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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would definitely tell myself to be prepared to speak up for yourself. In many colleges, because there are many students, everyone is not able to get their voice heard. The problem can come up when grades are submitted. Everyone can be confused about why they get a grade and so they will want to understand why. Teachers can be inundated by projects, homework, lesson plans, and often other jobs, which does not allow them time for everyone. Therefore, you need to be aggressive in getting the information you want and need. I have not had a chance in high school to learn anything about being forceful in your approach so that someone can realize the importance of what you are speaking of. This can apply to anything at school because there are many people that are tired from hearing the same thing. If they can see that you mean business and that something is important to you, results can appear much quicker. Over the two years I have made a transition getting what the school suggests is good for me to me telling them what I need from them. With loans, scholarships, and grades, everything is right.


I would say to myself "self, take your last classes seriously and try as best as you can to get a passing grade and actually learn something. Save money for college books they are so expensive! they are over $100 for each book! just because in high school you were a bit on the strange side and had no friends, dosent mean you cant change. Make new friends, talk to people, socialize." Finally i would say to myself "have fun!!! you worked so hard these four years its time to let off some steam!"


To continue your education because that is the only way to manage in this economy. You have much more to bring to the table in an interview, besides where will you mature and develop into an productive adult