Technical College of the Lowcountry Top Questions

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TCL has an amazing view of the Beaufort river, it is really breath taking. It has a really great Contuning Education Welding Program. It is a really demanding program with exclent hands on training, and media training. the program trains you on Oxygen and Accetylene, Arc Welding (stick welding), GMAW and FCAW (MIG and Flux Core welding), and GTAW (TIG Welding). The hardest on is Oxygen and Accetylene and it consist of tourch cutting, brazing, welding, and fusion welding.


It is close so i do not have a long commute, they have a good variety of professions to choose from that are current and are in high demand, the tuition is affordable, they offer the the radiology program i wanted to attend, the education is challenging but i enjoy the program.