I am not as happy here as I could be. I need to stick with Biochemistry though so I can get to my real passion, equine genetics, in grad school. The reason I came to Syracuse was the science building. It is beautiful. None of the other schools I looked at had anything like it. I spend most of my time there studying and occasionally exploring , peeking into the research labs.


This is a perfect school, people know what they're dong. We have school proud and enjoy everything in this school.


Overall, I think Syracuse is a university provides good living and study environment. However, the tuition is kind of expensive. Also, the scholarship limited to undergraduate international students.


-The best thing about the school is the school pride and the basketball team. I would most want to change the weather, because it is miserable and drags down the feeling of the school for many months of the year. The school is an average size, just right. People often make a statement about the cold winters or the basketball team when I say I go to Syracuse. The city of Syracuse is not a particularly nice place, but the campus itself is very pleasant.


The best thing about Syracuse University is the sports, the Carrier Dome is such a great time. The one thing i would change would have to be the bus system to south campus, south campus has upper class men apartments and the bus does not come frequently enough. Syracuse is the perfect size, its not too crowded, and its not too small where you know everyone. You can always make a large school into a small school but you can not do the reverse. Most people say its a great school, they also talk about the sports, but a lot of people say brace yourself for the weather. I spend a lot of time in the lounges in the dorm with my friends. Syracuse is not a college town but downtown affiliates itself with the University. Also Marshall street is basically on Campus and has a good bar scene and great food. The schools administration is great, they really care about every student because we are a private school. The biggest controversy would have to be the whole Bernie Fine scandal. Everyone that i know loves syracuse. Syracuse does have a 92% retention rate for freshmen. The dome is awesome because it is literally right on campus. One experience i will always remember is my freshmen forum class for Engineering, we had to make a bridge that spanned four feet long and had to hold two people standing on it, and my team won and held our whole team. The cold weather is a minor complaint that is made, but its really not that bad.


My initial opinion of Syracuse University is that our school is great! Of course, all institutions have their weaknesses as well. After attending SU for two years i've found the school as a whole to be welcoming and embracing to all that attend. There are over 100 student groups on campus and therefore niches that all individuals can enjoy. Within those groups i've taken leadership in a few religious based organizations called Campus Crusade for Christ and Baptist Campus Ministries. With these two groups i've formed a unique and supportive set of friends that i am most thankful to have been provided with here at Syracuse. Additionally, i get to utilize my art stills to be the an event coordinator and poster designer. By providing so many unique groups on campus ranging from the quidditch team to the five acapella groups, everyone can find their niche to get involved. Other elements i find most appealing about syracuse are the mimes student pride (we are playing Uconn tomorrow (sat) in basketball and people have been camping at the dome since tuesday), the art and design program ( we get personal studio space at a downtown warehouse), and the concerts held (there is rumor of Mumford and Sons coming in the spring!!!). As previously stated there are some flaws in the institution. If i had to change one thing it would be the process of adding or dropping a class after the deadline. Doing so involves a series of paperwork that has to be signed by at least 4 different people. Running from building to building trying to find these individuals becomes complicated. However, if thats the biggest thing i have to complain about while going here, i guess they aren't doing a bad job!


Starting answering!There are so many opportunities, and everyone wants to help you. Wherever I turn there is always something going on, somewhere to go, or something to learn. I love all of the lectures, classes, people, and professors, it is awesome.


Syracuse University is an amazing school, I think it really depends on your personality to determine how one will adapt. I am pretty outgoing but I am not to active and many things but I have enjoyed my four years here because people are so friendly and open to meeting new people. The one downfall is that Syracuse University is very segregated, I think that it serves as a major downfall. As for the classes I have loved almost every single one of my classes, I think that there are so many different courses even courses outside of my major that have impacted me life drastically.


