Tarleton State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Smaller college runs about 13,000 students. It is in a small town, which gives it a fun and calm environment. Very welcoming and offers a lot of transitioning activities. It feels like a big family.


Tarleton State University is a tradition-filled, friendly, school that offers a great education for a relatively affordable price.


Tarleton Texans bleed purple!


With it's long-lived traditions, friendly atmosphere, and excellent academic opportunities, Tarleton State Univeristy is the best kept secret in Texas.


When i first tour the school back 2012, i thought it was gonna be worried and disappointed. But throughout the tour, i kept getting postive feedback and good feelings about it. i wasn't able to attend this University at first due to some money issues. But after two years at a junior college, the school just got better at everything since i last saw it and i can't wait to go there in the fall.


Tarleton State University is the place where the students bleed purple, don't walk on the grass, and raise the spirit of a dead duck with the help of purple people in disguise; the teachers know you on a first name basis; and the list of traditions are longer than the state of Texas's constitution.


Tarleton State University is a very rural atmosphere, yet they have a very competent business program.


A very friendly, and loving family atmosphere and place.


The campus, although agricultural based, has a wide variety of degrees plans.


It has a beautiful campus with a smalltown feel that provides students with a feeling of oneness.


My school has a small campus but probably has the most school spirit ive ever seen.


Tarleton state is a mixing pot of students and staff that welcome you to an enviroment of higher learning.


Just the right size, open to everyone and everything. Full of Opportunites.


It is a unique school where you'll meet some great individuals who don't place emphasis on your status, or judge you.


A very relaxed university.


It is small but still big enough for me to get a good education, they are willing to work with my previous earned hours and get my in the classes that I require to graduate.