Taylor University Top Questions

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We are very unique because, as I said earlier, we are very focused on community. We have all kinds of events on campus that help bring the students together, like the Silent Night basketball game, MyGen, and more. We also do alot of activities with our floors and wings. For example, my floor, third English, has an event every year called Broomball. If you're not familiar with any of these events, you should definitely look into them.


I almost transferred out of Taylor because of the rules, but I decided to stay because of the friends I made.


Taylor U is great because they have an amazing way of integrating faith and learning into one speciman as well as an outstanding computer science department.


Taylor's community is probably what makes it most unique. At Taylor most people will wave and say hi or at least smile at you as you walk by even if you don't know them and they don't know you. People are easy to talk to and really want to help you do your best. The professors are great too. They'll often invite classes to their houses or out somewhere. We have a strong sense of community and it really helps strengthen the school.


Taylor is located in the middle of not-too-much. Students here rely on their social skills and ability to create their own activities. In this way, students at Taylor are challenged to balance themselves out academically and socially in a healthy and positive way. If all else fails, a big city is just an hour away.


Taylor has a lot of traditions and is very big on campus community.


Community. Plain and simple


There was an extremely welcoming atmosphere from the first time I stepped on campus. The classes I visited were small, the professors knew every student's name, and they noticed when there were visitors. They seemed to enjoy talking about personal lives with students and genuinely cared. The school president is often seen around campus, from the dining commons to hosting ice cream socials at his house. The students are genuinely helping and caring. The school over all is strongly academic, but not to the point that you have no opportunity for a social life.


I liked the community when I came and I still like it. I also like how our traditions like the Silent Night basketball game and teh Habecker Halipalooza!!!


Great christian community. Amazing professors and great dorm life.


Taylor makes a huge effort to be a huge community no one is left out.


We are all a close community. There is respect and a strong sense of value for academics.


They appeared to have a good missionary kid/international student orientation.


its community driven its really a tight knit school