Syracuse University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Syracuse University is none other than the cold weather! From below freezing temperatures all winter to daily snow, the weather eventually gets tiresome. There is also a lot of walking at this big university. Combine that with bad weather and below par plowing, and you may want to reconsider where to apply!


Syracuse is incredibly cold.


WEATHER, hands down


a lot of shit like the weather, fake ass discounts we get for basketball games, parking, etc.


Syracuse University is such an amazing school but its location is the most frustrating aspect of the school. Yes, we do get terrible weather in the winter and bipolar weather in the fall but thats just the cons of living in New York. Within the university there is always a postive and friendly vibe. The frustrating aspect of it is how close townees are to the university. People who arent affliated with the school often bully, rob or threaten Syracuse students in certain areas throughout the campus. It is frustrating waking up to emails about these crimes and being worried.


For me, it's keeping up with work, school, practicing, and sleeping. Time management is a skill I'm developing.


The most frustrating thing about Syracuse University is the fact that the campus is located on several hills and is very large. There is a lot of walking involved in everyday life.


Greek life dominates social events. If you're not in a frat or sorority, you may feel like you aren't getting the full college experience


The most frustrating thing about Syracuse is that it's a college that prides with diversity yet everyone who attends Syracuse will tell you otherwise. The greek life at the school dominates everything from what people wear, to what bags they carry, and even what computers they use. For the most part students here look the same, talk the same, and act the same. Even those students who do consider themselves diverse will fall into some sort of conformity whether it's the phone they use or the backpack they wear.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cost of tuiton. It's very expensive, and it's hard to get financial aid.


It costs so much, but they do not seem to care. It is obvious that they have the money to help kids who do not have a lot of money, but they don't. You always have to go and ask them for more money and fill out all of these forms. They seem to ignore things like FASFA.


I can never predict the weather, it does whatever it wants.


Depending on your dorm halls, the weather and walk is absolutely dreadful if you are not prepared. Always wear a jacket of some kind when winter hits, and work out if you are far from the main campus. Other than that, Syracuse is honestly pretty fun and the academics are what you would expect from a good university.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that sometimes it feels like every race keeps to themselves.


People who attend here are extremely self- centered and jappy


I must say that the most frustrating thing about my school thus far is both the location and the not-so-friendly students. I am a transfer student from San Diego, CA and the weather is wonderful there! We recieve the vitamin D from the sun that enriches our social behavior, I haven't met the friendiest students here yet, and it's making the transition a little bit more difficult for me. The location of the school is in the northern territory of New York state, so its very cold, which can be a little distracting.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how much it costs. I live at home, get more than half of my tuition paid for in academic scholarships, and I will still graduate with huge loans. Why does a college education have to be so expensive, even when you're doing everything you possibly can to be frugal?


Though this is true with most universities, the cost of textbooks is overwhelming. Buying textbooks is not optional, and it seems to add insult to injury after paying such a high price for full tuition. I have had many professors who told us to buy the books, which would often cost more than one hundred dollars, and then would hardly refer to them. Much of the money that I have spent on textbooks has been a waste and could have gone to more educational and productive causes.


Knowing what classes to sign up for for the first semester over the summer and procuring enough money to sustain the ability to remain at the college of your choice


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is so big and it has so many different interesting majors. I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted to do once I got into college, but I was completely wrong. After my first semester I was just trying to think about what I would be happy doing after college.


The most frustrating thing is that we are required to live on campus for our first two years here and they do not make many exceptions to this rule. At a lot of other schools, you only have to live in the dorms one year and then can get an apartment. After a year of dorm life and dining hall food, many are ready to make their own living arrangements and cook their own food...but you can't!


There aren't many frustrating things about my school. It's a really laid back campus, and in the event that something DOES bother you, you can always discuss the issue with the Student Association. However, if I had to pick one thing, I would say that the dining hall hours could be a bit better. And even that is just a pet peeve, since while the dining hall nearest to me might close early, there is definitely an open hall somewhere on campus (so you're never really without food).


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the campus living. The dorms are old and the food tends to be repetitive.