Overall, Syracuse University is a healthy environment for a young mind to grow that gives you a balanced education without forcing students to take too many "unnecessary" classes. As a student in Newhouse, the communications school here at Syracuse, I feel I am getting a no-nonsense education that focuses more on real-world experience than hours and hours of writing papers on theories. Rather than think about how people write movies or relay the news, Syracuse University kids are actually filming projects or reporting the latest events. Overall, students seem to love SU. Even though the mascot is a giant orange ball, there is an immense amount of pride over our education as well as our athletic department. You'll notice how I continually used the word "our" when referring to the school; that's because here at SU, you really do get a sense of family and community that I don't think happens at many other schools.


The best thing about Syracuse is its size, its not too big and not too small. You can walk across campus and see a few people you know, just enough to make you feel comfortable. You will never feel like everybody knows everything about you. The city of Syracuse is one of the most boring places in the world, fortunately, there is always something to do on campus, so you never actually have to venture into the city. The school spirit here is incredible! I have never been someone to care about sports, but the spirit is contagious and you can't help but to be proud to wear orange!


Great school. Worth the price! Many opportunities through SU!


I genuinely love Syracuse University. It is the perfect combination of athletics and academics...great, notable academic programs, as well as top competing men and women's athletic teams (and basketball games are the best!). Both academics and athletics are competitive. And while you are obviously here for an education, if athletics aren't your thing...there is still so much the SU has to offer. There are so many extracurricular clubs, programs and community involvement to get involved with. The school itself is beautiful. It is a private school and the buildings look like that of an ivy league. Everything on campus is so easily accessible. Classes are all at most a ten minute walk and the quad is the centerpiece of the campus. It is not too big, and not too small...the right amount of students that you get to meet new people, while still bumping into that familiar face. Buses can definitely get you everywhere and anywhere you need to be (although if you live on South Campus- give yourself some extra time to get to campus in case they fill up). Alumni is very involved and wants to help current students succeed. During your time here, you will meet a lot of great amazing faculty that can serve as mentors to you. SU gives you all the tools and more in order to succeed; it's up to you what you choose to do with itl Oh, and...Orange Pride lasts forever!


I genuinely love Syracuse University. It is the perfect combination of athletics and academics...great, notable academic programs, as well as top competing men and women's athletic teams (and basketball games are the best!). Both academics and athletics are competitive. And while you are obviously here for an education, if athletics aren't your thing...there is still so much the SU has to offer. There are so many extracurricular clubs, programs and community involvement to get involved with. The school itself is beautiful. It is a private school and the buildings look like that of an ivy league. Everything on campus is so easily accessible. Classes are all at most a ten minute walk and the quad is the centerpiece of the campus. It is not too big, and not too small...the right amount of students that you get to meet new people, while still bumping into that familiar face. Buses can definitely get you everywhere and anywhere you need to be (although if you live on South Campus- give yourself some extra time to get to campus in case they fill up). Alumni is very involved and wants to help current students succeed. During your time here, you will meet a lot of great amazing faculty that can serve as mentors to you. SU gives you all the tools and more in order to succeed; it's up to you what you choose to do with itl Oh, and...Orange Pride lasts forever!


Great school if you get into Newhouse, Whitman, the I school, the architecture school or VPA (college of visual and performing arts). I feel that that the school gives a great advantage to those in Whitman and especially Newhouse. If you're a sports person, cuse is a great school. A lot of people go to football games, even though we really suck. Our basketball team is amazing. The city itself is kind of disappointing. The city is not big at all, the only thing to really do downtown is eat or go to bars. Students are kind of limited to the campus, unless you have a car and can drive to other places. The biggest con about Cuse is the weather. We possibly have the worst weather in the entire planet. I literally walked through a blizzard last year to take my finals. Because Syracuse is known for their snow, classes are rarely canceled, as they hire people to plow the snow and put salt on the ground. However, it is so hard to leave your warm house/dorm if its negative degrees outside. The fall is beautiful, but the winter literally lasts til April, sometimes even later.


I love Syracuse University. I think it's very diverse and I'm meeting so many amazing people and I have so many opportunities. Also, the networks that I have and will always have makes for a prideful sense. The size is perfect and people always say oh you go to 'CUSE?! I know that my family is proud. There is so much to do, places to go, people to see. I am never bored. And most of all I've made phenomenal friends.


