Tallahassee Community College Top Questions

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My school is very unique in terms of resources. My school has services such as the "Learning Commons" which provides free tutoring, and an online library alongside the ability to submit work to teachers electronically with helpful feedback. The most substantial aspect of these services is that it is available to everyone attending.


My school allowed me to work on campus between classes. At the time I wanted to major in Business Administration so I was able to get a Work Study job in the Business Office where I am currently working as an Office Assistant, OPS. The employee and staff members are very family oriented and understand what people go through to raise children. I would also like to point out that in most cases professors allow make up work for missed assignments as long as there was a good reason for missing one in the first place.


I feel like the fact it is kind of community based would be what makes it unique. Plus, some of the teachers here are great.


Like i mentioned earlier it is very diverse. It also offers a lot of ammenities aimed at student success. This is a school that wants you to do well and if you do not it is by choice of noone but your own.


Tallahassee Community may only be a community college but it is the best doorway I found to get a better education.


Deciding to pick a community college as my first choice I had plenty options from where I stayed at back home. Being able to leave home is something I feared at the time but, being able to make something of myself and explore new things was what I was ready for most. Tallahassee Community College gives me the opportuntiy to work on getting into the school that I desire to get into(Florida State University). Being able to transfer from TCC to FSU gives me a better chance then any other school I'd probably choosen.


TCC is a great campus with lots of teachers who really care about their students. The teachers there graduated from great schools across the country including FSU and UF. They really want to help students get into major universities. The classes are small and the teachers always have convenient office hours. I highly recommend TCC to someone who is looking to go to FSU but is too scared to go to a large school right out of high school.


It's smaller and more about the students than the school.


The professors are very helpful and friendly, they don't want any one to fail their classes and make it known that they don't give grades you earn them. The school in general has a lot of different activities for the students and are always up for suggestions, in this part, they are just as good as a universtiy just with not as many people.