Taylor University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school is very committed to not only providing an excellent education in many different fields, but also equipping each student with a solid Christian evangelical faith. They are very intentional in helping young people understand what it means to not only call oneself a Christian, but to also live out one's faith in actions, attitude, personal and professional decisions, relationships, and career goals. They provide tons of opportunities for interaction with peers and building releationships through educational, social, and spiritual activities and events. This is a great school to attend!


Taylor is a Christian school, so students should expect to have faith intergrated into the classroom. Students should be willing to be challenged acedemically, but ready to have a ton of fun at the same time :)


Anyone who is serious about learning academically and growing spiritually should attend Taylor University. The student body is unified and there are no cliques. Therefore, any personality that one may have is accepted! The classes will not be easy and, therefore, one must be dedicated to his studies and willing to be stretched beyond what expected. There is a lot of room to grow at Taylor University. One has to be able to accept failure, because with challenging academics, one will not be perfect constantly.


Taylor University is full of students who love, serve, and follow Christ with their whole lives. Taylor consists of many students who want to grow and mature more in their relationship with Christ. They want to gain more knowledge in the field they are studying and know how to apply their faith in that field.


Taylor University is a small christian university. A large amount of the people who attend come from christian backgrounds, but not all. There are "non Christians" at Taylor, lots of them are athletes on scholarships. One might think that a non Christian wouldn't fit into a heavily based Christian community, but that doesn't seem to be a problem here at Taylor. Everyone is accepted for who they are, and hold their unique role on campus. Just because Taylor is a christian university that by no means means you have to be Christian to attend and be accepted here!


Taylor University is a private, somewhat conservative, Christian-based university. Therefore, if students are looking for a party school, Taylor is NOT for you. However, if a student is looking for a Christian community, focused on an academic education and global outreach, he/she should definately consider Upland, IN as a potential new home. I found no other place like it throughout my 3-year search for the right place to study. It truly fell in love from day one and feel that my dreams are being fulfilled right here.


Someone who is comfortable in who they are, but is willing to be exposed and accepting of others' ideas and views. Someone who wants to be challenged not only in the academic sense, but mentally and socially as well.


A young Christian looking to expand his/her thoughts on religion and other crucial life matters.


A Christian with strong academic drive as well as a desire to get to know his/her personal Savior in a real way. A social person.


The ideal Taylor student is one who doesn't want to just attend a school for the degree. Someone who wants to give back to the community, on campus, locally, and even globally. Students who are driven to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided at Taylor really excel in the environment that Taylor's professors and career directors design. People who should attend Taylor are those who should expect to graduate with life long friends and changed from when they first moved into their dorm four years ago.


I would suggest Taylor to a conservative person that enjoys spending time doing homework. Don't come here for sports. If you enjoy hanging out with the guys or girls on your floor, there's plenty of that here. You won't feel alone.


Anyone, The community is wonderful and the faculty are very helpful. It is a blast to come here and study with other students


A person who desires to be challenged acadmenically as well as spiritually becasue the intergration of faith and learning is the focus.


A strong Christian who has a heart for the world and for influencing the world through the love of Jesus Christ. A person who wants to receive a quality education in a field that is not necessarily related to missions, but they want to be prepared to be a 'missionary' in their daily life.