Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I knew what I know now , I would tell myself to not wait so long to interact with students. The students and faculty are more than happy to help, do not wait so long to get involved. Space out your classes do not attempt to take two hard sciences or classes at the same time. Even out your courseload do not save your hardest class for last because, they will pile up and it will be harder in the end. Stay proactive and punctual. Get to know your instructors the more you interact with them the more they get to know you which can be really helpful. Take the time to get involved in clubs and organization related to your feild of study. Schedual your time wisley, and make time for yourself. Check for low prices on books and supplies on different websites to get the best deals. Be proud of yourself ecspecially, when you do well. However if you do not do your best on a test or project do not beat yourself up. Keep pushing you will do better next time. Make at least one friend in each class and exchange numbers in case you miss something.


I would advise myself to stay in school. Education is so important and the choices that you make now as a high school senior will affect the course of your life. Learn life skills such as good communication, assertiveness and discernment so that you make wise decisions. Find your self-esteem and hold tight to it so that you are not pressured into activities that will lead you down a road of destruction. Avoid the things that appear to be fun like drugs and alcohol because they will take over your life. Drugs and alcohol are destructions in disguise. Set your goals and write them down. Reach for them no matter the cost and don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve. It is very easy to be distracted by the freedom that you will experience once you leave the safety of your parents confinements. But do not use that freedom to indulge in your passions and desires that will have negative consequences attached to them.


This is you in 26 years after high school graduation. Please go to college and do not loose focus. Also the winning lotto numbers are ********** . Good luck and don't date Ricardo or Albert. Good luck!!


Although I took academics very seriously as a high school senior, I would tell myself to expand my school spirit and extra curricular activities. I think being involved with your peers and your community is extremely crucial when applying to four year universities and can define your future in more ways than one. Not only will being involved better your chances of getting accepted to the first college of your choice, but it will prepare you for future careers. I also think that having school spirit and making friends during your senior year is important because it's a time where you meet most of your life-long friends and figure out who you are as a person. Furthermore, I would tell myself to give 100% at everything I do, because working hard will always be worth it in the end. But most of all, stay true to yourself. As the great Sir Paul McCartney once said, "I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone doing anything weird wasn't weird at all and it was the people saying they were weird that were weird."


College is the start of a completely different life. We're no longer on a one-way track that always gets us to the same place. There are more forces at work now, giving us less control of our lives. A single decision can drasticly change our future whether we want it to or not. I suppose the best way to adjust to college is to find a certain place on campus and make that your "home". "home" could be a library, a computer center, a laboratory, or even a food court (I don't reccomend food court). Whatever you choose to be your "home", that will affect how you grow. Finally, I want you to know that they were wrong. Your friends are still out there and they haven't forgotten you. And when you need them, they'll have your back. So don't worry about new ones.


If I could go back in time to knock some sense into myself, I would simply tell myself to start applying for universities and scholarships early in my senior year. The single reason that I ended up at TCC is because I was a lazy procrastinator throughout highschool. Fortunately, early in my college career I had a wakeup call that turned my life around. If I had been the driven person that I am now back in high school, my life would look very different today. After telling myself all of this, I would then encourage myself by telling me the great things I could accomplish if and only if I stepped up and would start living responsibly.


Attending to community college, while all of my friends pack their duffle bags for university, is one of the most distressing but congratulating things I've experienced. The advice I'd give to myself is to take my education seriously. I joked around all throughout highschool. I tuned every bit of advice out because I was under the impression that I knew everything. That was until life slapped me across the face. The first rejection letter brought me down to reality. I glided through every single project, homework assignment, and anything school related. It took four years of joshing around, and three hours of crying for me to realize that education is everything. "Bill gates didn't go to college," very true. But how many Bill Gates does one know? Not only that, but his parents gave him two million dollars to get him started. My parents are not doing that, which means I have one choice. Say goodbye to the old Jazmyn, and hello to the Jazmyn who sees the volume in learning.


