Syracuse University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I am as hood and poor as it gets and I LOVED syracuse. Don't think I could've made a better choice. Real niggas can thrive here.


A smart, sensible, motivated student who knows how to party and have a good time


Syracuse University is a great School!!! I absolutely love it here. So anyone looking for a school that has ALOOOOT of school spirit would love it here. Those who are friendly, want to be successful after college, and want to have a great college experince would get along great here!


Syrcuse University is for people who are serious about learning and being well prepared for their future. One of the reason why is because this school is not located in a city that is like NYC or LA, so there isn't much distraction which means you could focus more on your studies. However, the campus provides a load of activities and programs you could participate in so you wouldn't have to worry about having nothing to do.


A student that is serious about their education and dedicated to acheiving their ideal future, while at the same time possessing confidence and the ability to relax and have fun will fit in perfectly at Syracuse University.


I don't belive a certain kind a of person has to attend Syracuse. I honestly think that any person that is simply interested in continuing their education, regardless if they are still unsure of what they want, would be interested in attending Syracuse. I feel like the school has a lot to offer and there is a place for everyone here.


This school is compatible with a variety of different types of people. The diversity and acceptance of the students at this school makes everyone feel comfortable. From the outside the student population looks very larege, however, once you begin classes and get a feel for the campus it begins to feel so much smaller. You meet so many people that you never feel lost.


There is not a distinct description of an individual who "should" attend Syracuse University. This college attacks students who can bring a new aspect to the school. The student body is made from a diverse group of people with all different interests and talents. There is not a "typical" person at SU; yet, prospective students should be motivated with an optimistic personality. They should want to take on new tasks and challenge themselves. With the assistance from professors and faculty, students at Syracuse are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities and experiences they have in front of them.


A home body, there is so much to do outside your classroom and dorm rooms!


A person who likes an average sized campus with alot of diversity, likes to study and party and one who does not mind a moderately busy city surrounding the campus.


Any type of person should attend Syracuse. I feel that the transition that occurs between your senior year of high school to that of your senior year of college is a major one. No body knows who they are when they first enter college, but the great thing about Syracuse University is that it gives you a vast area to explore and find yourself. There are no cliches and you will find a group of people that you best fit in with. On campus, it's not just black and white, there's every color in between.


Anone can find their niche here and do well...there are so many opportunities you really begin to understand the school's drive for Scholarship in Action. You just need to be open minded and positive and you can suceed. its better if you are a leader and do your own thing because there are also many avenues and opportunites for you to get sidetracked from academics and fall into Colleg life mentality.


Some one who is accepting of people from all different bacgrounds/ethnicities, Likes to be in a city, likes to be involved with many different opportunities and clubs.


To my personal opinion, anyone can attend this school. This school have a wide range of diversity and the comfortability to find a group of friends is not complex at all. This school is very big on sports, so having school spirit would also be beneficial. All in all, anyone who have an open mind and are willing to discover the differences that this campus offers would perfectly match to Syracuse University.


awesome and sexy people


Both someone who does not know what they want, and someone with a set goal in mind; Syracuse accepts a diverse mix of students, and has the classes/resources to allow them to mold, or continue, what they want. At this school, there are a large amount of students with parents who have money, but that does not make up the whole student body. Shopping is prevalent in all directions, but there are also wonderful parks and mountains for your enjoyment.


People who are open minded, diverse, positive, and want to succeed.


There is room for everyone at Syracuse, which is why the larger size is a great advantage. If you plan on attending though be prepared to imerge yourself into the campus and everything that is available to you. It helps to be a little outgoing. If you don't get involved in something you won't get the whole experience out of the university.


The school can be as large or as small as anyone wants it to be. Classes range from large lecture to small classroom. Anyone should attend the school. Syracuse can be molded to fit anyones expectations. There are many oppertunities to have fun and enjoy college life as well as to gain knowledge.


A student who can make the commitment to be personally driven to be the best they can possibly be. The person doesn?t have to be the smartest, or even the brightest, but yearns to be intellectually stimulated by the rigorous subject material. Also, a desire to be a more well rounded individual: productive, creative, and confident as well as both an analytical and independent thinker.


There are so many different groups and experiences at Syracuse University that almost any type of individual can attend at find a place to fit in. Those applying should keep in mind we are a larger campus and have a large amount of students so if they are looking for a small school this is not for them. Come with an open mind.


People who like to party would love this school. Also, a lot play sports and love to exercise and stay fit. Many students are well off financially and also a bit conservative politically.


A person who enjoys a big city and a big campus. Someone who likes to get involved.


i think just about any kind of person can attend Syracuse University. there are all kinds of people on campus from very "trendy" people to "nerdy" people as well. but i do think, especially as an engineering student that the "nerdy" kids aren't quite as nerdy as other schools. we have the people who are very smart and very into math and science they just don't look like your typical "nerd".


