Tarleton State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for transitioning into college it would be to study harder and not becoming lazy toward the end of the year. College is very different in how much work is due and the stress over studying for test, and also making time for other activites. If you are participating in someother community, working out everyday, or even having a social life, all this has to fit into a schedule from day to day. Becoming lazy as a High school senior only makes things worse and that much harder to have the "want to" in college. There are obviously parties and other activites that you're going to want to attend but you have to make time for that and also make good desicions. I believe studying harder and not becoming lazy would be the advice I would give myself if i could go back in time.


Do not waste money eating out! Only cook for yourself, frozen meals are bad! Go to Tarleton State University out of high school. Major in english also, minor in education, not the other way around. Quite a few running tips because I run for the university currently.


Prepare yourself for homesickness! It happens and it is no fun. Seniors get "senioritis" I get it but it will kick your butt when you get in college and realize you couldv'e been a few classes ahead if you would've registered for dual credit/college classes. If you do register for these classes DO NOT BLOW THEM OFF! College is expensive save yourself time and money and pass the classes! Speaking of money, SAVE IT! I don't think there is anything worse than realizing you don't have money to buy anything! Above all, have fun your senior year just not too much fun.


The wiser choice would be to tell my high school self to actually study, do my work, and care more about my grade so i could get in to the schools I wanted. In high school I didn't care about any of that, the teachers just passed me on not really caring since I didn't care. To be honest that was my wake up call, I dissapointed myself by not doing everything I was capable of academically. So I would tell my high school self nothing, because learning from my mistakes opened up a new chapter in my life. It lead me to push myself so I wasnt the me I was in highschool. Which resulted in a high GPA and being on the Deans List all semesters i have been in college. So I would tell my high school self to enjoy life and learn from mistakes.


Get an off campus living place as soon as possible and get an on campus job as soon as possible


Dear High School Self, I know you won't make it to senior year. You'll make the decision to drop out hardly into your junior year, so you can work and then start college early. I'm not writing to change your mind; I'm writing to tell you that it is the BEST decision you'll have made for years. College is not easy, but that is irrelevant because you are so much stronger than you realize. Keep moving forward, and don't forget that love is the key to literally everything: your social life, your education, your family. Keep doing your best, and your best will get you everywhere you want to be. Good luck (even though you don't need it when you work as hard as you do), College Self


I would tell myself to try not to be shy because it is important to make friends in college. They could be friends to last a lifetime. I would tell myself how important it is to keep an open mind and try things you never have before because college is all about learning what the real world is like outside of highschool.


I should have told myself to spend more time looking for scholarships before moving to college. I should have tooken more time to fullen gather my knowledge with the college environment so I can have familiar myself somewhat before rooting myself here. I would tell myself that there's really nothing to worry about, and definitely go to class everyday because just missing one day could mean you miss some really important information that you needed to hear.


Don't stress about what is going to happen when you go to college. Don't stress over who your roommate will be, if you will get a good or bad professor, or if it's going to be the right school for you. Worry about all of that when you get there. Make the best of your senior year and participate in every event because you only graduate from high school once. Spend lots of time with your friends and make good bonds with some of your teachers. Once everyone leaves for college, you won't be able to see your high school friends and everyone will be going their separate ways. Those teachers you make good relationships with, might be the ones you need for recommendations for resumes and job applications. Lastly, spend as much time as you can with your family. They're the ones that love you and want to see you succeed in college. You're their baby, and it will be hard on them to see you start the next chapter of your life. Without them, do you think you would have made it this far? Show them some appreciation and love them back.


If I was a high school senior one more time I would tell myself to take advantage of everything college related as possible. I would have attended all the classes and organizational fairs to get myself a step ahead. I would have thanked my family everyday for pushing me to make good grades because without them I would not be where I am today. I would tried even harder for better academic success to make my family even more proud. I would have prepared myself for living on my own. I would have told myself to save more money becauase you will be the brokest you will ever be, but its the time of your life. I would have been envolved in more activites to broaden my horizans, to become an even better leader than I am. But most importantly, I would have told myself to apperaite everything and regret nothing because in college your life changes. You become the person you were born to be.


