Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love the science labs and classes at this school. I have learned so much , and have been motivated to dig deep when things get hard. My instructors are availible and correspond with me in a consistant manner. I have made friends with people in my study groups, and I love the way we stay on topic. If there are topics I am unsure of I know I can always get the help I need.


I just tell them that I save loads of money by attending TCC for two years before a university. It is practical for people with jobs and children who don't have a ton of money to spend on furthering their education.


I brag the most that I will still be close to my family. Of course they could always come back with "well I'll be away from my family! yay," but being around family has its benefits.


What we have at school like the different organizations like AASO (African American Student Organization) that I'm in. We do a lot for the campus and for our community in different ways. Other then that I talk about how the class and the professor TCC South have are great and I love to go there.


Tarrant County College is so cheap in comparison to other universities. The campus I attend is so close to home, and my teachers are enthusiastic and always ready to help out a student in need.


Math is too easy now. I have a excellent professor that guides me through every step, making it more enjoyable. Everybody knows how much I hate learning math, but my school makes it more fun. Some how being surrounded in the college atmosphere allowed me to concentrate and focus harder on my school work.


I tell people I am going to be a Chef. I am a great cook and baker and love to work with candy and chocolate.