Tallahassee Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to learn a language in my free time. Try to meet tons of people your first year, but choose your friends carefully. Don't underestimate the value of a few, good quality, close friends. Parties will always be there, and if you and your friends choose parties over school, you will not make it far. Alcohol is fun, but there is much more to life. Even if you're not 100% there, try to make it to every single class. Get help if you need it! With life, advice, tutoring, friends, whatever. Everyone in college has tough times sometimes and needs help, there's no shame in going out and getting the help you need! I would say that you can't skip days or skip assignments like you did in high school. You need to have your head in the game every single day to succeed. Live every day like the competition is dying to take these opportunities away from you, because they are. Have fun when your work is done. Know what your goals are, never forget how far you've come, never stop growing, and keep your eyes to the future!


I would tell myself to drop out and play the powerball winning numbers. On a real note though, I would focus more on my time managment skills and study skills. I realize this now while in my second semester of college that life and college does not give second chances and that I should take each opportunity I get and to do that to the best of my abilties.


I would tell myself to apply myself more and to get a tutour for algebra.


Make good decisions in high school. Don't slack off. Study as much as you can and as hard as you can. Always do the best you can and greatness will come to you


If I could go back in time (which is scientifically impossible), I would definitely lecture to myself on why I shouldn't ignore the opportunities that were basically handed to me and ruin the mentality "I can't do it". The dialogue would go something like: "College is a transition into a more essential part of my life. I know for sure during your senior year, you was worried about what other people thought of you, thus making you not do certain things simply because "it wasn't cool". In reality, the only thing that should matter is the idea that helping you and everyone around you is the only right thing to do. Take every opportunity, take every chance to change, take every great idea and make it happen. No one is holding you back but yourself. Your education determines your future, not the new iPhone that is going to be discontinued as soon as the newer one is released. By the way, you need to take all the dual enrollment classes available, join all the clubs, and please make sure you sign up for the right college classes."


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would emphasize how important it is to be motivated for a career goal and not just a diploma. Back then I thought the most important thing was being in college and taking classes. I assumed the rest fell into place. I had no real plan- just illusions of the future. I would explain to my naive younger self the importance of long/short-term goals and the beauty of having a passion for something. I would stress time-mangement, the cost of living, and that college wasn't just about moving out and having freedom. I would tell myself how important it is to stay on top of school work and be aware of distractions. I would tell myself that my boyfriend who's going to break up with me is not worth ruining my education. I would RE-EXPLAIN what every guidance counselor, parent, mentor, and advisor, tried to explain to me but couldn't get me to realize. I would say that nothing is what it seems and there are few miracles; the rest of life is overcoming obstacles and reaching for goals.


Latoya, you are going off to college now and you should be very proud of yourself because you are the first one in your family to go. You have the opportunity to further your education and not many people do. Please be sure to stay focused on your goals and try not to take any breaks between semesters because they tend to last longer than you plan to. I know that you get anxious when it comes to math and test taking but many people do. Don't get discouraged and give up. Your college has tutors and a Learning Commons that will help you with your studies and math problems. The library is often open until 7pm for your convenience so please use the facility wisely. Remember that your goal is to graduate so that you can further your education. Also, make a goal to finish each class with at least a B so that your grade point average will be impressive. Use the resources and campus instead of leaving once class is over to go home to study. Take all of my advise and you will find your journey a bit more stress free.


Its never to early to start applying for scholarships because your going to need them in the long run. Make sure you have enough money so you nor your parents wont have to pay for anything. If scholarships dont work as you plan, have a back up plan. Make an to do list or an goal list for college , so you will know what you are preparing for.


I would tell myself not to get involved with the crowd I did when I was in Tampa so I would have focused more on school. I would tell myself to hang in there, rather than dropping a class and receiving a WF; I think that's the main thing I would tell myself. I would also tell myself I should work harder and take more college courses instead of dual enrolling for my last semester only.


Study harder and take college classes while im still in high school .


To start with i would tell my self to work harder, so i can achieve a better opportunity in obtaining a better degree. I would also tell my self that paying attention play a key role in school.


Dear Past Audrey, First off, don’t worry! You will be fine! I won’t tell you to not be nervous or to be more prepared for college; I think you have that covered. I want to tell you to be more excited! College is a huge next step and the beginning to something that can be great. College is a time where you get to be independent and try new things. Take advantage of these opportunities and be thankful for the challenges. Get involved in a club or an organization. This will give you an opportunity to meet new people and experience something new. Don’t be bored with school, make the most of it! Make sure you take the time to make friends. The first years of college should be fun, and a time to make good memories. There are tons of cool people out there if you take the opportunities to get to know them. Remember that you won’t be handed anything in life you can’t handle. Take things one step at a time. You’ll do great! -Future Audrey P.S. Don’t wear sandals to graduation, and watch out for the top step!