Well, I really enjoy some parts and really do not enjoy others. The snow might be charming, but a winter that lasts months really gets old. Some professors, in Newhouse, Maxwell, Architecture, etc, are really fantastic and will make you learn and progress. Others, however, are not as great. The same goes for students. Some are intelligent and questioning while others are... not. The athletics are a lot of fun, basketball especially. The town is lacking, although it does have character. There is much to do on campus, but not a whole lot to do off.


SU Moves to the liberal left – no longer the politically independent school it once was! Twenty years ago or even ten years ago, Syracuse was well respected and known for its rich traditions, competitive currilicums, competitive sports programs and was independent and maintained a politically neutral stance. Students received a quality education without indoctrination, but as they say “all good things must come to an end”. Today the Syracuse Board of Trustees has a vastly different makeup. The Board of Trustees sets the schoo


Syracuse is really cool on weekend nights and has a great night life, however during the day there really isn't a lot to do. A lot of people also participate in Greek Life which takes away from boredom. Marshall Street is really cool too.


Syracuse is a school that feels big at times and small at times. Sometimes I will be walking around campus late in the day and feel like I'm the only one around, but other times the quad will be packed. Most of the buildings are near each other, but none of the dorms are especially close to the buildings, which can make walks long in the cold. People here are pretty school spirited, but they could be better. Syracuse prides itself on being good at so many things when it's just okay at some things. However, for the location and size of the school, they manage to get some pretty big names on campus and students come to see them. The town isn't that great, but I personally spend most of my time on campus. The student center could be improved as well.


Obviously the big picture is the weather, it gets cold. It gets windy. You'll get down about it. But everyone survives, everyone is going through the same thing, and I personally don't mind it anymore. It gets wearing so don't come here if you hate snow. Best advice.


Syracuse is a great school to attend. It has a wide variety of classes, majors and activities. Almost anyone can find something they love about the University. The people are very nice, kind and helpful. There is a lot to do around campus and a lot of life long memories to be made. In my opinion Syracuse is a perfect size. It has about 12,000 students which isn't small but isn't overly populated. The Campus is somewhat big but easy to navigate and figure out within the first few days. There are a lot people to meet and a lot of things to do.


Best thing: It's a CAMPUS. Change: Involve more with community Size: Just right- I came from a very small town (86 kids in my graduating class) but adjusted pretty well to both the school and the city. Reaction: People are impressed. Time: Dorm, Euclid Avenue, Schine Student Center, Newhouse/Whitman study areas Not really a college town Administration: Haven't interacted with them much, haven't had a problem LOTS OF SCHOOL PRIDE! Orange EVERYWHERE you go! Frequent complaints: Nancy Cantor (still not too sure why), weather, football team Experience I'll Always Remember: Mayfest 2008, Relay for Life 2008, 2008 Syracuse win over ranked Georgetown


The best thing about SU is its size. Syracuse is a very large University, so your chances of finding a group of people/major that you like is very high. Each school within the University is very different. We have an incredibly prestigious Illustration department and all of my professors are well known in the art world. For any specialized major, SU is great. If you are looking for general stuff (english major, math major, etc), you would probably be better off at a smaller liberal arts college. The weather is a serious student complaint. It is very dark, and very rainy, almost all of the time.


i'd change the amount of snow, its depressing, and you feel trapped because the winter is 3x's as long as any other winter. its just the right size, nice and big with alot of opportunities but professors still know your name. i spend most of my time in my studio doing work or at the library. syracuse is completely a college town, in the summer its a ghost town. there's a huge amount of cuse pride and you should like sports or pride in sports to go here, sat mornings at the dome is where you want to be.


