Tarrant County College District Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We have students from many ethnicities,race and gender.making learning more comfortable among your fellow students.


All different walks of life.... from just out of high school to retired adults.


Since I haven't even started tcc yet I couldn't tell you how the students at tcc are.However I imaginw their eco-friendly. LOL


Since I go to a community college, I have generally seen younger students fresh out of high school and others going back after decades of raising a family. There's a variety of students from different backgrounds with different goals and motivations getting them through school.


All ages, all incomes.


All ages, mostly 20-something. A lot of us are second time to college, redirecting careers. And a lot of VA benefit students. All races and incomes attend here.


My classmates are cool and smart in many subjects we all help each other if we need it so its not like a person has to do everything by themselves.


My classmates are of all ages.


I found that the other students at TCC were a fairly varied group of individuals from many different backgrounds, most of whom were looking for a good way to get their basic college requirements without paying the high tuition costs of most 4 year colleges, while still being very eager to learn and educate themselves.


In all of my classes, most of my classmates look to be between 30 and 50 years old, and have jobs and children.


Most of my classmates are enthusiastic learners while others are wanting to go home.


My classmates are very friendly. Of course, what else can you expect but Southern hospitality in Texas? Everywhere I turn, there's always someone greeting me with a warm smile. I love attending TCC, for the simple fact that I can make a new friend everyday, no matter what class I am in. My classmates make my learning environment so much more enjoyable.


Sadly, many of my classmates simply go to school to "get the job done" and not to enjoy the experience of college itself. Overall, my school is full of all different kinds of people, but most are introverted, and simply go to school just to get the credits. Some people are at the community college because they don't want to look like a failure, but they don't neccessarily want to go to class either, so they hover somewhere in the middle. Most go in hopes of transfering, and moving on to greater things though.


My classmates consist of a wide array of ages and backgrounds.


My classmates are very focused now that i am in college. Unlike high school, where there are so many distractions that can sometimes keep you from taking in the material properly. Once you start paying for college you realize you can't goof off anymore and you have to soak up as much information as possible in order to be successful.


Very friendly always eager to help but the school isn't very diverse and most of the people there are the peopleyou knew from high school.


My classmates all seem prepared to learn; I assume they are more prepared for the college world than I am. I am the first in my family to attend college and I'm not quite sure what to expect. Others in the class I feel are ahead of me as their parents probably pushed them to go to college and get an education.


I do not really know my classmates that well but what I can tell about them is that they are good people who are very serious about getting their education and moving to a higher learning institution.


My classmate are always excited and hungry to learn, they are not afraid to get help or ask questions, and they believe in making good grades.


A blended mix of fiscally savvy, progressive, or taking a second chance at college.


They are all really nice and welcoming.


Every student is different in culture.