Tarleton State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who wants a free ride, should not go here.


Though Tarleton can be great for just about anybody, it's still based in a small town in the country. There's a lot of open space. It may not be for some people; especially people who are more urbanized. This is a great evironment for anyone who likes a calm, relaxed environment. For the people who are more city based, they won't find this place very satisfactory.


This school is bacially for anyone who wants an education and they value your education cause they want you to achieve. Plus, everyone is different and have different views of where they want to go. So in words, this school is fit for anyone.


I think the kind of person who really wants to be alone, should not come to Tarleton. They are strongly about including everyone and they always have something for everyone to do. So if somebody does not like to leave the dorm room, or be involved in anything then Tarleton is not the place for you.


The kind of person who should not attend this university is the kind of person looking for a structured, well rounded university. This school, I have found, is more of a party school than anything. I am trying my best to leave this university for one that takes education more seriously.


People who are not actually here to learn and further their educations.


If you're not a very social person, Tarleton State might make you feel unpcomfortable because, while the dorms are safe, they don't offer much privacy and social events and organizations are a huge part of campus life. So, introverts should probably look for a different place to attend.


Tarleton is very diverse, yet still a rural area. A person that has grown up in a large metropolitan area wouldnt do well at tarleton. They would become restless, and eventually end up in trouble or jail. I personally have witnessed this on more than one occasion. Tarleton is a very "country" genre, with very "country" people. If someone enjoys a big city life, Tarleton is not their place.


If you don't like tradition, if you don't like the country, if you can't stand cowboys or country music, if you hate small towns, if you hate shopping at walmart, and if you don't like smaller schools than you probably shouldn't be going here.


Someone who is down to earth and likes small towns and someone who want to be part of a small town of people


People that like urban environment would not enjoy this school


People who shouldn't be in college. I hate whenever people ask me if a professor is "easy" and what grade i made in their course. I have never known a professor to be "easy" or "hard" but I have known many very good and a few not so good professors here at school. You are going to get out of any class what you put into it, so don't look for any handouts from your professors. If you come to college, come to learn and come for the experience!


Tarleton State University is a very friendly and acidemicly based school. Those who expect to pass class with out going to class or doing any of the work should not attend this school.


Extreme liberals


laid back country