At the beginning of my freshmen year I was an athlete for the ORANGE! I'd spend my weeks working out at the Manley Field House and my weekends screaming at the top of my lungs "ORANGE PRIDE." The cool thing was I was able to dabble in everything SU offered because it was a flexible university. My sophomore year I rushed a sorority and enjoyed the greek life. Now junior year I'll explore the abroad program. One of the best experiences I must say was joining the Student Association, the on-campus organization that hears all the complaints by students and parents and works closely with deans and other organizations to adhere to the student needs and progress was made. Just check out ! I enjoyed watching the pavement swarmed with students in the winter all bundled up and still attempting to read the "DAILY ORANGE"- the campus newspaper. Filled with gossip, how two's, and won't see anyone with out one. Everyone and anyone complain about the student center and how it needs to be reinovated from the early 1900's and the lack of awesome equiptment at the gym where 85% of the regular non athletic kids work out. My sister attends UT-AUSTIN and she uses a car to get her from point A- to B, but i have the luxury of walking everywhere or taking the Centro Bus and you would think I'd be complaining but SU has made so much available within walking distance. A+++ on our health center. It's speedy and so close but we def have to upgrade on the drug prescriptions.


The campus of Syracuse is quite beautiful and is the definition of a college campus. However, some of the things I dislike of Syracuse University is the lacking of good updated resources. I wish that there would be a better library. I wish they would develop a better south campus for instance, maybe establishing a better gym, dorm, and dining hall. The school administration seems to be so conscious of having the school ranking up by building newer buildings that are not in much need. The school should really spend more money on the right things instead of wasteful resources that the school does not really need.


Wow, where to begin? We love our sports, and take much pride in our nationally acclaimed schools, like Newhouse (communications) and Whitman (management). The weather isn't as bad as people say it is. Yea, it gets really cold, but that just means we throw on a sweatshirt under our jackets. The snow wasn't bad at all this year, and by second semester, almost everyone gets used to the bitter wind. Greek life is huge at S.U. Whether you decide to rush a sorority or fraternity or not, you'll probably end up with plenty of friends who did. Campus wise, S.U. is great. It's not huge, but it's not tiny either. It's also constantly being updated, and is getting prettier every year. Recent upgrades are highlighted by the new Whitman and Newhouse buildings. Syracuse may be a big name school like Michigan or Maryland, but it only has 12,500 undergrads. It's a great "big" school, because it's really not that big, and feels even smaller.


If you're coming for Newhouse, then you're in luck ... sorta. The school is very technologically advanced and will give you a decent education - the alumni contacts are great. However, the name recognition (in my experience), just isn't that great (especially on the West coast). I've found SU to be just the right size school - I'm always running into people I know going to class, but it's not so small that I feel like everywhere I go I'm going to know everyone. If you're looking for a school with a college town - look elsewhere. SU's marshal street has enough fast food and bars to get by, but it's far off from the typical college town that you think of. The administration leaves something to be desired. It's my opinion that they're working toward the general right direction for the school, but that their tactics need to be changed. There seems to be a prevailing attitude that it is the school responsibility to support the city of Syracuse - economically. It's hard to see so much of what is a hefty tuition go towards useless spending. If you're looking for a sports school. This is a good one. Yes, football sucks right now, and our Men's BB team is on it's worse streak in 30+ years. But it'll turn around in a few years. Besides mLAX is doing awesome and you get the Carrier Dome!


Syracuse is a very large, private, expensive, and amazing university! In my first year, I have experienced so much more than I probably ever would in high school and I am very grateful for the things I have learned along the way! The city of Syracuse is actually very different from the campus we live on. It is not the wealthiest of cities, nor the most well known; it is almost like two different worlds when being on campus versus "downtown". It is very nice, however, to step off campus and into the colorful avenues of the city, including: museums, restaurants (sushi is very popular), and nightlife.


Um.. I love Syracuse I am aware I might sound like a tour guide or a pamphlet in what I'm about to say, but really... I mean every word! --I was sooooo nervous to come to Syracuse, well to go to any college is nervewracking, but I live in Long Island and Cuse is 4.5/5 hours away, and I'd never been away from home before for a long period of time. So Syracuse was a good school because the drive really isn't that bad, and there's an airport right there! When I got my housing assignment, I found out I was living in the all-freshmen dorm Skyhall (which is on South Campus--not Main), so I would have to take a bus to class every day. My older friends told me to try and change my housing immediately, so naturally, I freaked out. However, I LOVE the Skyhalls and am so sad that I'm not going to be there again next year. My best friends live there and I wouldn't change anything about freshmen year for the world. I'm even going to be a "skyhall mentor" next semester to hellp the new freshies transition into school! --everyone is so friendly... when it's nice weather, people will be hanging out on the Quad and you'll always see a friendly face --yes, it is cold, but if you bring a heavy jacket, you'll be fine... etc. etc.


