Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't think we have such students,but we learn new things each day in school.


whites. LOL just kidding hey one thing is for sure though I know a stereo type when I see one!


I think, if there was a stereotype at my school, it would be a young, aimless kid, treating college like high school. I say this, because I run into them and see these kids every day, goofing around, not taking classes seriously, all at the expense of their parents.


The stereotype is that all of our students are middle or lower income and they are not. I have seen a few Jaguars and Lexes' in the parking lot in student parking. Most of our teachers are middle or lower income though. But some are retired from the likes of: NASA, and Lockheed.