Tarleton State University Top Questions

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Tarleton is an awesome school. It is small which means that you get more attention from the teachers. The history of Tarleton is pretty interesting and every chance Tarleton gets they make sure to include a little bit of our history and connect it with present day life. It's also a very friendly enviroment everyone knows everyone and it is easy to get around.


This school has a great nursing program and is a small town so there are no distractions. Also has small intimate classes that will give me the attention and helpI desire.


Most people are very friendly, willing to help, and care about one another.


The traditions are what makes Tarleton State University unique. No other school has traditions like we do. For example, we have the Purple Poo. At every event you can find a spirit group of five guys and five girls dress up and they hide their faces so know one knows who they are. Another tradition is every Thursday we wear purple, also known as Purple Thursday. It's so cool walking down the streets of campus and seeing everyone in purple clothing. Our traditions are what makes Tarleton the best school in Texas!


it's a great value for the money, great people, not too academically intense but be prepared to have to make your own fun sometimes... Caf food is so-so, dorms vary drastically and there's a shortage of guys, but overall great school!


Tarleton State University not only has deep roots in agriculture, but it values family above all else. The second I stepped on campus, I was in awe of how friendly, helpful and genuine the staff and volunteers were, welcoming me to the Tarleton family before I had even submitted my application. The school called to me with its active traditions and rich history as it welcomed me with it's "Tarleton brick" arms. The ruralness of this university and the spirit that lives within every wall warmed me and made me feel like I had finally found a real home.


My school is very involved in every event around campus. It doesn't matter what organization or business is hosting the event there are always students from every organization on campus.


Tarleton is one of the few schools that offer agricultural classes and a degree for an Ag Teacher. It is very calm and laid back. Many opptions for activities and groups if one desires. Great rodeo team and other sports. Students are not really gender bias. Students and faculty are excepssionally friendly and helpful.


Tarleton State University is unique for being pretty small compared to other schools but filled with decades of tradition. Its one of the few schools where you can get one of the best educations and not feel like you just another paper to grade for the teacher. At Tarleton you'll be able to have close personal relationships with your teachers, get involved with school activities and enjoy one of the most beautiful campuses around. You can't go wrong by becoming a Texan Rider!


Everyone is really friendly and the school has lots of tradition. Even though there are quite a few students attending, I don't feel like a number. I'm not just a proud member of a class. I'm an individual who gets to know my fellow students, professors and even administraters.


In my opinion, Tarleton State University is just the right size. I love the school spirit and how everyone comes together.


The small size of the music deparment allows students to participate in a broad range of performance ensembles. It is not uncommon for students to be active in both instrumental and vocal ensembles.


It's a smaller campus with big connections.


It is a small school that is growing every year. In a small country town that has everything that you need. People are very friendly and you have the opportunity to meet many people and see them on campus on the daily basis. The classes sizes are small and the professors get to know you on the personal level and are always ready and willing to do what they can to help you succeed.


I think that Tarleton in unique in that we have so many traditions that we love and keep up with.