Syracuse is the PERFECT all-around college with people from all different walks of life. With so many different majors and so many prestigious programs there is a great mix of people to get to know. The professors are helpful and there is always something to do.


Syracuse is a big school and although the campus may seem overwhelming at first, it gets smaller as you go on. The city of Syracuse is not a thriving metropolis but it has some interesting places to be (ex. Armory Square). Most of the schools in Syracuse, particularly Newhouse and Maxwell, have really great reputations, and most people associate Syracuse with D1 sports teams. There's always something going on on-campus and off-campus but you have to be proactive about it. The faculty I've come in contact have been great but there are some professors who could stand to learn more about working with students and organizing a class. The most recent controversy on campus with the Hill TV scandal (I'm sure you can google it). There is major orange pride on campus and you will accumulate a lot of orange for your wardrobe...and learn to love the color in the end. I've met some great people at SU and I met my fiance here so I'm kind of in love with my campus


The architecture program is great because it's closely knit and everyone helps each other out. There's a lot of personal attention for anyone who wishes to really recieve feedback on their work. Plus, because it is a big school, there's an enormous number of classes offered and you're sure to find something you're interested in. The Renee Crown University Honors program is a bit of joke. Think intellectual masturbation.


Syracuse is a great size. There are enough people here, that there is a group of people like you no matter what kind of person you are. You can find your niche here. The thing is, activities won't come to you. You have go looking for groups to join and concerts to see. If you take the initiative you will have a great time. People don't get off campus too much. Yes, once you have a car you might go to bars or restaurants downtown, but most of the activity is on our around campus. The bus system is great, but not too many students take advantage of it. However, they are working to improve that with a "connective corridor" to downtown, so it should be changing in the next few years. Many students have school pride because of sports, particularly basketball. But other than that, it's not too prevalent.


The best thing about Syracuse is that it offers almost anything you want and will allow you to find a way to pursue whatever you want academically. The school is just the right size. I see people everyday on campus just walking across the quad that I know. It was the largest school I applied to, but you never feel lost in the crowd. The academic departments I'm involved in are small and close-knit. They care about getting you a job after school and helping you learn. On campus I spend most of my time in the Illustration studio and in the library. Although sports are important on campus, you really don't feel left out if you're not interested. There are definitely rebels that refuse to attend any sporting events, especially in the art department. One thing a lot of students don't take advantage of is the surrounding parks around Syracuse. Green Lakes and Highland forest are great parks to go to.


The best thing about Syracuse is that you realize how life tends to go in circles. History repeats itself and the only way it seems to get ahead is to learn lessons from your good and bad experiences. Having such a large student body compared to the high schools many students came from offers room for experimentation, good and bad. From there, students affect each other in the decisions they make directly and indirectly. Seeing students drunk in the street or yelling or vomiting may deter others from drinking and smoking, while others might be attracted to the "wild life". The school offers you the chance to grow at your own pace, learn lessons you couldn't learn any where else and make friends and enemies that will do the same. The school has a lot to offer the student inside and outside the classroom, and being situated in a rather dead city in the cold forces students to incubate among themselves and within themselves. Naturally groups, alliances, friendships and rivalries form creating an intricate network of social and academic communities.


The best thing about Syracuse hands down is the school spirit. EVERYONE goes to the basketball games and the student section is so much fun!! If I could change one thing, it would be the winters that last from November to April. For me, the size is perfect. Usually when I tell people that I go here, they make some joke about the weather or the struggling basketball team this year. I spend most of my time either in my dorm, at class, or at parties. I have lived in Syracuse my whole life, and I can tell you it is most definitely a college town. The city would be nothing without the university. Don't even get me started on our chancellor, Nancy Cantor. No one likes her, I dont know how she is still employed. Probably the biggest controversies are the various robberies. They happen more often than you would think. There is SO MUCH school spirit here, I dont know if I can stress that enough. One of the most unusual things here are the black squirrels. I've never seen black squirrels anywhere else in my life. I will always remember storming the court after we beat Georgetown on 2/16/08. Students complain about the usual- food, weather, professors. Nothing too crazy.


