Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're looking for a community college with huge classes then this school is not for you. The maximum amount of students in each class is 50 people. If you do not like participatin in lectures and being able to have one on one time with you teacher then this college is really not for you. Also if you're absent a lot, then this college is not for you because they have an attendance policy where if you miss 15% of you class then the teacher has the authority to drop you from the class.


The only people that should not attend this school are those that do not want to learn. People who do not like to socialize with like minded people. I believe this school is for anyone who has an open mind and wants to learn.


This is a great compus, if would recommend everyone to attend .


People that don't know what to do with their lives.


Anyone. I think that anyone can attend this school because its convenient for everyones schedule. They also have childrens college in the summer to help them stay busy and educated.


An unorganized person.


I do not believe that a 'type of person who whould not attend this school' exists. Every person has the right to obtain higher learning.


One of the good things about TCC is that I think almost anyone could attend and do well there. Anyone from college students wishing to get their basics to adults wanting to return and continue their education has the potential to do well, enjoy their time there. I would have to say that the only kinds of people I would say should not go to TCC are those who have no real wish to seek out an education or take advantage of the many opportunities to better one?s self that TCC provides for such an affordable cost.


The only type of person that should not attend are the people that do not want to continue their education. The road is long and sometimes difficult, you have to want education to obtain education.


In order to attend this school, you can't be afraid of crowds. This school is crowded during the school hours, and you might go through some traffic. Also if you are a person who is very sickly or likes to skip school, the teachers try to emphasis on attendance, and it will affect your grade.


I think this school is good for anyone to attend. I am currently attending 2 of the TCC campuses, NE and NW, and they are both very nice places. The environment is great for people who desire to start an education. It is cheaper than a university, but covers a lot. As long as one has the desire to learn, then this would be the place for them. You should not attend this school if you are just looking for parties and an easy way to slack off. You still have to work and study to accomplish your goals.


A person who doesn't care for education.


Anyone who has no will or desire to succeed should not attend college. I think that what gets me through my classes is my need to prove to myself that I am capable and my want to succeed throughout college.


For those students who want to be away from home, who want that independent feeling, and who want to travel to each class, Tarrant County College is not for them. This school is not for those who just want to party or skip classes, the campus is designed for classes, tutor areas, and study areas.


People who aren't there for the education part shouldn't attend this college. You need to be dedicated to the work and get it done.


Someone who is going to slack off, and not try their best.