If I could talk with the social butterfly I was as a senior, I would tell her to spend more time in her cocoon. I would tell her that what forms inside of those constricting walls will make her wings rich in color. If she would listen, I would beg her to take a look around her small home and see how much room there actually is. There may not be anything bold or exciting, but there will be things she never knew were there. I would stress to her the importance of taking criticisms and seeing them as a gift rather than a weapon. She would shrug off everything I had to say, but she would beat herself up later, play victim and fail to realize how protected she is. I would then let her know that fluttering by innocently will not keep predators from destroying her someday. She would have to see it for herself, but I would let her know that it is going to hurt, and this time, she will have to find an escape on her on. Lastly, I would tell her not to worry. With grace, she makes it out alive.


A lot


College life is another world. In high school you had the support of your family concerning food, housing, the school supplies. Now its all on you and you finally appreciate what your parents did for you. You wake up and think about how to pay your bills, your books, your food. So the advice is that save enough that you can and do your best to have enough scholarship. I studied in a foreign country so for me its more difficult but I do my best


If I could go back in time and give myself advice when I was a high school senior I would tell myself that I could do better. Not just that I could do better but that I would do better. I would explain that I am smarter than I thought I was and that I would figure that out six years later. I would tell myself that I should have kept better company. I should have surrounded myself with people that had the same goals as I did so I could focus more on school rather than my social life. And finally, I would have told myself to appreciate the freedom of childhood while I had it. I would tell myself to join any club or activity that even remotely interested me because life is short.


Apply to every university that you can, avoid community college because it is not for you. Grades are extremly importand so focus hard on them and try to get into a group so you can be involved and social. Scholarships are very important so apply to as many as you can. It is okay to work but your focus needs to be on school. It souds so cliche` , but listen to the adults, they know what they are talking about.


Out of the many things I would like to tell my younger self, the most important would certainly be the simple statement "do not be afraid." Throughout high school I made good grades, and I worked hard. Yet I was incredibly nervous to go college, and because of that I chose to only enroll at the local community college as a part time student. College ended up being much easier to adjust to than I had expected, but I have still not completed my degree. If I had not been so worried and afraid, I believe I could have graduated in the traditional timeframe. I would love to be able to go back and tell myself to have courage and not to hold myself back. Unfortunately, it is a message that cannot do me any good now, but I try to use it to encourage those that it does apply to.


One important thing I would tell myself is to not let Aaron's death control what you do in your college career. You should listen to what mom tells you and start at the 2-year college. It will save you a lot of time and heartache in the end. Also to trust what your gut says and don't always listen to what the advisors tell you. If you want to take that class, then take it. You don't need anyone to make you do anything. Just follow what you know to be right and don't be afraid to join the clubs and sororities. They help more than you know and are nothing like drill team. Always remember though that you can do anything you put your mind to and regardless of the obstacles put in your way you'll make it through.


I would have prepared myself better by taking more challenging classes my senior year!


I would tell myself to start on scholarships and grants in the 11th grade. I also would tell myself to do nursing(RN) and go to a college right out of high school. I would not waste my time and get the education I needed.


Given the chance, I would tell that frightened, stubborn, and confused girl that her parents were right. She would probably suck her teeth and tune me out, but if she would just listen for a second, then I'd remind her how important a support system is for a shy girl like her. Going to a smaller school closer to home, getting involved in school activities, and remembering she is not the only freshman that ever lived would make the transition far less lonely and overwhelming. Also, since that silly kid had never worked a day in her life, she naturally thought tuition and other funds would magically appear in her student account. I would surprise her with the truth: it doesn't. She would have to work, at a job and on her scholarships, to fund her education. And while the word "work" may have twisted her face, I would repeat it as many times as it took until she got it. College takes work. You do not quit and go home when classes and your roommates and the new world you've found yourself in gets difficult. This is your future. Grow up, and take it on.


I would have taken summer classes leading up to my freshman year in college, saved up more money for school, and studied harder. As a high school senior I really had no idea what college would be like.


