Taylor University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Taylor University focuses on creating a community through education, spirituality, and residence life.


The most friendly place in the world where everyone has a place in our community.


Taylor University is very community-oriented, provides a lot of activities, and has strict academic regulations, but it is too restrictive in some areas, especially in the areas of social dancing and alcohol consumption.


A safe, conservative, religiously focused academic and faith community, committed to students' academic and spiritual success. The


Taylor is a Christ-centered, liberal arts college that offers many opportunities for spiritual and academic growth, service, and domestic and international travel.


Spritually helpful, and community


It is an integration of faith (in Christ) and learning with a strong emphasis on community.


Taylor is a great nurturing environment to grow in Christ and as a person


Taylor is community of Christians desiring to get a strong education in the truth of both God and academics.


Taylor University is a Christian university that places the right amount of emphasis on academics, faith, and community.


Taylor University is really a great place that fosters learning, encourages spiritual growth, and allows for wonderful friendships that will last your whole life. I feel completely prepared by the degree and education that I received, and I feel I had to work hard to achieve the degree that I did.


Taylor is a supporting family which i plan to lean on for the rest of my life.