Tarrant County College District Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Tarrant County College NE campus is a community college located in Hurst Tx that has outstanding teachers and curriculum.


A good stepping stone for new college students.


My school is one of the fastest growing community college in the state of Texas,.


Tarrant County College is the perfect size and price for any student in financial need, or who just want to go to school and still keep their job near home.


My school is a actually pretty small compared to universities that I have seen, well of course it is a community college, but for being such a small community college , and growing, it has a variety of classes that I can choose from.


A place where the success of the individual student is the ultimate goal.


Tarrant County College, South campus, has room for improvement, yet provides all the necessities of higher education.


My school is the best place to strive for a higher education because it has instructors that really care about the students future, and they provide a very strong foundation to all the students. I am confident about getting myself ready for the next step with the help and guidance from my current school.


My school is a junior college with alot of great teachers and a great diversity in its students.