Tarleton State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Tarleton State University is best known for being far more affordable than other universities.


Tarleton State University is best known for its traditions. From the midnight purple pancakes, to the bonfire, to the silver bugle hunt, Tarleton has traditions like no other that bring together its students to bond and strengthen our love for this school.


I love the size of Tarleton. It's personable, and it is a good reflection of the culture in this part of Texas. The professors are great, and the tuition is reasonable. Tarleton is a school I trust. It isn't so big that you are just a number that is often times forgotten. Every one on the Tarleton staff that I have talked with has been very respectful and helpful. I guess, in the end, that's what makes Tarleton the school that I chose to attend.


TSU is known for the traditions such as the Purple Poo, Duck Camp, and Beating the Drum during homecoming week. Tarleton athletics are very competitive each year. The basketball teams tend to make the Elite Eight, the football team goes to the playoffs, track athletes travel to nationals, and the rodeo team is very well-known.


Tarleton State University is well known for the "Purple Poo." Its pretty funny. They are just simply people who dress up and get into school spirit mode. They are covered head to foot so no one will know who they are, but they keep the games exciting and actually all activities at Tarleton exciting. I LOVE THEM!!!


This school is best known for how military friendly it is. Since the Killeen branch is located right outside of Fort Hood, there are many classes offered on Fort Hood to support the soldiers. The classes held on post are only 8 weeks long and their night classes end as late as 10pm, which is perfect for soldiers who can't take off of work during the day. The classes on post are not only for soldiers, so these accomodates a lot of civilians as well with strict working day schedules.


Tarleton State University is known for being a "cowboy" school. It has one of the best agricultural programs around. Its top sub program being pre vet.


Tarleton is known for its cowboys. They have a nationally recognized rodeo team and a well recognized agracultural school. Tarleton is known for its small school feel, with its academically recognized professors. Tarleton is a farm school. you can learn vetrinary medicine here and how to keep animals alive, or you can learn how to grade the meat and cut it up after the animals are slaughtered. But Tarleton is also well recognized for its college of business. They have many students groups and organizations and are community minded.


The school spirit, agricultural studies and tradition


Their Football Team and Rodeo Team


Their ag program, and their school spirit/traditions.


Basketball, AG Program, Teaching Program