Since high school I have learn somethings I wish I had done like starting on my scholarships early as possible. I had teacher and other people that I should be working on scholarships but like most students I wasn't trying to do all that; I was more interested in having fun for my last year in high school then doing scholarships. Another thing I would have done would to have talk to the two universities that I wanted to go to as much as I could so everything would have been done. Talking to people from UT Arlington is something I do more to make sure everything is received and that they don't need anything else's from me. Them were the main two things I didn't do as a senior and if I was able to go back and talk to myself as a senior thats what I would talk about about doing scholarships on time and talking to people from the universities that I wanted to apply to.


I would try to dispell some of the rebellious, non-conformist ideas I had regarding joining clubs and community service, because I have learned that it is really rewarding to be a part of your community and make a difference in it, instead of trying to distance yourself from the other people around you. I also would have encouraged myself to work harder to apply for scholarships, because it would have been nice to finish a degree with some of my small inheritance left over, instead of being in debt. Lastly, I would have encouraged myself to think more seriously about graduate school, as opposed to working towards a degree in Art Education. I enjoy helping and teaching others, but public education was not a good fit for me.


The advice I would of given myself as a senior would of been to be more productive in saving money and finding ways to go to school on scholarships. That would of saved me and my parents money these past few years. Another word of advice would of been to sign up for classes as soon as the become avaliable because they go by very fast and you end up with horrible class times. Also, do not procrastinate on anything because it just leaves you worried and not with the best results. Use all avaliable time to study and do research on the colleges or universties you want to attend, the more you know the better you will make your decision. Last advice I would of given myself, would be to not worry about want I want to major in because it will just come naturally to you. Just be yourself and do not slack off, its time to be serious.


I would have studied harder and worked smarter. Had I known that my study methods were hindering my ability to operate at my optimal level as a student, I would have sought other successful methods at an earlier time. The skills I have developed now could have enabled me to be more successful in High School and, thus more doors would have been open for me in regards to colloge. I also would have told myself to research what I wanted to do and discover what my passion was, while I was in High School, so that upon graduation I would have had a greater understanding and a more directed focus on accomplishing specific goals. I would have encouraged myself to be more active than I was in my community, with the Salvation Army, and church missions, and school auxiliaries. I would have told myself a lot, but that opportunity does not exist. I refuse to live in regret, but instead I take all the experiences that I have previously written about, and I use them to affect and cultivate the dream that is inside of me.


I would tell myself to think about something for atleast 2 weeks before making a big decision such as quitting a sport or transferring to a different campus. I would tell myself to look at all of the options and possibilities first before making a quick decision.


If only I really could go back in time, I would tell myself that it's never too early to prepare for college and that communication with parents is so crucial. Make sure that your parents and you are on the same page regarding where you want to attend and how it's being paid for. I would remind myself that college is very expensive and that I should've applied for tons of scholarships as opposed to assuming my parents would pay for college, because it's not their responsibility. Be persistent and passionate in your studies and complete every assignment or project or exam with all the gusto you can manage, because highschool is only the beginning.


I graduated from high school at the age of 16 and decided that I was too young for college. I waited a few years to start attending college. So if I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself to start college as soon as possible. It is a totally amazing experience, which is nothing that I was expecting. Plus, had I started right after graduating high school, I would already be graduated and on my way to a career!


If I could go back and talk to a younger, right out of high school version of myself, I believe I would tell myself that college is going to be a great experience where I would have the opportunity to learn and experience many new and interesting things. I would warn myself that it would not always be easy, and that I would have to put a lot of hard work into passing classes and making good grades, but I would also be able to tell myself that that in the end all of the time spent reading biology books, writing English papers, working on math problems, and practicing for hours to ace that Spanish final would pay off in the end. Most importantly, I would tell myself that no matter how boring or tiresome the work might seem at the time, it would always be worth it to make myself keep at it until the work was done, and that it was always more enjoyable and far less stressful do your school work first, thereby insuring good grades, and to then use the extra time left over to do the fun, less important things.