To be honest, I think LcSmith School of Engineering is a welcoming place to anyone who wants to do better in his/her life and is prepared to be challenged by the intensive courses. To those students who have strong academic backgrounds, there are more than enough tough problems waiting for you to solve; while to students who are relatively not that good, they can also find timely help and make lots of friends with professors, faculties and peers.


Want a small, close-knit community? Enjoy homogeneity? Don't like change? Then you need not apply to Syracuse University. Only those who love diversity, dare to explore new things and are comfortable meeting new people and having new experiences every day should make the best decision of their lifetime and attend Syracuse University. Furthermore, don't be fooled: while Syracuse has a reputation as a party school, the academics are no joy-ride. The future student needs to understand that while it's nice to have fun, too much fun leads to bad grades or, worse yet, explusion.


I don't believe that there is one type of person that should attend this school. I believe that any person that has a strong will and is mature will be able to strive well at Syracuse University.


A person who is very dedicated and hardworking should attend Syracuse University. The course load is very difficult , but if that person is willing to work hard and stay focus they will have no problem.


Someone who seeks good sports, challenging academics, demanding coursework, rewarding work in the community, fun electives, renowned speakers, and professors who want students to succeed should attend Syracuse University. Students don't have to fit any one stereotype, as Syracuse is a melting pot of people from all backgrounds, states, nations, and beliefs. Diversity may be its greatest strength, not counting the basketball and lacrosse teams. If you are not fond of snow, wind, or rain, then Syracuse is not the school for you. Each day, some form of these climatic events preys on Syracuse students.


A smart, fun-loving, enthusiastic individual who likes to met new people, learn, work hard, and have a good time.


someone who is very social, if you are interverted then its not a place for you


You should attend this school if you have some kind of spirit of adventure., if you like meeting tons of new people, and if you have an appreciation of the arts as well as sports.


A person who is really social but also can buckle down and do the work too. There are a lot of people who are hard-working, involved, and are smart.


A person who loves a big school, and whom likes to get out and experience what is in the community because there is an endless amount of activities to do on campus. Campus is an exciting place and the people who wish to come must be energetic and excited to venture out on their own and enjoy life.


Someone who is willing to go out and find things for oneself. There are a lot of opportunities available at this school but for the full experience, the student has to be aggressive in seeking it out on their own.


People who are very thoughtful, dedicated to learning and a slf-motivator.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who looks for the full university experience, wants to participate in campus activities, or just become heavily involved in what that person loves to do. This person can come to school for their desired major here and learn so much more that will help them with life, that may not necessarily have to do with their major, and can be surrounded by many different groups of people.


Someone who is willing to work hard and not give up no matter how hard it gets. Someone who take chances and are willing to experiment to find out what they love and when they figure it out, will do anything they can to be in that field.


A human being who is willing to seek the light, step outside of his/her boundaries, and be prepared to grow should attend SU. A person who wants to learn and self-explore will do well here. There is no room for discrimination either, so this person should be open minded on all spectrums; thats the type of person that shoulld attend SU in a nutshell.


This school is for people who are out-going and who are capable of balancing school work with both extracurriculars and social events. The person should also have school spirit and should be open to meeting new people.


Any person that is interested in recieveing a great eduation should come here. It is a great place for people who enjoy diversity. Although, it is expensive I feel that if you like a larger private school it is a great place to attend. You have to be really be open and accepting to different types of people.


Syracuse has a huge array of students with unique personalities, experiences and interests, so anyone is sure to find their niche. But to get the most out of your time at SU, you should be willing to work hard for a major you love, be open and ready for any opportunity that comes your way, and you should bleed ORANGE.


If you are interested in any of the above majors I selected, like the cold, and like Division One basketball, then definitely consider Syracuse. If you are from New York and want to stay in NY, then this may also be a good place.


Anyone who is capable of managing their time according to their academics and social life. If these two are not balanced, success here in Syracuse will be unlikely.


A dedicated person who is energetic because their is so much to do here.


For the Newhouse school, motivated people who have an idea of what they want to do and are willing to put in the extra work to build a diverse resume.


The type of person who should attend Syracuse is someone who is able to manage their time. It is very hard to take in all the opportunities offered on not only the campus but the city as well and any person who can wake up on Saturday morning, do their homework, go to the football game, and still have time and energy to experience the nightlife is the perfect candidate for Syracuse University.


a person who is looking for a good school with many people. you will meet plenty of new and diverse faces here on campus. also, be ready to work, as this school is more than just the "party school" everyone thinks it is.


The kind of person that wants a solid education but does not mind the cold weather. This person should be someone who is open to the possibilities a college has to offer--the academics, extra curricular activities, and atheltics. This person should be someone who does not want to go to a small school (<10,000 students), but also does nt want to go to a large one (>20,000). This person should also be someone who does not care too much about the area surrounding campus.


Someone who is used to colder climate or at least an open mind to it. It snows from late November to sometimes April. Depending on the major you should be disciplined when it comes to school work. The school is pretty diverse and it is encouraged, you have to have an open mind and/or be tolerant to difference.