Tarleton State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


One of the worst things about my school is the parking. They have a lot of construction going on right now becuase we are moving to Division-2 next year. Therefore they are creating bigger and more dorms as well as more parking places around campus.


Worst thing about my school would have to be parking! It's a hit or miss kind of deal you either get their too early, too late, or just in time. Parking garages would be a great deal of help along with our parking lots.


Small number of scholarships. We need more available scholarships for students to help assist with school. The increase in scholarships would help decrease the number of students in debt with student loans.


The worst thing about the school is the worst thing about just about any school; the lack of respect for differences, especially concerning gender expression, sexual identity and expression, and culture. Texas is touted to have a "Southern culture" which happens to be code for, "don't respect anyone, especially women, people of color, and those in the LGBTQA+ community" with definite rape culture mixed in.


I love Tarleton State University. I can honestly say no bad things about attending this school. The teachers care about you and want to do their best at teaching you everything you need for your future. Every person I've met have been the kindest, nicest people I've met. I would recommend students to want to attend this school.


Tarleton is isolated in many ways, and so it is a long drive. Stephenville is a relatively small town, and so there are not many employment opportunities unless you decide to work on campus. There's also not a lot of school spirit. I think a great football or baseball team would do a lot to help that. Tarleton isn't known for such things, and I guess, you can't expect them to compete with the big university sports programs, but it would be nice, nonetheless.


The worst thing I would have to say about my college is the roads, and the housing department. The roads need terrible fixing and the school as plenty of money to fix them, they just choose to use the money for other things. Also, the housing department is very unorganized and is frustrating at times. The dorms and apartments on campus that we live in are very nice, most of them are. The only issue is the way housing handles things.


I would have to say that the worst thing about this school is the parking. There are way too many people parking here and never seem to have enough parking without being a long way away from your dorm. There needs to be more parking lots that are more accessible to students that live in the dorm.


TSU is very remote of any major shopping, entertainment, and dining places. To live at TSU means you will need a car to escape the hectic campus and get to your desired destination. TSU has a very big agricultural emphasis meaning all other programs and majors get very little attention. If you are looking for a school of diversity this is definitely not the school.


It was sometimes difficult to contact the financial offices.


I think the worst thing about my school is the fact that it has one of the highest crime rates in Texas. The main reason that this ia such a bad thing is because it's an issue that could be easily improved, if not completely resolved.


The worst thing about Tarleton State University is the parking. There has really never been enough and they have recently torn down a couple of buildings but they are not adding anymore parking as of right now. So it is always very chaotic when trying to find a place to park for classes.


There aren't enough parking spaces for all of the students, so sometimes it's difficult to find a decent parking space.


The worst thing about my school is that you have to study super hard to make great grades. In the long run, it is actually rewarding but it takes many hours of hard work because my teachers can tell if you have not been studying!!!!


Campus Housing.


The worst thing about my school, and any online school, is the lack of face to face contact with instructors and peers. Sometimes you have to really work to feel like part of a community.


The only foreign language courses that are offered are Spanish and French, with the introductory level courses of French offered only every other year.


I hoestly can't think of anything.


The atmosphere is sometimes unhealthy, and can be condusive to unhealthy behavior.


Tarleton is a great school that seems to be hindered by its label as Division II school. Though I feel like I've received an excellent college education, I feel like by education would be trumped by someone who had a degree from a better known school.


The worst thing I think is the cafeteria food and the lack of computers and study space in the library that I think closes way too early


maybe the location. tarleton is located basically in the middle of no where and if you want to go into the city for shopping or nightlife you have to drive an hour and a half to the nearest mall and almost two hours to the downtown fort worth or dallas.


It is very country. Some of the people who go here do not really care about education, but more on making their parents happy.


We are not a very diverse group. We are often not accepting of other less conservative views. We are placed in the Deep South and the Bible Belt, and we tend to cling to those values.


I think that Tarleton in not diverse enough. Youy very seldom see people that are different ethnically.


I'm not just putting a generic answer, but i really can't think of anything that is bad enough to put here. I really love TSU and i'm so gald i'm a part of the school.


There are to many cowboys with loud trucks.