If I could go back in time and talk to my highschool stuff I would have so much to say! First off I would start by saying that even though Highschool is suppossed to be the "funnest years of your life," focus on your school work! One hiccup during highschool can be the one thing that keeps you from getting into the school of your dreams. You may think one C here or a D there isn't a big deal, because you can always just do better next year right? Wrong. It is extremely hard to pull up your GPA even after one bad grade. Getting in to a good college is so important, because this is your future we are talking about! Do good in school and put your social life second. If you focus in school and do well you can graduate with a masters by the age of 24-25 and thats when life really starts. Going to a great college and getting a degree will be the best decision of your life! So go on, try hard and succeed and land the job of your dreams!


I would advise myself to look forward and think long term. So many high school seniors are caught up in the moment of being the top of the school, having a great time, and after graduating enjoying thier new freedom. I would remind myself to stay focused, keep working hard, getting accepted to one or two colleges does not mean you can give up. The ahrdest classes, hardest teachers, hardest situations are yet to come, and you should continue to bette yourself everyday. You never know what could happen once you set foot on that college campus. Have fun and stay level headed. Accept the responsibilities of being an adult, not just the benefits.


My advice to myself would be to take every test and final exam as serious as possible Study and take the time out to pay more attention to whats's being taught even if I already know it. Take the time to pass all my classes with A's and B's so my gpa would be high enough to where I would be eligilbe for scholarships.


I would tell my self at no point is slacking allowed. I would also say try my hardest and stay on top of my game. Don't let anything get in your way and stay strong!


I would tell myself to stop being afraid. Fear of what people thought about me and the fear to stand out and be different always held me back from things I wanted to do. If I could go back, I would tell myself to forget what people think. So what that I wasn't the "ideal" size or that I wasn't considered cool. I loved being goofy when it was the right time and I loved my friends. I would tell myself that you are missing so much by sitting on the sidelines. Step out, be who you are and don't be afraid to shine and grow. Life is too short for regrets and don't forget it!


The transaction from high school and college is a very big difference and i knew what i knew now and the things that i do now I would have made some changes in high school. If I had the chance to go back in time when i was in high school I would have told myself to make sure i study alot, get a tutors in the subjects i need most help in, make sure i hang around the wrong crowd, make sure I join organizatiomns, or be involved in any atheletics. In high school i was a goof ball i didnt study because i didnt know how to, i was barely passing cheating is what got me to collegeb now that i get here i have to do alot on my own some people dont want to help you. I use to hang around the wrong crowd but keeping myself occupied with dancing and organizations i stay out of trouble and Now i study more to get good grades I want to be able to get an education without cheating my way threw it.


If I could return to the past, I would have told myself to stay living with my parents until I completed my two year associates degree. Then after that was complete, I would continue to a 4-year college to finish a bachelors degree. I made the mistake of leaving too early and taking on too much responsibility at once. The best advice I could have given myself is to slow down, make rational decisions with budget expenses, and complete one thing at a time.


I would start by saying your gpa is important. You have the intelligence to be a 4.0 student. There is a lot of scholarships you can qualify for if your gpa is high enough. You have to look beyond just high school right now. You cant wait till the last minute to come up with a plan. Be involved, go out and network and make as many contacts as you can now it may benefit you later. Strive to be above the norm and stand out from others. Ask questions, even though you think you do you do not know everything. Find ways to challenge yourself any leg up on the competetion would be an huge advantage. You are entering a global world now with a global economy. There are people from all across the world now competing for the same colleges, scholarships, and jobs. College just doesn't prepare you for a job it prepares you for life. So don't blow off high school and just coast to graduation. Excell yourself and take this chance to sharpen your skills. Once you leave you cant come back and the life you once knew is now gone. Be ready!!


Study Harder, make sure that I had stayed on top of the homework better.


