Technical College of the Lowcountry Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my self to invest my money, go to college straight after High school. I would have joined the Marine Corps as an Officer.


Be prepare for the work load and the amount of effect you have to put in your education. It is not like high school.


I would tell myself to spend more time studying and learning things that could help me with my studies. Then i would also tell myself to spend more time with my friends, because even though you're in college, you can never underestimate the support of your friends. Because even when you feel like there's way too much work and you can't go on. The support of your friends can lift you up, even when it feels impossible. The last thing i would tell myself is to never take anything for granted, always take everything like it's the last time you'll ever see or do it.


As a young adult, with the opportunity to change my path traveled, I would continue my education as a high school student. I dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and I have struggled to continue my education since that decision. I have absolutely no regrets of the traveled path, but I would have acheived my nursing degree earlier in life.


i would tell myself to put myself first, pursue my goals in life before marriage or kids. have faith in youself and work hard at what you want to do. focus, focus, focus, have a college already chosen and a career also. if i would have went to college straight out of high school, i would be done by now. you must do well in high school in order to have the drive to go to college. i had to learn the hard way. i enjoyed school after i grauduated high school and had children. now i am only a few classes away form receiving my ba in human services, with a minor in psychology. i just need the financial help.


Take studying for the SAT more seriously and research and apply for more scholarships. This would make going to school much easier and less worrisome. I would plan to finish school all at one time instead of taking a year long break like i did. Try and choose the area of study you you like to be in and see if you could take the required courses part-time and get yourself ahead in the game. This would make the transition from high school to college much easier because you are already familiar with the college setting and it will reduce your initial freshman load. I would also visit more colleges and universities and get a glimpse of campus life and feedback from current students. Practice and develop good study habits and DO NOT procrastinate.