Knowing how I was as a senior, who knew since the age of eight she wanted to attend college, yet, didn?t have clue what college she wanted to attend, to truly make an effort and research multiple universities; to not tour only one campus as I did my senior year, but many campuses. I?d advise myself to look into Baylor University, because she?ll find it to be a perfect fit of academics and faith. However, I?d encourage myself to attend community college, and complete the core classes, because the classes will transfer ? saving time and money spent at university. I would strongly advise my past self to not rely on the fact that for the past thirteen years of schooling, I didn?t need to study to excel in my courses, because it?ll be that train of thought that will cause our father to cease funding for school, and lead me into debt in order to pay for school. Not to mention, that lacking a study routine will cause me to struggle unnecessarily. Most of all, I?d tell myself to enjoy the experience, and not be afraid to spread my wings and soar.


If I could go back to 1989 and talk to myself, I would inform me that I could do it. To stay focused and not work 40 hrs a week. The pay checks could come later and it would be alright to persue my goals . Also I would inform myself that college is affordable and there are many grants, scholarships and loans that can be acquired. Follow your heart and dreams I would say.


There are many advices that I wanted to give to myself, but in reality there is only really one I needed. That is to not give up. I gave up on everything I did or attempted to do. I had no sort of motivation or passion for what I was learning. I came to school with the mind set of being dumber than most others. How did I come up with that sort of attitude? After some college experience I looked back and realize that I was just lazy. In my mind I chose the easy way out. Deciding that it was easier for me to not try at all, than to challege myself mentally and learning. I believe and I know that I can do most things that I gave up on, it's the lack of determination that I have now is missing. I really wanted to tell myself that I can achieve the things that I thought I couldn't achieve back then if I have just tried a bit harder. I know I can do it, and yes i can.


When I entered highschool, I heard all of the warnings of how difficult it would be ringing in my head over and over. However, high school was not very difficult to me; I even graduated Cum Laude. So naturally, as time to go off to college approached, I took the many warnings of how tough and stressful it would be and let them go in one ear and out the other! Well what I should have done was listen to those warnings! If I was able to go back and talk to Aubrei in highschool and tell myself the things I know now, I would make sure I knew that in college, depend on only YOURSELF!! NOBODY is going to hold your hand. You have to take it upon YOURSELF to get your assignments, know the material, and not to mention supply your own EVERYTHING and ALWAYS have it with you!! Your professors only say things ONCE; get it then or never! Be on time, be respectful, and follow rules. Most importantly I NEEDED to know: Set aside time to acually DO homework and STUDY!! There's NO COPYING!! "PROCRASTINATE" can no longer be my "middle name!!"


I submitted this statement before taking the survey: First focus on your general class courses before focusing on a major, because your mind changes constantly as you grow. I would also say to go for the "A" in the class because that will help you to gain opportunities for scholarships throughout school. I would also say to research the schools you plan on attending and not to go just because your friends are there. This could save you on cost and can help you to remain focused if your friends are not there to distract. Whatever your field you are attempting to major in, volunteer if possible, within that field to see if that is something you really want to do before you waiste time and money. Research programs to get involved in, work study etc, that can help you to complete and enhance your education. This can also build your resume over the course of time. Most of all, make it your goal to remain in school until you complete your degree. It is possible to go back to school, but it is harder when you have other obligations. Stay positive!!!


?Shut up and stop thinking so highly of yourself. You don?t have all the answers!? When it came time to pick a college I already had my mind made up. I was sure I?d be offered a scholarship, I had excellent grades so I didn?t put any real effort into looking for one-Just signed up to the college of my choice and left it at that. I was so sure everything was going to go my way that I even ignored my mother?s battle in becoming a legal citizen, finding comfort in the knowledge that the government would ?never? separate her from her three American children. I was accepted into the college of my choice, but my mother was to remain on the other side of the border until further notice. I didn?t get a scholarship. I had to give up on my college, and set my sites lower. Even then the situation with my family only worsened. I put college off for a while. We had no money, and I couldn?t pay for my own education I wish I had that chance, but now that I know I can only go forward.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have made a genuine effort to look at more scholarships and financial aid offerings. Also, the transition to college is a bit different than high school. Getting to pick your own hours is easy! However, making study time for yourself is a bit harder. You have to "grow up" in a sense and start making decisions that are going to be with you for the rest of your life. Hit the books and stay out of the clubs. I know it sounds boring but it will be well worth the time spent, and who knows, you might even get out of there faster than you might have thought! Good Luck and Study Hard! Love, Yourself


As a high school graduate I had decided to take a year off before college. Knowing what I know now and talking to my younger self, I would tell me, "DO NOT TAKE A YEAR OFF! It is a bad idea, in fact, its the worst idea you will EVER have, I know this because I am your future self! So listen to me...you...whoever.... GO TO SCHOOL, DON'T BE A FOOL!"


