Tallahassee Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Being one of the best Community colleges in the nation!


Tallahassee Community College is nationally ranked as one of the best community colleges in all of the nation. It is the perfect stepping stone for a variety of people's needs: transitional students, new students, international students, adults coming back to school, trade or skilled individuals, etc. TCC is a great place to build successful individuals and it is accomodating to almost any person.


My school is known for the number one Community College in the nation, for producing A.A. degrees among two year colleges. Tallahassee Community College is also the number one tranfer school to Florida State University and Florida A&M University. TCC does not discriminate against any persons on the basis of race, religion,disability,or age in its programs and activities. Tallahasse Community College helps to pursue your academics and career goals. They also provide walk-in tutoring on any subjet between students free time on campus.


Tallahasseee Community College is best known for giving people a chance for bettering themselves, and their lives by offering a comprehensive education with fantastic teachers that push for a higher level of material comprehesion, not just a foucus on getting done with the material just to get done.


A transfer school.


TCC is best known for it's convience. The school offers a variety of classes; online, traditional, express sessions. This semester I'm attending a 7a.m. class meaning I can still get to work by 8:30. Many other schools don't offer classes before 8a.m. TCC is an easy school to access education at, the Learning Commons and Library both have long hours and plenty of staff to offer help. I think most students who attend TCC are planning on transfering to FSU after completing their AA and TCC is the perfect place to prepare for it.


School Spirit


If the question is pertaining to educational recognition, I would say Nursing. I know a lot of people, both male and female who attend TCC for their nursing education. If the question was pertaining to sports, I think the answer would be softball. TCC has been finalists in nationals for many years now and both the coaches and the players are dedicated to the program as well as their school work.


As far as I know, TCC is known best for having the largest number of students who transfer to Florida State after receiving their AA or AS degree, which is what I plan on doing as well.