The best thing about Syracuse is that is offers so many activities and so many opportunities; I'm never bored and usually end up taking on too much because there's always something interesting to do or club to join. For me, this school size is just right. It was a little overwhelming at first, even coming from a 2000 person high school, but I love that it's big because there are so many people to meet. I can know a lot of people and still meet someone new everyday, which I love. When I tell people I go to Syracuse back in Colorado I get a lot of "wow"s and "that's so cool" and "you must be smart" or of course, "where the heck is that? kansas?" (no joke). For the most part though it holds a lot of ground because a lot of people in Colorado don't explore outside of the state and go to in state schools so i stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of school pride, which i love.


The best thing about Syracuse is the variety of night life activities. Students can party on south campus if they want something low-key, go to a frat house, a house party, Marshall St. bars or downtown bars. There's always something to do and you always meet new people when you're out. I would change the weather, but if we did have warm weather year round, students wouldn't appreciate it as much or party as hard when the snow melts and the sun comes out (even if it is finals week). Perfect size- for every 10 people you know on campus there are 100 more you can meet. They ask me if I'm in Newhouse- and I am so they are always extremely impressed. During the day when I have classes, I spend most of my time in Schine student center upstairs- its a quiet place to study or nap if you don't want to walk back to your room or in Newhouse III. When I don't have classes, either in my sorority house, my boyfriend's fraternity house or my dorm. When I'm going out I'm usually at Maggie's or Harry's or a fraternity house. It's a great balance between a city and a college town. Marshall St. provides a small town environment with restaurants, bars and shops. You'll almost always see a familiar face on M street, especially after 2 a.m. on a bar night. Downtown provides entertainment (Syracuse Stage), great restaurants (Ambrosia), bars and there's a huge mall close by too. The Syracuse administration is helpful, but you don't come into contact with them too often. It was slightly controvercial when Chief Justice John Roberts came and spoke at the Newhouse III opening. It was an honor to have such an accomplished individual speaking at the school, but it was also contradictory because he is so conservative and not the best representative for free speech, it seemed as though we might have found a better candidate. There is a ton of school pride- the Carrier Dome is the most noticiable thing on campus and students go all out for D1 sports games. Basketball season is amazing.


The best thing about Syracuse is the carrier dome. This is where the "Orange" play D1 Basketball, Football and LAX. To get through the football season, we get psyched about the basketball season. If i could change anything about the school, I would definitly change the student center. Right now schine is only used as a quick shortcut to get on and off campus. The food is bad, and there's very little area to hang out. The other thing I would change is the lack of area to study. During finals week it's nearly impossible to find somewhere that has an outlet to study on campus. You have to get really creative. Most people are impressed with me going to Syracuse. Coming from Jersey the first question from friends at home is if i know so-and-so, they don't realize the school is as big as it is. I spend the majority of my time in campus in Whitman, the School of Management. Basically, all of my classes are there, and I live right next door in a fraternity. Plus, there's a good cafe and a huge atrium to relax and study in. SU feels like it's fenced in from the rest of Syracuse. Recently they tried integrating the campus to the city, but it will take many years before students seriously adventure outside the campus. There are enough bars and parties going on either on campus or near off campus that there isn't a reason to go to the bars downtown. They are really expensive and apparently not worth it. The school administration is very strict. With every issue there's a ton of red tape. This can be anything from bringing a guest speaker to campus, to getting caught drinking by an RA. There's always some kind of process. The biggest recent controversy was an armed robbery on south campus. Basically 3 students stormed an apartment with guns demanding marijuana and cash. They got caught but it was a pretty big deal. There is a lot of school pride, lots of orange around. It kind of hurts the eyes after a while. The one experience I'll remember is pledging. It was the most fun I never ever want to do again. The most frequent complaints are about food quality, food choices, and dorms. They are fixing this by adding new dorms and cafe's around campus


Syracuse is what you make it. If you want to party every night, you could easily do so. if you dont want to party at all noone judges and noone cares. the size is just perfect because its big enough that you could meet someone new everyday and its small enough to still be able to have a close group of friends. sure its cold out, but its definately not as cold as everyone says. there also really isnt that much snow either, it could be much worse. Marshall st is the best! great food really cheap and the bars are located really close to the dorms so that its easy to get back.