Dear highschool me , Hi its me , college you , I want to tell you to enjoy yourself more while in highschool. Make sure you savor every moment of everyday. Dont stress about that boy because by now you have forgotten him. Be grateful for the time you have at home with your family and friends. College is way different from high school. You are now responsible for your actions also be cautious of the people you meet. All those thing you were stressed about can't compare to anything you're about to face. Try more networking so that way when you get to college you kind of have a heads up and a guidance couselor to help you cope with everything. Also read more and practice on essay skills they are going to come in quite handy. Listen to everyones advice about college because you dont even understand how real its going to be. If you dont take heed to anythingelse that Ive told you please , please , please I cant stress it enough DO NOT PROCRASINATE. Most of all remain yourself and dont let the critics get to you.


My high school self desired reassurance more than any advice. If I could travel back, I would tell my younger self only one thing: you will make it through. Transitions have always been tough for me, and the stress of moving to a college a whole hour away from my childhood home was a common subject in my weekly counseling appointments. The summer after graduation, I often believed my anxiety would take over and prevent me from success at school. The fall semester, however, came all too quickly and I spent the next year at a small, private college where I learned more about myself than I had in the previous eighteen years. I battled many ups and downs--though often more of the latter--which challenged me in ways I had not expected. Making friends, roommates moving out, eating cafeteria food for every meal, and keeping up my grades while surrounded by the chaos of living in the dorms were not things I had any way of preparing myself for, but I made it through. Now preparing for my sophomore year at a new school, I know something my high school self did not: I will make it through.


There are so many things I would tell myself if I was able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school. The first and main point I would make is that high school is not my “glory days,” and also that high school definitely does not define who I am. Secondly, I would make a point to tell myself that I would one day learn how insignificant high school drama really is, and that it shouldn not effect my happiness... ever! I would also tell myself that it is so much better to have a few solid friends than multiple acquaintences, and that I will expierence that first-hand one day. Then, I would tell myself that I am the only one that has the power to make me happy and give me joy, and that no one can take that power away from me. I would then remind myself to never stop smiling, because there is so much in life that will pass me by if I am upset or unhappy. Lastly, I will tell myself to get ready, because the amazing life I have ahead has just begun.


If i were able to go back and talk to my high school self, i would tell me to not be afraid of applying to scholarships. they are there to help you and get your degree. I know your panicing and about to enter the real world, but there are people out there that you want ot get your degree and will help you either way they can. If that dosen't convince my high school self, then i was a space out guy who won't pay attention to anything. then, i would tell him that the earlier you apply and the better you work hard, the better outcome and chance you will have of getting your degree and scholarships. These would be my wise words for telling my high school self cause know one understands me than myself.


The best advice I would give myself would include not settling for less when it comes to school and education. Also, you should never put opportunities off and procrastinate because you will regret it down the road. The best thing to do is to complete your school early so you can enjoy life later.


Don't listen to everyone else, take a year off, learn about yourself, get a job and save up some money first. And when you do go, major in HR Management, it'll save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to be more dedicated during my first year of college. I would explain the importance of staying on track and working hard in order to complete classes. I would remind myself that successful people don't get to sleep in until noon, and it takes time, effort and energy to get things done. Since I worked full time the entire time I was in school, I would also tell myself to make more time for social activities and not to take myself and life too seriously, while still remaining focused on attaining good grades and working toward a better future.


What I know now about college life it is very challenging say the least. In high school especially my senior year everybody was more focused on graudating then thinking about what happens after graduation. If I could go back to my senior year I would tell myself to enjoy the homework and having really no responsibility. Also, learning how to truly study for tests would of been very helpful. One class I had in my senior year we learned how balance checking accounts, pay bills, and how to study. At that time I did not really take in the daily lessons to succeed after graduation. During the transition period it is very important to spend time researching the right colleges to attend and what career goals to try an obtain.


