Taylor University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Best thing about Taylor: Community. It seems like it is practically impossible to find a perfect group of friends. If you don't get along with people on your wing it's not a horrible thing, it's very easy to meet new people on campus. One thing I would change: The Life Together Covenant (LTC). This is a contract every student is required to sign at the beginning of every fall semester. It's pretty much the rule book. There are a few rules I would want to change, such as: no dancing, no tobacco even if you're 18 and no drinking even if you're 21. I feel like these rules are over-restricting our freedoms. I can understand that Taylor is a private Christian University, but I feel like the students are mature enough to make their own decisions in whether to partake in those activities or not. Taylor has around 1900 students in a given school year. I feel like it's a little too small for me. Yet then again, I have met or heard about almost every student, which reminds me of how my high school was. Some people love the size of Taylor while others hate it. I'm personally apathetic about it. When I tell people I go to Taylor, the majority of them say they have never heard of it. I spend the most time on campus in my hall. The guys that live in my building are amazing, and it's great to be able to walk into almost any room and just hang out with anyone. That's the beauty of out "Community." Taylor is located in Upland, Indiana. This small town consists of an ice cream shop, about four gas stations, a general store, and a subway. We are about 10 minutes of cornfields from any other town. To see a movie or go bowling, we have to drive about a half an hour. No comment about the administration. No recent controversies. School pride fluctuates with the sport. Sometimes there are a lot of fans at games, sometimes the stands are less than half-full. Something unusual about Taylor: As far as I know, we are the only private religious school that does not require the students to attend chapel during the week or church on Sundays. One experience that I'll always remember is Silent Night. This is where almost every student dresses in sleepwear and goes to a basketball game in December. Our entire side of the bleachers stay completely silent until our team scores our 10th point, in which we all explode in cheers and screaming. We don't stop screaming, standing or cheering for the rest of the game. After the game, we all go to a Christmas party in our dining commons. The night altogether is extremely fun Most common Taylor student complaint: The rules regarding the visiting hours of girls in guys dorms and guys in girl dorms. A lot of students feel that we should have more nights to visit, and later nights on the weekends.