As a freshman, I've been privileged to experience the exciting phenomenon that is known as college. So many intriguing aspects of this new life captured my attention. I was introduced to new found freedom, a multitude of cultures coexisting together, and enormous amounts of junk food (at a surprisingly affordable rate). I became aware of just how much I knew-- and just how much I DIDN'T know. If I could travel back in time, and conversate with my younger self, I would advise myself to be overly prepared. College is nothing like high school. While I could ace any test in high school without even having to study, college proved to be an humbling experience. I learned to prepare myself for the worst, even if that wasn't the case. I would let my younger self know that preparation is a key fundamental to success in my future endeavors in college. As long as I am prepared, I can succeed in every possible way.


Absolutely, positively do not worry. Don't worry that you don't know what you want your major to be. Don't worry about what your peers are doing, or for that matter, are not doing. I want you to know that everything is going to work out for the best. You know people who rushed into their collegiate decisions, paying (and wasting) precious time and money. You don't need to be like them! Do what is right for you, not for your best friend or your neighbor. While others feel the need to fly the coop, leave the state and be as far away from home as possible, feel secure in the fact that you chose to do what was best for you. To be close to your family, the people who are truly important to you. Relish in the fact that your wisdom and self-assured ways have helped to guide you in making all of your decisions thus far in life. Be who you are, and not who others want you to be. Enjoy your senior year, and good luck to you in all of your future endeavors!


If I could go back in time, to talk to me, at 18 years old, I would encourage myself to listen to, and take all my mother's advice. I would then reassure myself that she does indeed know what she is talking about, regarding preparing for college. I would tell myself that my mother's idea to start taking correspondence core courses was infact an awesome idea. I would also tell myself that the beginning of my life was just around the corner, and NOW is the time to set my goals and stick with them, regardless of what was around the corner with the future. I would tell myself that although you will be discouraged sometimes, keep on keeping on. Lastly I would tell me self the reason for the talk is simply put this way, you have two options...sink or swim. By all means choose life.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to start with classes like foreign language and math so that I would better understand them while the information is still fresh from high school. These classes are required for my major, and I think that I would have been more successful in them had I started them earlier in my college experiance.


As a high school student i was never worried about college, to me it seemed like something unimportant. I graduated high school and immediatly started working. I made nothing of it, I was happy because i was working and had money. In high school i was an avarage student, a regular joe. Now here I am two years later, seeking an education. I realized that just a high school education wasnt going to get me anywhere. The transition has been hard for me, i had to change alot just so i could get back in school. My work hours have been cut therefore putting less money in my pocket. I had to get in school mode once again it had been too long since i graduated. If I could go back i would tell myself one thing... Listen Carlos, hear what everyone is saying and dont be so self centered. Appreciate the advice and take it to heart, the ones that care only want the best for you. Your future is what you make of it, so start now and make something of it.


If i could go back and talk to myself i would give myself alot of advice so i could be ready for college. I would tell myself is to start applying for as many scholarships as i can because college is expensive. That prevented me from getting into the college i wanted to attend; I messed around my senior year and next thing I knew all of the deadlines for scholarships and loans were coming up and i had missed out on getting any. I would also tell myself to start getting my priorities together. So that i can make good use of my time, for instance going to class, then the library to study, then work, and back to the dorm to do homework. College is alot different from high school I really do wish i could go back and beat some sense into myself if that makes any sense. I figured that college would be just like high school and if i ever needed anything i could find somebody to help me but that is not the case at all. I had to take on alot of responsibilities once i made the transition from high school to college.