I was sitting in a diner and a student was talking to her mom explaining her grades 1 A a couple B's and a C. The mom did not get mad at all. Syracuse has so musch potential and we could improve are rankings if kids just tried harder and focused on the right thing.


If you don't join Greek Life, it can be a little difficult to create a social life.


The most frustrating thing about Syracuse University is that we get snow 10 months out of the year.


The most frustrating thing about Syracuse is that students can be trapped in their own bubbles if they are not careful. It is very easy to forget about the "real world" while attending school. Though the news is available to students through free newspapers and TVs in the dorm lounges, current events are not a part of discussions students have among themselves, or included in topics brought up by professors. The university tries to promote Scholarship In Action, but the reality falls short. Being in a bubble is not good for anyone.


Not being able to register for classes on time is a pain. Hope that you have a good time as to when you are allowed to register for classes, because most likely you will not get all the classes you plan out.


Some people here are just plain mean. I know that it's not the school's fault, but people need to try and be a little warmer and helpful. Also, financial aid could be better - aka. more.


The most frustrating thing for me is that first and second year students are required to live in dormitory and studetns that live in dormitory are require to buy meal plans.


An obstacle I've faced at Syracuse is being able to access all of the resources on campus. Although there are many available resources that are beneficial they are not always obtainable by everyone. It is difficult to still attend all obligations and find time to receive assistance from certain faculty or programs.


My math professor doesnt teach to well, where I'm left better off not going to class hiring a tutor and studying on my own.


Probably money. The amount of money we have to spend on expenses other than the big things like tuition, housing, etc. like for supplies/materials necessary to do our projects, books/other things professors ask us to buy and then we don't use very ofthen, is extremely frustrating, and makes me wonder how a student without much pocket money could ever afford to learn in a university.


The cost of tuition.


students are not encouraged to do further work than what's been studied. most people show indifferent attitude to each other.


Dont know


Places get over crowded extremely easily


The most furstrating thing about my school has been limited access to dorm halls during the day if I am an off campus student or not of that resident hall. I frequently go to visit friends in other dorms and sometimes have to wait outside for someone else to open the door before I go in. However I don't wait for too long at times as students are always on the move.


The most frustrating thing about school was time management. It is hard to put study hours, classes, class readings, commnuity service and extra curricular activities all in one calender. I just felt overwhelmed because I didn't know how to organize myself and how to take time off my busy schedule to do other activites. Mastering time management is key for a successful student life at college. It seems that its impossible to accomplish on organzing your time but it will come. I went to a time management session in my college and it really helped me for the best.


Syracuse is very segregated. Everyone hangs out with their own people.


Most frustrating would be the cost of living, items sold through the campus being overpriced from books and class related items to food and living items.


The winter.


The weather.


the most frustrating thing about l.c. smith is the amount of work that you will recieve. i'm a computer science major and the work we get is ridiculous. Unless you are seriously devoted to ur major, you will not be enthusiuastic at all.


The most frustrating thin gat Syracuse is the inexperienced professors that are new to the field as well as the foreign teaching assitants who are impossible to understand. Also, the engineering work load is quite absurd, other than that, GO ORANGE!


The most furstrating thing about SU would probably be how well the university manages to vacuum money from my wallet. The school is extremely expensive. I have barely any aid and with the current economic state, am not guaranteed that I will stay in the university for the remaining three and a half years. It's a great school that I would love to stay in. I would much prefer to apply my knowledge in SU than a community college back home.


Students tend to like getting drunk way to much in their free time. We get a day off, they drink.


The most frustating thing about my school is that everyone tend to hang out with people of their same race like latinos would only hang out with latinos and white people with white people. There is a big diversity of student but they never do any activity together.


The most frusterating thing about this campus is that there is not that much to do on the weekends other than parties and there do not seem to be a large amount of opportunities that do not involve spending a large amount of money.


The most frustrating thing about all schools is that it limits what you can learn in a certain time period. For example, they will not let you take more than 19 credits a semester even if you wanted to get the most out of your college career. I am a Mechanical Engineer major and most of my classes are already planned out but I also wanted to do Aerospace Engineering which is very similar to Mechanical Engineering. After I couldnt take Aerospace as well I also wanted to take Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.