Tarleton State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they make the attempt to include everybody in everything. It is a very "family" based school and it shows that they make the attempt to make sure that everyone is involved in something. They really make the effort to make the students feel at home.


The fact that I was able to get in and get out and get my degree.


The best thing about Tarleton State University is the loyalty of the alumni. The school spirit is so strong and alumni are all so willing to help current students find jobs after graduation and organizations to be involed in.


The friendliness of the students and staff!


It allows me to take classes away from Stephenville, in Waco. The courses are the same, I receive the same degree(s), and am able to remain in Waco, where I live and work.


Tarleon State University is part of the Texas A&M universty System. It has a beautiful campus with a smalltown feel that provides a big city education. TSU was one f he best experiences of my life.


Tarleton State University offers something for everyone. Students can be as involved as they wish to be which is very nice for a college student. There is an organization, class, or club for every interest one may have. And, if there is not something for you, start a new club. My friends did when we were students! P.A.N.K.U.S. is a very active spirit organization that everyone will love! TSU is known for the traditions such as the Purple Poo, Duck Camp, Beating the Drum during homecoming week, and the athletic teams being very competitive.


There are so many things about my school that I would love to share with you, but you only asked for one. I feel that the very best thing about my school are the S.I. sessions. The sessions are for students who may not understand or just need extra help with their homework or studies. This program has helped to give me a better understanding about my studies. The tutors, which are current students who understand and major in that area, are very positive, respectful, and caring. They keep contact with you to see if things are better.


The best thing about Tarleton State University is the student body and staff. Everyone is so supportive of each other in anything and everything someone does. No matter if you are walking down the street and "random high-five guy" peps up your day, or your freshman seminar professor gives you a warm smile and greeting as you step in her classroom everyday, Tarleton is filled with love and respect for one another. The students and staff give Tarleton its soul and momentum to do great things as a university, creating its spirit, humbleness and family atmosphere.


Tarleton is alot cheaper than other colleges. While most colleges are like 25, 000 dollars Tarleton is so much cheaper.


My favorite thing about my school is the fact that it is a smaller university. It's easier to get on a more personal level with the professors and students. Also, each building is in walking distance, so I don't have to worry about driving or riding a bicycle to my classes.


Tarleton State has many traits that make it a great campus but one thing stands out the most; the one on one feeling when you step into your class. At Tarleton I don't feel like a number or just a pass or fail, I feel like I belong to this system because of all of the helpful and understanding staff.


I consider the Faculty the best thing about my school because they are the ones that are teaching us the curriculum and we are learning from them. Not anyone can be a "good" teacher, any school can graduate people but it takes real talent to have a school that is known by reputation for the type of people they are contributing to society. I believe that having great teachers is what makes the student become successful in the career they choose.


The best thing for me is the size. I got into some larger Universitys but they were too big for me. Here at Tarleton I have the luxury of going to smaller classes and being able to get to know my teacher one on one where they actually remember my name and are able to advise me.


The best thing about Tarleton is class size. Most classes average about 20 -25 students. This allows for professors to establish a helping relationship with students. Another good thing about Tarleton is that the college offers online classes in addition to face to face instruction which has allowed me to work and attend school. Tarleton is affiliated with the University Center on the McLennan Community College campus in Waco, Texas. I reside in Waco therefore I do not have to travel far from home. I am an older person returning to college however I feel very comfortable being at Tarleton.


My school is large enough to attract alot of diverse students and good professors and small enough to not seem overwhelming to new students. It is small enough to get lots of interraction with the professors and small classroom sizes. I believe tarleton is the perfect size. Not so many students you seem lost and large enough to constantly meet and make new friends with each new class.


There something here for everybody. What you enjoy doing may not be the biggest thing on campus, but there's somebody here that's already thought of it or is working on putting it into action, and that's what's really cool about Tarleton State is that anybody can find their place here on campus!


I consider the traditions the best thing. Tarleton has the oldest spirt organization in Texas the "Purple Poo" they help all members of the University feel like they are part of a family. Everyone can find an organization or group to be a part of. Sporting events are really important here the students dress up and support their classmates.


The best thing about Tarleton State University is the friendliness, helpfullness and diversity between the students and proffesors. Having these traits makes asking questions, learning, and making life long memories and friends much more enjoyable.


Small Classes, easy to understand course guidlines, straight foward teaching methods


How friendly people are. You just feel at home and welcome at this school.


The small classes give it a better student to professor ratio. Therefore, you get to know the professors more on a personal basis.


The mentallity and attitude of the students is wonderful. I think the best thing though is the size. I call it the best undiscovered secret in Texas. Because of the medium-small size, you are more than just a number to the teachers. They strive to learn your name in class and recognize you around campus. The one on one experice you get with teachers helps to make you feel comfortable and to perform a the best of your ability.