Tallahassee Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The amount of resources that is provided to students on campus.


The best thing I consider about my school is all the resources the school havs to offer. I don't have access to a computer my school provides a computer, there is an unlimited amout of time you are able to check emails, do test online, write papers, and get information. When it comes to sources you have the financal aid office the provides you scholarships; they keep you informed on loans, scholarships. The best thing I like about the school is the advising they give help you sign up for the classes you need to take for you major.


the class size, the careing of the teachers, the student and faculty attitudes are wonderful and a joy to be around.


The thing I like best about TCC is the student to teacher ratio, which is considerably better than I would be around if I had decided to attend a large university. Within a few weeks of class, my professors will know me by name and I can always receive individual help.


From my experience, I have noticed that they have excellent professors and great staff. I feel as if the professor, at least the ones I've had, just really want to help you to succeed and be the best student and person you can be.


Tallahassee Community College and its staff has been extremely helpful in helping me to understand what steps I need to take to complete my degree and the best way to get there. The staff has been more than patient and extremely kind. The school offers a variety of different classroom options, such as web-based classes and web-assisted classes. These settings allow balancing school and a job to be more convenient.


The best thing about my school is that are class size is less than the class sizes at a University, students learn better with a smaller class size,students recieve more attention from the teacher. Also, if FASFA dose not approve a student for financial aide the school dose its best to disburst money to students who do not qualiy, these students only recieve money for classes only and I think that's good enough ,My school dose its best to help there students.