Tarrant County College District Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.



Tarrant County College is best known for being an affordable college that enables people to seek education prior to moving on to a four year university. Most people attend TCC to take basic courses and save money.


TCC is best known for being an affordable start to alternative to four year universities. On average, students can expect to save upwards from thirty thousand dollars by starting their college career here.


Cheap classes


I would have to say that it is best known for people preparing to transfer to another school. Many of the students go here because it is easier finacially, and they hope to finish their basics and move on to a bigger, four year school.


The class size and the professors. The size of the class room and the one on one time you recieve from your professors is really important to a variety of students.


I believe that Tarrant County College is best known for it's convient locations and tuition, but also known alot for its diverse subjects of study and it's transferrable credits.


I think it is best known for students trying to start thheir school career, but also start it a smarter way by paying less and also having the opportunity for a smaller college atmosphere.


Providing education at a low cost. If one isn't able to attend to a university because of expenses, they can attend this school and still get the benefits of education.


The small classrooms, one on one teaching is really what TCC is known for. The classrooms are small enough to where you can also make new friends and to where you can hear the teacher and ask questions.


TCC is known for as a community college and having to take the basics before going on to a four year university. Also tcc is the first community college that was built out of the five other campuses. Tcc south is one the closes that students could go to that is not as far than any other college that stdents can not afford the first year around. Also that the teachers are really nice and could help the students on any homework or any other problems that was not understood in the classroom.


Tarrant County College is best known for being affordable to most people and readily accessible to people that live in different parts of Fort Worth. It is also known for having a wide variety of programs to become involved in. It has been around for many, many years and is a great way to further one's education, and therefore boost their income.


Tarrant County College is best known as one of the better schools to transfer from once you have taken all your basics. It is a wonderful place for high school students to take classes if they are not quite sure what they want to do with their lives.


Tarrant County College is best know for receiving a two year associates degree in various areas. My main area of focus was nursing. Different campuses provide a more enhanced area of study for different degree plans. For example, I did my prerequisites for nursing on the Northeast campus, which was more focused on science. I then attended the South campus to finish my nursing degree. TCC is well know as an affordable community college reaching Tarrant County.