The transition to college is amazing you are living by yourself for the first time and there are so many new things happening. In college you will learn a lot about yourself who you are and who you want to be. Remember ?life?s a dance you learn as you go? and learning can be fun especially when you follow your dreams. Be warned you will mess up, but it?s not the mistakes that define you its how you deal with those mistakes. When mistakes happen grow and learn it?s a chance to show the people around you what you?re made of. You will have a lot of big decisions to make so remember to take a breath before you make any big decisions, first rule of SCUBA is always breathe sometimes a breath and an ounce of patience is all you need to gain perspective. You should know some things must be learned through experience, these aren?t the fun things to learn but they are necessary, like how to live with a roommate or what to say in a job interview. Have a great time and remember to be yourself.


If I were able to go back in time, I would likely advise myself to look more towards the future, instead of just the moment. I was not a good student, and I am paying for those mistakes now as I try to finance my education. I spent so much of my time trying to find myself , and convincing myself that I would never be able to do so if I was wasting my time on seemingly unimportant busy work in school, that I never realized that I was sabotaging my future. I always believed that on my death bed, I would never wish I had spent less time with my loved ones and doing the things I loved and more on my education, but now I realize that I could have found a healthy balance, as I am doing now. It was a difficult journey, but I truly believe that I have finally learned how to be the person I want to be, and still plan for my future.


I attended Lincoln High School my senior year as a dual enrolled student at my local community college. I encountered many situations such as disliking professors, taking classes I didn't particularly enjoy and sacrificing my precious free time that most students don't encounter until they're enrolled in college as a freshman. I was always in a rush to complete assignments and stay one step ahead of the game in school and in life that I forgot to breathe. The only advice I would give myself is to enjoy every minute of college. There were days that felt like I would never finish my homework, times that I wanted to go out with my friends but I couldn't, and countless weeks that it felt like my world would come to an end. Now, I've almost completed my A.A. degree less than one year after my high school graduation and it seems like the time has flown right out the window. In other words, work hard, but play harder. Take time to enjoy yourself and the new journey you are embarking on. College is a once in a life time experience that cannot be replaced.


There's a country song about a man writing a letter to his teenage self basically telling himself that everything works out like it does for a reason and it's all good in the end. If I could have forwarned myself one thing about college before I started it would have been to have a goal from the start. There's a lot of pressure on highschool seniors to go straight to college. I started school before I was ready and without a major in mind felt lost. I ended up deciding to skip class until I figured it out and ending up ruining my GPA because of one semester. I didn't realize that there's no do-overs in college. If I could have told myself one thing regarding college before I started I would have told myself, "Hey, save yourself the trouble and the experimenting and drifting along feeling you're having about school- you want to be an English teacher. Mission Accomplished." If I had know what my intended major was and waited to start college until I did, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.


The advice that I would give not only myself but every other senior who thinks they own the school now, is to take all the curriculum seriously. You may not think you will need it in the future but more then likly you will come accross it again before you get done with college. Also know how disicpline yourself. Your parents are not always going to be there to tell you to do your work, and your instructors are not going to ask for it. The last thing I would say would have to be, if you feel you have too much stress then take some of it down. College is not required but is highly recimeded.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself some very important things that i may want to consider. I would first explain to myself that i should first do alot of research on the school which i will choose as college of my choice, and the best for the program in my feild of study. I will also explain to myself anywhere i go my experiences may differ from anyone elses college experiences and not to worry so much about that aspect. I would additionally tell myself that I should do the best i can at that time because it is going to affect which schools will accept me, and which classes i will be put into. I would just get myself a little more prepared than i was.


Being in college for two semesters so far has really gave me an insight on what college is really about. It has shown me that college students must have tough skin and be prepared for anything thrown your way. Balancing living on your own, social life, and maintaining good grades can become very overwhelming to one's life in college. For example, there are situations where students may become tempted to go out and have a good time, instead of spending more time on concentrating on school studies. Plus, in my opinion independence goes along way in ones individuality. So all in all if i hade advice for myself before i entered college i would simply say "discipline is everthing".


The best advice I could give myself if I could go back in time would be to not be afraid to follow my instincts. I would tell myself to do a lot of research and to not be afraid to ask questions about anything that I was potentially interested in pursuing. I would also tell myself to think outside of the box and that while valuing others? opinions on my future; it is ultimately my life and my decision. Following your own instincts will guide you on to becoming a happy and successful individual.


Focus on school but don't forget to have a little fun or you'll miss out on the whole college experience. Let loose and try to make new friends because the ones you had in high school will not always be there. Also, don't just listen to an advisor, research your major and college choices yourself and then bring your ideas to them, don't try to get them to make decisions for you because it might not be what you want in the end. Plus, advisors are not helpful if they don't know what to advise you on. Be smart in your financial choices. Try to apply to as many scholarships as you can and if you follow all of this advice, or at least some of it, you should have a postitive college experience.