I would tell myself to make sure that you pay attention in school. Make the effort to understand what is going on around you. And remember to do the best that you can do, it will pay off in the end. If you just put a little more effort than what you are doing, it will make all the difference in the end. Make sure to take the time to spend time with everyone and know that college is different than high school. It is much harder and really focus on learning how to study. Make sure you also apply for plenty of scholarships! Paying for college is hard and really takes the focus off of the studies, save yourself the stress!


As a high school senior, I know you feel like you are ready to take on the world. Your grades are good, you have done well all throughout grade school, and you have several choices of where to go to college because of this. I know you don’t want to stay at home and go to Northeast Texas Community College. You want to move and get the college experience, but trust me it will be worth it. Take the full ride to the community college. You’re going to change your major, and doing this at a community college is so much less stressful, not to mention it costs so much less! Going to NTCC before you go to Tarleton is going to be the best decision you ever made. You will graduate college debt free with some money to spare for graduate school. Your parents are right. They know you need a slow transition. You will still get the “college experience” when you transfer to Tarleton to become an ag teacher. Shocker right? You thought you would go on to pharmacy school. You’re going to love it; college will prepare you to take on the world.


Dear Liliana: I know that you are in your senior year in Obregon Sonora Mexico, Next year you will be enrolling college in Tucson, Arizona. Thisis going to be one of the most important decision in your life. The transition is not going to be eassy at all. You will be in a first world place, far away from your family, friends and all the people that you know now. Further more you will have to learn from the new culture and language. You better pay attention in your english classes this senior year. Next year is going to be a totally new and challenging expiernce for you. Take care of yourself and don't be afraid of talking with people, be confident and believe in yourself. Keep working hard, always do your homework, do every extra credict assignment even if you think you don't need it, ask question! that is really important, take advantage of the instructor's office hours, read before every class that is going to give you a better understanding of the instructor is talking about and ask for help if you need, there is alwais people willing to help.


Hello, senior self! I know that high school seems like it wasn’t really worth your time. Trust me, it was. With the college transition, you are going to wish that you attended senior prom or at least stayed in school for that last semester. Listen; make the most of your college experience then. You’ll make more friends in college anyway. Stand tall, don’t be afraid, and don’t let anyone boss you around. You were a bit of a pushover in high school. College is the time to branch out and do different things. College is the time to grow up and be assertive to take care of yourself because people that aren’t your boss shouldn’t demand things of you (unless they’re your professor asking for assignments). Step out of your little girl shell and explore. Lastly, make sure you do thorough research on the college you would like to attend. Know all of the odds and ends about finances to room and board. Weigh your options. Once you’ve been admitted, make a name for yourself and study, study, study!


i would tell myself i would stop hurting my family and help my family around the house and make better deciosions and i would show them i have better choices in my live.


Yo bro fix yourself, you know you can do alot better. You have big dreams and your the only one that can make them happen. No one's going to hold your hand through this, so make the best of what you can. Spend more time with your siblings they need you more than you know and you wont get alot of time with them later. Keep your head up. Those females aren't worth loosing your head.


Bethany, I know you're ready to leave Shamrock and I know you're counting down the days until you do, and it's completely worth it. TSU is amazing. You've met some of the most amazing people and made the best friends you've ever had. You'll miss Shamrock, yes, but you'll miss Stephenville even more when you leave on those occassional weekends. That first week, Transition Week, do all that you can do. Don't say "no" to anyone about anything. You'll be grateful you weren't a hermit. That night before your Fundamentals of Music final, don't go to City Limits. DON'T SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY. Your roommate is a stranger to you now, but in less than a year, you'll become as close as sisters. Lynzie finally gives in and comes to Tarleton in the spring. You've already got some wild memories with that girl and after being separated for five years, you're inseparable now. You think these last three months of high school were fun? Just wait until that first year of college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry about what other people think. College is a huge melting pot of cultures, customs, religions, and personalities. Therefore, don't worry about being friends with everyone, true friends will show themselves as long as you stay focused and true to your own culture, customs, religion, and personality. College life can be wild and crazy, but stay focused on your goals and it is fun with easy transitions.


