Syracuse University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to attend Syracuse University because the programs are nationally recognized and it has a very friendly atmosphere. The film program is very strong and allows students to gain hands-on experience through trial and error. It also allows for opportunities to grow personally through activities, events, support services and of course, classes.


Syracuse University has great abroad programs and its Maxwell School and Newhouse are nationally ranked. It is a diverse school that gives students a lot of opportunities to succeed. Internships, flexible classes and many clubs and organizations make up the Syracuse Community!


I chose to attend Syracuse University because I was accepted into the world renown Drama Department. Several famous alumni have graduated from the department including Aaron Sorkin.


The best education, sports, and party life


I decided to go to Syracuse initially because the Whitman School of Management was highly regarded, and it was possible to double-major in entrepreneurship and marketing, which is what I really wanted to do. After visiting the college, it far exceeded my expectations. The campus is beautiful and has buildings from the 1800s as well as new additions, and they all compliment each other. The sports and school pride are tremendous, and there is a large sense of community. All of the student activities offered me everything that I could have wanted and more. The University embraces and encourages diversity in every way, and there are hundreds of events that take place. Financial aid was also a big reason why I am attending, and the fact that career services here is one of the best in the nation. They offer mock interviews, resume training, and multiple career fairs every year. At Whitman in particular, there is a volunteer requirement, a required internship (which means they will help you get one), and an international requirement. This international requirement can be filled by studying abroad in one of many locations, such as London, Florence, Madrid, Hong-Kong, or Australia. There are just so many activities and opportunities that I could not pass up attending Syracuse University.


I came to Syracuse because Newhouse is the best communications school in the country. The other reason I came here was because of the school spirit. You'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't bleed orange, and sports games are great to attend. Being a huge sports fan, a division one major conference school is the best place you can be.


It was the only school that had all the options I wanted. I wanted to do art photography, chinese, be able to study abroad and have the option of taking courses in colleges outside of VPA (Visual and Performing Arts).


There are three main reasons I picked SU. First, they have the Maxwell School, a top notch school for political science, policy studies and international relations. They are the top ranked program for graduate studies. Second, they have a fantastic basketball program. I come from Penn State country, so I had to trade Penn State football for something. Basketball, especially this year, has definitely filled that void. Last, Syracuse gave me a ton of money. I go to Syracuse (private school) for cheaper than I could have gone to Penn State (public school). A lot of my friends are in a similar situation. Syracuse gives financial aid packages that are hard to turn down.


I decided to attend Syracuse because I wanted to study Broadcast Journalism and the Newhouse School of Public Communications has the top program in the nation. Secondly, I played field hockey for SU and the program has had a tremendous amount of success. Finally, I love sports! I wanted a school with a good men's basketball team. :) SU offered everything I could ever imagine and the school is just perfect! It has prepared me for a field in sports reporting.