Syracuse University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is unsure of what they want to do but may think of picking up a major that is not common. Syracuse has mostly "generic" majors and not many that are unique.


Syracuse University isn't for people who can't stand the cold.


Someone whom is anti-social and does not like to participate in group activities would not be a good match for Syracuse. This is because there are so many opportunities to get involved and interact with all sorts of people from all walks of life at this University. I personally did not get involved during my first semester and I regret it. So my goal for this semester is to get more involved and make friendships that, hopeully, I will have through the rest of my life.


A person who easily gets lost in the shuffle. People who don't like large universities should not attend here. People who want to shy away in class and don't want to get any extra help will not succeed at this university.


Someone who doesn't like small class sizes where the teacher knows all the student's names shouldn't attend this school. Many of the classes are small in size and the teachers are close to their students. If someone prefers a lot of classes with big numbers, this school isn't for them.


Syracuse University is a school that challenges you: academically and socially Academically, you have teachers who are experts and have written books about the subject they are teaching. Socially, there are so many different clubs and sports events to attend to, that it will be a little hard to manage your time. I believe that is part of the reason why Syracuse Alumni tend to have so much pride. Because they have overcome these academic and social challenges. Therefore, if you don’t want to attend to these challenges, Syracuse University may not necessarily be for you.


Syracuse is a very social University. So those who like solitude wouldn't be very happy. Also those who don't like diversity or people should not attend this school. The weather is also an issue for some, so if some hates the cold and snow....don't come here!! We get alot of snow, and it can get quite cold!


Someone who needs to have a decent amount of warmth and sunlight in the winter to get by, someone who needs to be near a big and bustling city, someone who isn't focused on their major, or someone who doesn't want to work hard in order to acheive greatness.


I think that college is very much about creating your own experiences in the sense that only you can decide what your four years of university will look like. Syracuse University, in particular, offers a wide array of different activities and much of your experience will be determined by the organizations that you join. I think that if you are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone and get involved with what the university has to offer, this school probably would not be a good fit for you because no one will force you out of your dorm room.


Someone who is uncomforatble with diversity and working in groups or on teams will find a hard time with the courses and classrooms. Also someone who doesn't really like trying new things or working hard will find they have wasted their money here. This is a school full of opportunites and only those who are brave enough to take the necessary risks and efforts to succede, will.


A person who doesn't have school spirit.


A very up beat, hands on, optimistic person who wishes to find great friends and create life-long memories.


Syracuse is very open to all kinds of people from all over the world. Syracuse University offers a wide range of activities and groups that can make almost anyone feel welcome and fit in. The only downfall I could foresee for prospective students would be the distance from home or the cold weather and lots of snow!




Syracuse University is not the place for individuals who wish to avoid diversity. With the multitude of majors and individuals, one is exposed to many different ethnic backgrounds, life styles, and ways of thinking. That being said, it is easy to fall into the mass of the student body and become "just another student." However, I believe that if you truly want to get the most out of your college experience at Syracuse Univeristy you need to be willing to stand up for yourself, fight for what you want and make yourself seen.


I believe NAU has something for everyone.


SOmeone who is very judgemental or small/closed-mined should ot attend this school. It is such a big school wiht people of all different types.


unmotivated and mean people


Someone who is looking for a small and intimate campus, or someone who does not like the cold weather.


Anyone could fit in at this school.


Someone who does not like the cold and snow.


Someone who does not like the cold should be hesistant to join this school. Furthermore, as a transfer student, my initial impression was that the school had a very dominant Greek population. Therefore, if Greek life is not something you have any interest in, you may want to reconsider. However, the entire campus does not go Greek. Other than these two aspects, I have nothing but positive things to say about Syracuse from my brief time here over the last few weeks as a first semester transfer.


People who are not very social and don't enjoy being around large groups of people should definitely not attend Syracuse University. The amount of people here could overwhelm many of students who prefer being alone or living in a calmer environment.


Individuals who are unable to work hard and apply themselves to their full capability should not attend Syracuse University.


Student's who are afraid of a very large student body and of zero degree weather should not attend SU. People who are too intimidated to break out of their comfort zone and are too timid to meet new kinds of personalities should also not come here. If you are not willing to work really hard and don?t want to party harder afterwards, you shouldn?t attend SU either.


a very quiet, reserved person should not attend Syracuse. A student who doesnt like to speak his mind should also stay away from Syracuse


I have found at Syracuse that there is a place for everyone. Anyone can find a place where they belong there, as the school has so many diverse people. The only type of people who shouldn't go to Syracuse are those who can't stand the cold and snow!


Any student who is unprepared to work hard and also interact with others' thoughts and opinions.


A person who is not self driven should not attend Syracuse University because everything is pretty much up to you. As in several other colleges it is your responsibility to wake up on time and attend class, yet for students like myself who live far from home, it becomes a necessity to make wise decisions. Also, if you are dependent on your parents for simple things such as laundry and pocket money maybe going away from home to such a competitive institution is not fit for you. Self-control is also necessary when it comes to parties and hanging out.


If you lack the power to be self motivated, you shouldn't be at this school. No one will be looking over your shoulder to force you to do your work, and the school is certainly big enough that if you don't make your way, you could be lost. You need to have self discipline to be here.


Someone who doesn't have their own opinions--you need to have a good idea of what you stand for. However, there are so many different types of people that it doesn't really matter.


People who are not focused on the work, or open to new ideas and interested in higher learning should not attend Syracuse University.


looking for diversity easily, some small classes but not all, those who prefer warm weather and don't like large schools, those who don't like hills


A person that is willing to work and study hard.


A narrow-minded person should not be able to attend Syracuse University. There is so much diversity within a "typical college campus," which does not make it a typical college campus--I guess. Over fifty percent of undergraduates live outside of New York, so there are people who come from all different backgrounds. There are people of different races, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, even different countries, who choose to attend SU. A narrow-minded person would not appreciate the culture SU manages to bring in every year through the undergraduates.


A person who wants to be close to home, continue living at home, a small campus should not attend this school. A person who dislikes loud people during weekends and night time should also not attend this school.


someone who wants a more specialized academic route...less diverse, in a more rural/suburban atmosphere, in a place that isn't cold.


Honestly I think that anyone could flourish in the environment Syracuse University provides. There are literally outelets for all types of people with all types of interests. And if someone is interested in an activity that is not offered, it is extremely easy to create a club.


Someone who wants to be in small classes. Someone who doesn't have much school spirit or isn't into athletics.


If you're planning on coming to Syracuse just to party, don't waste your time and (parent's) money. I've met a good number of students who don't go to class, study, or do any work; they're only here for the social life. College is about your future, and while it's good to have fun, there are many people in the world who wish they had the opportunities we're wasting by spending our time partying.


People who cannot manage their time well. You get a choice of sleep, school, or a social life. You can only pick two, and if school isn't one of your choices, well you're going to have a very hard time here. This is a serious commitment.


People who can not adjust to the cold.


People who are anti-social and hate freezing, cold weather.


Someone who is not a sports fan


You should not attend Syracuse University if you are not focused and willing to put much effort into your studies. It is a demanding school that is worth the price and effort after graduation.


I think political conservatives would have trouble finding others who shared their view, though no one judges here based on politics or anything else. We're very liberal here. I am comfortable here, though I wish there were other ways to socialize besides drinking, so someone who is against drugs and alcohol probably shouldn't come here.


People who are lazy and are not committed to their work.


Somebody who slacks off, or a person who is anti-social.


A very eclectic and exposed person


A person who has no goals and what the easy way out.