If I could go back in time I would warn myself about how different college would be than high school so I would be more prepared for the years to come in college. I would tell myself times can get hard but not to give up. Also, to look up more scholarships so I didn't put so much pressure on my parents.


I would tell myself not to worry. There are a lot of decisions to be made in the coming years, but everything will be fine. Focus on taking one decision at a time, and try not to be so hard on yourself. Life is about the journey. Don't rush it. You'll be amazed at the things you will achieve. Trust in God's voice and follow peace. Study hard, and don't let other people tell you what they think you should do. They mean well, but it's your life. You need to follow your heart and not worry about anything else. You are too young to begin settling and focusing so much on what is deemed practical. You have what it takes to succeed at all you put your hands to. Apply for more scholarships and refuse to accept student loans. Most importantly, follow God and live without fear.


Try more not to fall asleep in class, you need that. And never give up on yourself! You will make it as a performer!!!!! And try to find a co-signer sooner!


I would tell my 17 year old self to be wise about future decisions that I make. Also to be true to myself and work hard for what I want in life because nothing will come easy. As well as good things come to those who wait and take the time to enjoy life while I'm young!


The advice that I would give myself would be to not stress as much. In our lives we stress and worry about everything imaginable. We worry from little things like worrying about what to wear to prom, to bigger more important things like world hunger. Our world will never stop worrying and being frantic over things and making sure that it all runs smoothly. If I knew now what I knew back then, I would be less stressed. Alot of us would be if we knew how our future would turn out. I have also grown closer to God over these few years since my high school life. Knowing then that I would be this close to such a loving Father and having a strong faith in Him, would probably changed my way of thinking for the better. I would of known to learn to just have faith and to trust in Him that everything would be okay in the future. Just to know that college is not as scary as people make it out to be, I have made so many friends this past two semesters that it is a blessing.


If I could speak to my self during my senior year of highschool I would tell myself to not worry what people think. Now that I've experienced a bit more of the world I have realized that there will always be people who don't approve and will find an excuse to exclude you. I would tell myself to get more involved and have fun reguardless of its social status. I would also remind myself to appreciate my family. Nothing makes you miss your mommy more leaving to live on your own. I'd tell myself not to gripe too much about hauling my sister to cheer practice or making dinner because someday I would find I miss her company and want nothing more than a stove to cook on. Finally, I would tell myself not to put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. There will be bad hair days, B's, and missed alarms. It is the days that you don't need an alarm to wake you and you don't care that your hair is a mess because you are so overjoyed to be able to get up and earn that B that counts.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life and making the transition, I would explain that time management is very important. I would explain the importance of setting specific time aside every day to study the things that I had learned so that when a test came around, I would not have to cram the night before and be sleep deprived. I would also stress the need for sleep. Without getting enough sleep every night, you cannot fully apply yourself in your classes. It is hard to focus when you stay up all night with your friends. You can put time aside on the weekends to go out and have fun with all of your friends. You should set your week up for your studies. That way, your grades will reflect your hard work for future reasons when being interviewed for jobs after graduation.


I would advise myself to prioritize all my activities, reminding myself that even though sports and academic extracurricular activities are important, applying to college is even more important. I would tell myself “Young lady, you better start applying for those scholarships and all the financial aid you can get!” It’s such a big realization now; I would literally force my high school senior body to do all those things first. I would also tell myself to get prepared for the overload of soon to come college assignments by studying more in high school. Last I would remind myself that I’m only a in high school once and to take all the free time to have fun before the dread adult age comes in.