Give the chance to go back and talk to myself while still in high school, with all the knowledge that I have gotten from being in college. I would tell myself to not wait till the last minute to fill out my college applications and to fill out more scholarship applications at the same time. Then I would tell myself not to stand off to the side during orientation or the first day of classes and give people the chance to meet me before making judgments about them ahead of time. Also I would tell myself to go to more of the school events to have a good time and meet more new people.


Oh Caty, how nieve you are. While you're in biology, I'm sure your thinking about shopping during lunch or about the guy you're seeing right now.. Trust me, you don't wear any of the clothes you've spent hundreds on more than once and you don't still talk to any of the guys you date. Save your money to buy that 4runner you want so it doesn't take you twice as long to buy it so you can stop driving that beat up volvo of mom's. Keep your friends and stay loyal to them, don't get sidetracked by a boy. Have faith that good grades get you farther than you think in life because they end up helping somehow in many cases. When you're in a parking lot, look both ways! You get in many wrecks and they cause you nothing but stress and money. When you get to college, don't skip class just because the teacher doesn't take attendence. Look up you're teachers before you sign up for classes, withdrawling looks bad and FSU won't take "I had the worst teacher!" as an excuse. Good luck!


if i could go back in time about high school i would try harder in trying to get schalorships and grants, becouse i am having a hard time paying for school amd the goverment will not help me becouse my parents make to much money. my parents may make money but they have three kids and they do not help me any more and have not helped me in since i graduated high school in 2007. so it is taking me a lot longer to finish school. i have taken out loans but i have already taken out 20 thousand dollars in loans and i have only been going to school for two semesters. i'm going to Keiser university to get my medical assisting degree then finish with my RN degree, but I dont want to be thousands of dollars in debt when im done with school . so that hat I would go back and do if i could go back in time a redo high school.


Figure out what your three possible majors could be before you even graduate high school. Always have plan A, plan B,and plan C. Don't just expect to jump into the midst of things because your SAT, ACT, or CPT scores might not permit you into normal education classes. Prepare for these tests so you pass with flying colors or you might be stuck in remediel classes before you can start taking classes that count towardsyour degree. Don't think college is for partying either. College is there to educate you not help you fail. Go to college with a mindset of your future being your top priority.


I would tell myself to take as many college credit courses that are available to become more knowledgeable of how college classes are taken. To get into as many extracurricular activities to show that your involved within the school. To do good in all your classes and always stay motivated in order to succeed.


1) Take advantage of the free time you receive and put a good, strong emphasis on studying. 2) Also, many professors don't regularly take roll, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't attend class just because you don't have to. You will still probably miss something that they went over in class and it will likely hurt you on an upcoming test. 3) Enjoy yourself. It's so much better and less stressful than high school.


If I had the chance to got back to my high school senior self I would tell myself to not take the time I had for granted because everything you do has rewards or consequences. I would have told myself to become more organized and well-prepared, especially for school so I could drag the good habits with me to college. I would tell myself to work harder and study as much as you possible could because in the end it will pay off incredibly. But, as you can tell I, in reality, did non of this to my full extent and I must work harder now and make sure I make as little mistakes as humanly possible. Please don't misinterpret though, just because I have made many mistakes I do not regret them, those mistakes taught me what I know now and I might have caught on late, but at least I caught on.


See that campus? It's your future. Succeed there and strive to be all that you can. When you set foot on those sidewalks, you are accepting responsiblity. No one is going to clean up your messes anymore--you must rely on yourself. Don't let people or a new envoirnment intimdate you because this is not high school. Your peers here don't care about your clothes, your class schedual, or where you eat lunch. College is about independnce. College is about your individual success. Dont depend on your teachers, your guidence counselor, or group member to hoist you out of trouble. Exersice self disipline and dont forget to pay attention. Realize now that college isn't "fair." Take a class because its interesting, not because your best friend is taking it-- most likely neither of you will learn and will barely pass. Get involved with something on campus (a great way to meet people and connect to your school). And most of all balance; this is key. College is where you train for life, and life is a constant balancing act.


I would tell myself to subue my passions and stay focused. I would tell myself to have a goal, write on a piece a paper, and place it on the wall. Having a goal is the first step in overall success not only in college but in life itself. Writing it down makes my goal real. Placing on my wall allows me to look at it everyday, and builds time management. All work and no play is just not healthy, but in morning you still have to look at the plan. I would tell myself to value friendships more and keep those friends who also believes the same principles. Lastly, encourage myself to except the bad times as well as the not so bad times.