One thing that is great about Syracuse is that it is a big univeristy with a wide range of activities to do. There is something for everyone here and because of that the University feels a lot smaller. Each extra-curricular group, major, greek organization, learning community, even floor of a dorm has its own homey feel, which is great. I would change the weather in a heart beat. The weather and the city of Syracuse. They are both pretty awful. There is absolutely nothing to do here unless you want to make an event out of it (i.e. taking the 20 minute trip to the mall or going to armory square for a night.) Don't get me wrong, there is plenty to do on campus but it would be nice to be able to just take a walk without having to look at dreary buildings, freezing, and not feeling safe walking around the city itself.


Syracuse is amazing. Bottom line. I couldn't have found a better college. It's got absolutely everything and everyone here. It's diverse, there's always stuff to do, the parties are amazing, Greek life is popular. The academics are great too. Truly, the only bad things about it are the location and the weather. I miss being away from the beach, and the weather here is so random- a blizzard one day, and 60 degrees and sunny a couple days later. Literally. I spend time going to classes, working, working out, at my future sorority (I'm pledging right now), or at various campus events. Of course I go to the football and basketball games. On the weekends, I tend to party at frats the most, they're definitely the most fun. House parties are ok too. I hear the bar scene is pretty big, but I don't have a fake ID so I have no idea how that is.


The best thing about Syracuse is that it's the perfect size. It's small enough where you know people when you walk down the street, but at the same time it's big enough for you to meet new people when you go out at night. One thing that I would change about Syracuse is the weather. It would definitely be even more popular if it was in a warmer climate. It contains some of the top programs in the country with the Newhouse and Whitman schools, which separates it from competing universities.


I'd say the best thing about Syracuse is the diversity, but therein lies the problem. While we are a diverse campus, socio-economically, ethnically, and otherwise, we are largely segregated according to those groups. I think the campus is a little too small, especially if we're going to keep putting up buildings in places we don't have room for. We have a lot of school pride, especially at basketball games. I'll always remember the friends I've made here--I know that sounds corny, but it's true.


The best thing about Syracuse hands down has got to be the weather, with the socioeconmoic tension between the University and the community coming in a close second. Syracuse is the perfect size; everyone knows someone that knows someone else, which makes for easy gossip connections and fun times! Making fun of people is so much more satisfying when everyone at the party knows who you're talking about. Aside from getting roofied at frats and going to random ass house parties on Eucild Avenue, Marshall Street offers a plethora of bars that are willing to serve minors and provide a constant source of entertainment to all cool non-greek and greek people. School pride? Perhaps when the Orange isn't sucking, which has been constantly since 2003, so scratch that. Try greek pride; bitties wear their letters on anything and everything like it's their job. Everyone rushes or at least thinks about doing it; whether or not you're in a house, you're without a doubt going to devote at least 65 percent of your conversations to talking about/making fun of them, and honestly it never gets old. She's in Kappa? Like really? Really.


I wish the weather wasn't so bad. it really limits what you can and can't do. i think it holds me back very much because its just such a pain. The dorms are pretty crappy as well. I like the size, know plenty of people yet haven't met many as well. seasonal depression is also horrible. it is like living in hell, in my opinion, during the winter here. i feel like a zombie. i dont like the administration i think there is some corruption going on or something because the amount of rich alumni and the ridiculous tuition we pay, i dont see it put to use anywhere. all of a sudden they are adding new buildings now but it looks like they didnt add anything for the last 25 years, so now were are seriously behind other schools. nancy needs to loosen up.