I would recommend focusing on my studies first, and social life a distant second. It is important to find and make friends that have similar interests and education goals. Study hard and find study partners. Also, always ask your professors/instructors if you are experiencing difficulties, or have any questions regarding the course materials. Do not ever feel that you must figure things out on your own. Have fun, do not get too stressed, and take the time that you need to refocus, if you are feeling overwhelmed. You are there to get an education, and that must be the primary focus of your time at school. You must also try to include activities that you enjoy doing that are outside of studying in order to make friends and enhance your college experience. Overall, make the most of your time at college educationally and socially. Focus on good grades!


I think the most important aspect of my college experience is time management. I drive many miles just to get to work and back and when I add in the 2 trips to campus for night classes, I easily put over one thousand miles on my Corolla. Not only do I have to schedule when I can study and make appointments with doctors, but I also have to predict when I will be due for an oil change to keep the engine covered under warranty. The most valuable experience at college is attending night classes with adjunct faculty. These people work during the day and teach a class at night and don’t mind bringing in their experiences to share with everyone. Without these people bringing in their own experiences, college students wouldn’t know what to expect and wouldn’t succeed as well in the real world after graduation.


The thing I've gotten out of my college experiance so far, is the amount of self confidence I have gained. I realize now that I have high standards for myself and for my education, and that I will not settle for easy classes just to get my degree easier. I like to be challenged, and I love to learn. I have realized that the "college experiance" for me does not include any participation in partying or cutting class, but rather a well rounded schedual full of hard work and commitment to my field of study.


I began studying at this school with the idea that I knew the personality of the students and the ideals the teachers had. Which, for the most part was an accurate depiction., but not 100% correct. I have met people from all parts of the country and the world, and earned friendships with proffessors and other students that have opened my mind to all new ideals and ways of thinking. I also came into the school with a set of very close friends, and will leave with an even larger number of people that I trust, and can talk to on a day to day basis. Whenever I tend to have any trouble or stress with school and working excessively, my friends I have met and the teachers who I have befriended encourage me in every way.


My college experience has afforded me the opportunity to embarke upon a profession that I would not have be qualified for had I not attened college.


Wow, where do I start? College is an amazing experience. Not only do you learn Math, English, Psychology, etc. but you learn who you are and where you really want to go in life. I have heard alot of people say high school is the main transitioin point in some ones life but I have to disagree. High school changed me yes, but not into the person I am today. College taught me that I can actually be somebody that people look up to and appreciate. That alone makes me appreciate my life more and makes me realise my career choices are not only important but vital. What I've gotten out of college is the more you do, the better you feel. The harder you try, the higher you reign. The more you work, the more you will thrive to work. College is valuable to attend because it makes you want to do those things and keep learning and growing for your future. It is the reason I am who I am today and I am so very proud of myself and the things I have and will accomplish. College made me, me.


While attending Tarleton, I have been advised on what classes I should take and when I should take them according to my educational plans. I am able to spend one on one time with my teachers in order to understand the lessons and materials that I am learning. At the rate I am going, I will be able to graduatie from college in a timely manor. Even though Tarleton is considered to be a smaller school, I love the size because it is bigger than my high school which means there is diversity, however it is still small enough to feel familiar and welcomed by the teachers and other students. Tarleton has been a great stepping stone into my future. Throughout my college experience, I have had a great learning opportunity while meeting new people that I will forever hold memories with.


The degree itself is invaluable because my life revolves around my business degree with a certification in teaching 8-12 graders. However, it's not the classwork that one takes the most from college. My undergraduate college experience has been one of the best experiences in my life. I discovered who I was while away at TSU. I learned the "real" me through my morals and values being tested. I did not always pass the tests, but I did learn that I always fall back on what I know is right although that may not be what my parents taught me. I learned networking with professors, staff, and students at school is one of the most important activities one can participate in for a future career. I always heard not to judge a book by its cover, but it never sunk in until I was at college where diversity was all around me instead of in a small rural town in the panhandle where most people are farmers or ranches and fully participate in all activities in school. My college experience opened my eyes to the "real" world, and I am very thankful that I was afforded the college opportunity.


