Tarrant County College District Top Questions

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Tarrant County College is very accomodating to the financial needs of the student. The tuition is not too damaging and the "little things" the do to help really matter. Such as: renting books or buying used ones and giving whatever money is available to eligible students. Also, the environment is small, diverse and comfortable, making the transition into college a more smooth and less intimidating setting.


Tarrant County College is unique in that it has staff that cares about the success of the students. In my experience, most professors will take extra time to tutor students or provide them with a list of available tutors so the student can achieve success.


I have not attended any other colleges, but my certain school provides a lot of help to the students. The school provides note-takers, sign language interpreters, financial aid, counsellors, and many other services.


I have heard that TCC has the absolute BEST nursing program in the state of Texas. I also have heard that it is very competitive to get into the nursing program and I love a good challenge!


Tarrant County College is unique, because people from all walks of life attend this institution every day. There is so much diversity in the student population. Every student is there to better themselves by pursuing an education, no matter what background they have. Everyone is cognizant of all the different races and religions that are represented on campus, and it makes for a very peaceful and harmonious environment.


The Location of each campus its unique, from one being next to a lake surround by open fields to another being in a build with and electric store. Each campus has it own feel to it, being peaceful in open fields or inside a office with people all around in business suits.


Tarrant County is a nice transition school. Instead of being thrown straight out of high school into a big university, Tarrant County helps students transition without the stress of huge classrooms and student loans. TCC is very affordable and it has great classes where students can explore different areas of interests without being overwhelmed by debt. The professors are very nice and listen to students; I have yet to have a bad experience with a professor after two years at TCC. TCC is a great transition school where students can get a good education without breaking their banks.


the uniqueness of TCC south is that it has some of the good teachers their out of the the five campuses. That it cost less than any university or other colleges that ar really known. The classesare way smaller than any other class in an university and the classes don't have that many students in one entire class. Also the campuses are really smlaller compared to any hugh university in the are, but one thing is that the campus doesnt have dorms that are close or students could stay. Which the students could stay with their parents still.