Before entering the road to college I was scared and now that I looked back on it I wondered, "why?". College is not what I thought it'd be but, it's not all fun and games either. Going to college is a step in life that'll I'd recommend everyone to do. Of course it's not going to be all easy but there are some willing teachers who want to help you make it in life. Having the chance to talk to myself in high school about now I'd definitely tell myself"don't stress going to college because you can succeed if you believe". I'm to the point in life where I want to make something of myself and be the first child to graduate from colllege and encourage my siblings to do the same. In high school I wasn't to focused on scholarships but now that I'm in college and see the the expenses I'd wish I known this beforehand I could of been more prepared for the cost of college. Besides that college is the best life experience you'd get!


Time marches on! Don't give up on your dreams and your aspirations, where there is a will , you WILL find the way! I know you think you are not very smart and school takes a lot of your time but the payoff will be worth it. All the things you enjoy most you dedicate some time to such as sewing, or cooking, or getting to know your friends. Dedicate time to school as well. Life is about learning and whether in school or not in school, you will be learning. With school your learning will be applied to a degree. As you learn more, classes become easier and the big picture seems to come together. If you think full time is just too much, don't seel yourself short, commit to a class or two you enjoy and then sandwich in one you don't enjoy. Your career opportunities for your future will depend on the educational follow through -- don't let anything hold you back! You are worth it! Your children are going to be so proud of you and your success. Step up to the plate and hit your home run!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year, I would stress the importance of taking care of scholarship and financial aid information. With that being said, I would also tell myself to remember that the only thing that will get me to where I want to be will be my education, and I can't let anyone or anything become an obstacle or hinder me from furthering my education. I would tell myself to prove myself right, that I am intelligent and I do have what it takes. I would tell myself to push through the hard times. Last, but not least, I would tell myself to plan for the worst, hope for the best, and focus on the here and now.


I would tell myself to work harder in regards to my English class and a few other classes that I did not do so well in. If I had worked harder than I could either be attending Florida State or I could be in higher classes at my school now. I would also tell myself to really search for scholarships that way I would have more maney to use rent-wise and such.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to know my own boundaries and learn the concept of "time management". If I know that I need to finish homework, I need to set aside time to do it. However, if the only time I am able to do my homework is after work, late at night, I would tell myself to only do half of it and finish the rest the next day. That way, I can get sufficient rest without overloading myself. After working on projects and homework, make time to reward yourself - go out with friends to eat, take a nap, or watch a movie. Having a reward to look forward to always gives incentive to finish your work.


use your time wisely and learn as much as you can because the road ahead will be way harder.


Learn more ways to study and accept the fact that you're not going to succeed at everything. Life is hard outside of college and trusting yourself and knowing what you want will get you far, but doing just the opposite doesn't. So be smart, know your weaknesses and work at them everyday. It's a struggle, but it's worth it.


I would have made sure I got better grades and deffinately done community service, because there are more schlarships for you as a student then.


First, I would tell myself to research more schools and apply for more scholarships. The main reason I was even able to attend college was because I received the Bright Futures scholarship through Wakulla High School and the CROP scholarship through Tallahassee Community College. I wish I would have applied for many more scholarship because I never realized how hard it is to go to school and keep a decent job. Recently, the economy has worsened causing more unemployment. Scholarships would definitely benefit my college education. Second, I wished my teachers from my younger school years would have warned me of the 'professors' that are ruling the colleges. The teachers don't have enough care for their students in colleges. I wished I could have prepare myself for turture.


I only wish that I had entered college with a more determined and goal oriented mind set to help me achieve all of my aspirations.


I would tell myself, "Daphney" study harder because it will pay off big time, stop being so depress about this new school you moved to, forget about how much you hate this school, you'll be out of here in no time. Daphney this is not the time to be lazy, Get ready for college, its what you've been looking forward to. Daphney strive to make A's in everything so you can recieve bright futures, you are a very smart and beautiful girl so start using that head of yours, Believe in yourself and forget about what others may think of you or what they've said about you. College is not easy and its not like high school. Remember, you have to do this for you and your parents .Daphney be prepared for the future because you have a long road ahead of you, full of oppertunities. Also, Daphney, remember that you are blessed and highly favored so don't give up, everything will fall in place for you. You must trust, also belive in yourself and always have faith. One more thing Daphney, please save your money, your going to really need it for college.