I would definately tell myself that there are lots of opportunities out there for assistance. As a young single mother, I did not persue my college dream, due to the need to take care of my children. College was not an option, now here I am many years later following my dream to get a college education. There are lots of doors to open, you just have to be persistant in looking for the right ones.


I would tell myself that find as many scholarships as I can. Also no matter what put school first though having fun is a great way to keep yourself from stressing out to much but to much fun can be deadly to your grades. I would also let me know that all the struggles i had to go through to get back on top. One semester of fun can equal a year of hard work.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would honestly tell myself that I have made a smart decision in going to a two year community college. Saving my parents money is my top priority. I would also tell myself to take dual credit classes that way I would not need to take them in college. Also tell myself to apply for all the scholarships I can apply for, who doesnt need money for all those college books one needs to buy for class. Other than that I think I am doing a pretty good job being a college freshman.


This question always crosses my mind. If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing that I would tell myself would be that there is more to life than highschool and drama and stupid high school boyfriends. I would tell myself that I need to quick thinking selfishly and start becoming involved in extra-curricular activities. I would tell me that I need to start attending church and volunteering in the community. If anything I would suggest to myself that I should join Art Club or work harder to be in A.P. classes. I would tell myself to quit slacking off and start trying harder in my classes to make better grades. These things would have helped me so much more now when it came to applying for schools and scholarships. When I was done lecturing my senior self about all the things I was capable of, I would also add that I need to enroll for college earlier so that I would bypass the 2007 drop law and to always make sure I knew what day my final exams were so I wouldn't have missed my Psychology exam.


I would tell my self to be prepared for a wake up call, college is another ball game. You would have to be more active in your search for scholarship money, your parents might not always come through, plus the job market isn't to good. Also make sure you enjoy your high school years, some Colleges dont have what you had in high school, so it will be hard to change from doing an activity to not doing it at all.


I would first tell myself to not sweat the small stuff. Don't get caught up in the pressures that one is faced in this world. Go to school for you and no one else. See college as a journey and a process to get from point A and eventually make it to point Z. Its ok if it takes you a little longer than you expected. Don't compare your abilities or experience to anyone elses. Its uniquily yours. Be open to going in a new direction and don't second guess yourself. Be confident in your abilities and strive for nothing but the best! College really isn't as scary as you might think it is.


As easy as you keep saying it is to yourself , you should still keep trying your hardest to succeed. Don't be lazy and put things off till the final moment you might or will probably end up failing cause of that. The future might seem far and while you dont feel like anything is happening to you right here and now or in a few months. Think of it like the rpgs you play but on a grand scale. Your weak right now but you will always be getting experience points. Slow it may seem but eventually you'll get to the top like in those games and be able to hold your head up high. Be proud and keep working, you would see the results right now but you will in the future. So dont be lazy and dont think wont add up, your just growing slowly like in the mmorpgs.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school, I would tell myself to not move out and to start collage right after the summer. I would also give my self information about my exgirlfreinds between my senior year in high school to now so I didn't make the same mistakes.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would advise myself to pick up a habit of studying more often, and spending more time trying to prepare myself for the journey ahead. Also I would look more into the different fields of study that i am interested in to have a better understanding of what options i would have in the future for my career. I would also change the way i spent my finances, it would have been better to save the extra money i had than to have just spent it going out having fun, or on things i did not need. Now I'm struggling with finances because of bills and also because my car broke down. I am having to rely on other people for transportation to work and to school. If I had planned ahead for that in the past, I would not be in the bind I am today. If i knew the things i do now that i did not know then, I would be in a better position in school, and I would not be struggling so much.


If I were to go back threes years ago and have a conversation with my senior self I would have alot to say about college. I would tell myself to accept that I wont be going to a big party school university-and be happy with myself no matter what. Then I would say to be patient, it takes time to learn and you cant rush progress. I would continue with saying to Absorb the life that is around you, soak in the moments that seem to have passed you by before. To wrap it up I would close with saying that very soon responsibility will be infront you and you need not to run away but to confront and be prepared- the only way to do that is to graduate and conquer my future! ... If i were to meet with my self thats the message I would want to get across.