Taylor University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Generally, everyone is here to thrive. The outliers are those who are not. Many of the students are leaders, whether or not they have titles. On my wing alone, at least half were high school valedictorians. People smile at each other when they pass, even if they don't know each other. The majority of people go to chapel even though it's not required. The majority of people are self-driven and want to be better people. It is not hard to find people who are intentional about relationships with others, God, and themselves. It is hard to find a sour person or to never be asked how you're doing at Taylor.


My classmates are either fiercely conservative or fairly liberal hipsters.


My classmates are profoundly insightful, imaginitve, creative, unique, and know how to think outside the box.


My classmates, for the most part, are very bright students who are serious about their studies but not so engrossed in their studies that they can't have fun learning and interacting with each other.


They are unique, athletic, creative, outgoing, friendly, happy, fun, interesting, talented, smart, hard-working (for the most part) and determined.


Last year, we had only one "out-f-the-closet" homosexual student as far as I knew. He lived on my wing and I didn't act like anything was different about him. The sad part about it was, a lot of students felt like it was taboo to talk with/about him since he was openly gay at a Christian school. I didn't like this, because Christians believe all people are sinner, and in that light his "sin" was being homosexual. In a biblical sense this doesn't make him any different than me or the people that ignored him. I became upset with the fact that some "christians" treated him differently than any other kid on campus. Thankfully, the majority of the student body agree with how I felt about the subject, and treated him no differently. I feel like an atheist would feel out of place at Taylor, but that doesn't mean an atheist shouldn't come. Taylor is welcome to any prospective student that is interested in finding out what a Christian is, and why we live our lives out for Christ. Sure there are "cliques," but the majority of the students aren't rude to others who aren't in their group of friends. Most of the student body have friends in all kinds of different social groups, and people are happy. Most students come from suburban living areas, but there are a good amount from rich upbringings as well as not so rich. A lot of students (such as myself) come from suburban Chicago. Most prevalent financial background of students is upper-level middle class. A lot of students are politically aware, and I would say the majority lean right.


My classmates for the most part are people who care about God, life, the world and how they can be an integral part of the fast paced society of today.


Diligent students who are predomiantly religiously and politically conservative. Midwest values and midwest work ethic. Some are children of missionaries and pastors. Most seek to follow God's direction for their life.


My classmates here at Taylor University are some of the greatest people I have ever met. I have great friends back home in Boulder, but none that compare to friends I have now. My classmates here at Taylor have a genuine care for people. They truly want you to be better, and keep you accountable in tuff situations. I have learned so much from them in just one semester, I think I am a much kinder respectful human being because of them. I hope next year I get a chance to influence someone as much as they have influenced me.


They are a diverse, loving group, that truly cares about the school and the Taylor community.


They are extremely talented and driven to improve their musical abilities and knowledge.


My classmates are less motivated than myself but still bright, intelligent, diversified students who, in general, are appreciative of thier opportunity to study at Taylor.


fun and exuberent as well as fucosued and determined.


friendly, encouraging, Godly, honest, loving, accepting, spiritual


They are very eager to learn in class and to do the best they can. They enjoy making friends with the other students on campus.