I have gotten so many things out of my college experience so far, and I know there is so much more to go. College has made me grow up and become more mature than I was before. I have always been a hard worker, but now being in college makes me want to even work harder so that I can always be what I have wanted to be since I was a little girl, and not many people get to achieve that opportunity and I know that I am truly blessed that God has brought that to me.


So far out of my college experience i have made many new friends and have had a blast at all of the extracuricular activities. I have also had the chance to experience living on my own in a dorm room which is pretty cool. School has been valuable to attend becasue i am learning everything i need to know about what i want to do after i graduate college.


One of the best things I received from Tarleton State University was the ability to capitolize on my previous court reporting experience. TSU allowed me to participate in a Bachelor of Science degree plan that considered my previous technical training in the field of court reporting and translated my vocational hours into college credit ours. Another great aspect of TSU is the testing center. I was able to clep out of two of my courses (Management, Marketing); I received 6 credit hours for these courses.


If I was capable to go back in time and tell myself about college life and making the transaction, I would let myself know that it isn't as easy as waking up and your there. There is a lot of paperwork and deadlines that you must keep up with. You can't simply wait around for your parents to do it either. You have to take it upon yourself to go to the financial aide office to apply for financial aide, to go to the housing office to apply for a dorm room, and to go to advising office to have them tell you what classes would be best for you to take. You are growing up now, it's not up to your parents anymore. It might sound brutal at first, but I would hope I would understand where I was coming from when I told myself all of this.


If I was given the opportunity to visit my senior-self and offer words of advice, I would say to never be unprepared. College expects great things out of you as you transition from a dependent child to an independent adult, and the easiest thing to drown in in college, is being unprepared. Nothing is too hard, but to skip out on readiness, only puts you back farther in the game. Whether it be forgetting a scantron on the day of your final exam, misplacing a homework assignment that counts for twenty percent of your grade, or even having no idea what you want to do in the future, can put a downer on the entire college experience. Part of the reason students venture to college is to gain freedom and independence, but how do you obtain such things when you can't manage to remember to set your alarm? When unpreparedness trips you, the sudden reality of your future abruptly introducing itself to the ground is painful. If you are prepared for anything life throws at you, naturally things run smoother, allowing you to enjoy more of what college has to offer for its students.


I would have started school immediatly after getting out of the Army instaed of waiting for 9 years. I would have also taken more advantage of the educational programs that were offered to me during my 11 years in the Army.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that there were some things I was doing right and some things I could really improve on. I would say the following: Good job at getting some confidence because one day, when you are ready, you will become a leader. I know it's tough, but push through those times when you'd rather sit in the corner and watch people and go out there and meet them instead. Here's what I want you to do differently: get in the Word of God. Seek truth, discipline, and understanding. Start keeping a journal, so you can see your spiritual progress and to encourage you when you look back on it. Flee from sexual immorality. If you don't do it now, it won't be any easier later, when you have a girlfriend or when you get married. And yes, you will have a girlfriend, believe it or not, but just run after God, not girls, and then just grab the girl running next to you. And don't be afraid to do what God asks you to do.


If I could go back time and advise my high school self, there are several pieces of advice I would give myself. Firstly, I would tell myself that even though they are time-consuming, and at times boring, all of those applications I was filling out are very important and that I should try my very best on every single one of them. Next, I would make sure to tell myself that the last months of high school are a lot more hectic than I think they're going to be, and that that fact makes it espescially important that if there is anything that I need to get done that I schedule an appointment with all the appropiate people so that it actually gets done. Also, I would tell myself exactly what I ended up deciding to major in so that I could save myself a lot of headaches. Lastly, I would remind myself that it's okay to take a breather every once in a while; that it will help a lot more than it can ever hurt. I don't need to stress myself out; everything will work out in the end.