Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The people who should attend this school range from those who know exactly what they want to do for their majors to those who are still trying to find out what they're future calling is. The class prices are significantly less than many Universities around so it's not that big of a financial deal when you want to change your major. The classes are smaller and more inatmate than most schools of higher education and the teachers even have office hours that are dedicated to be utilized by students for personal meetings about school-related topics.


Truly, any student can and SHOULD attend TCC. Whether the student has just graduated from high school, is catching up on credits, is a military veteran or is returning for personal growth, TCC welcomes them all and does a fantastic job with handling all of the diversity. I would suggest incoming freshman to consider TCC without hesitation. All of the instantaneous freedom that comes from graduating high school can be dangerous, so staying in a more "tamed" environment leaves little room for the destructive social life college students tend to create.


Everybody willing to learn and earn a degree for the future.


Any person would be great to start here. There are good schools that allow majority of the classes to transfer. Introverts and extroverts can thrive here because they have all kinds of programs and classes that cater to the needs of the students.


A person who wants to get stared with there college education. TCC is a very diverse college. You will see all kinds of students ranging in age and race. I believe TCC is for everyone, from the new student to the graduate student looking to further their college education.


Any person should attend this school. This school doesnt cater to one certain type of person. Tarrant County has oppurtunities for all students.


An ideal person to attend TCC would be a student who is seriouse about getting an education and not wanting to party. Its not a party school, there's no fraternities or sororities, its a commutting school. You arrive, you learn and then you leave. The student has to be ok with that.


A person who wants a good start on their education should attend Tarrant County College. I have learned a lot because of the smaller classes and also from being at a community college and living at home. I am so glad I came to TCC first because I pay my whole way through college and I have also saved a lot of money compared to a university.


I believe any person should attend this school. Although, this school is best for those that have some financial problem or can't afford to attend a university.


Tcc college is good school for those who want to know how their abilities are and decide their There are many majors and intersting topics to discuss. When I chose this school to study, I did not have a plan for myself until I talked with friendly advisors who are available to help students understand about themselves : what they want, do and study. Besides, this school is a good place to study because there are many good students study in library. If one is lazy, she will change herself when she sees others are better then her.


I like that all students attend this college.