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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I will be forty this year when I return to college to finish what I so blithely set aside in my youth so the question of what I would advise my younger self has crossed my mind many times. I finished only one semester of college before dropping out so my experience with college life and it's transition is limited. My life experiences are not what I thought they would be as a young woman. I became a caregiver to my elderly parents which stalled my academic progress significantly. These years have been both frustrating and gratifying but I would not alter them. I held my mother's hand and felt her last breath expire into the ethos as she lay dying, my heart broke, but my spirit will everafter be lifted by the incalculable moments we shared together. This immeasurable life moment has etched itself in my mind as no other. My advice to my younger self, or any young woman, would be to breath deep, find what gives you inner peace when all is chaos, be the hero of your own story instead of waiting for rescue and learn to laugh even when your heart is broke.