Temple University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The majority of the students in my class were working adults taking classes in the evening. I cannot think o any student who would be uncomfortable at Temple University. the student population is diverse. The professors are open to our ideas.


They were friendly.




Classmates here are generally very career-focused and motivated.


Classmates are friendly, interactive, and helpful when in class, and needing to study for an exam.


My classmates are not only welcoming and easy to work with but all have the same goals of trying to fulfill their expectations as a student.


Each class is diverse, in both a personal (cultural, racial, sexual identity


TUJ community is made up of 40% Japanese students, 40% American students and 20% other students. They have different religion, perspective but we get along with each other very well, so we don't really have to worry about feeling out of place because people respect you for who you are. Students wear casual cloths and backpacks. I am not sure about the financial backgrounds but some students can't afford tuition and are getting help from the government, school etc. Some students are politically aware but we don't really bring that topic.


A wide variety of students


The school I attend now is online, however the students in my classes were great and gave great feedback.


Ambitious, opinionated and strong minded.


My classmates never bring enough M&M's for the entire class.


Helpful when needed.


I studied with a diverse group of classmates, with various backgrounds and therefore different opinions and outlooks.


My classmates are extremely welcoming, friendly, and outgoing!


Students who enjoy very lively and active environments and students who like having variety and choices. Students who thrive at Temple are ones that enjoy the city and have a sense of adventure. Students with integrity and those whom are intelligent and are willing to learn more than they would, are the students whom should be accepted in Temple University.


Academically minded students who are generally prepared for class and actively participate in classrom discussions.




My college classmate are extremely diverse and unique in several ways. Compared to high school, everyone is a lot more laid back and easy going. We all understand why we are attending university and prefer not to get too involved in the daily drama, unlike in most high schools. Essentially everyon eis friendly and try to help those in need as much as possible. Gnerally, if you are a friendly, easy going type of person Temple is the place for you.


My classmates can best be described as open to new ideas, perceptive to the world around them, self-reflective and eager to learn more.


Temple University students were imaginative, out-spoken, and fearless.


I support pretty much support all different types of organizations on campus. We include all types of diverse people at my university. I attend different events/ meetings for organizations that are not of my interest. Students dress casually to class for the most part and different types of students most certainly interact. Most of the students are from the Pennsylvania area. Students who are from the middle class typically attend the university. Students are politically aware and are not really concerned with how much money they will make in the future.


A diverse group of individuals who are eager and willing to learn to create a better, brighter tomorrow.


The majority of my classmates have been very friendly and eager to share notes as well as work together on class projects.


No matter who you are you will some place to fit in at Temple. There is every club you can think of, many mutlicultural organizations, and a very open attitude towards diversity. People here are from what I've seen mostly liberal, and focused on living well-to-do middle class lives. My experience is a bit different because I'm a theater major however, and the school of business may have many different opinions. Students are from all over the place. There are a lot of PA kids, and New Jersey, but I've seen a lot of Connecticut, California, Florida, Rhode Island, and international. You name it, we got it.


When they say Temple is diverse they mean it. I work in student organizations as the Queer Student Union president, an LGBT advocacy group. Just in my organization alone we have members of all types of backgrounds. We've even collaborated with different groups such as the progressive NAACP, the Insomnia Theater Group, the College Democrats, and the Students for Justice in Palestine. Every different group, culture, or interest has a place at Temple. A huge majority of students are accepting or at the very least tolerant of minority groups such as the LGBT groups on campus. Many people interact regardless of backgrounds.


No student would feel out of place at Temple. I would say with 100% conviction that there is an organization for every type of student at Temple. There are African-American Greek organizations, multicultural Greek organizations, and Asian Greek organizations. There are many religious organizations as well as clubs for different career paths such as film, medicine, and art. Temple is very diverse and have people from different cultures and backgrounds. The majority of the population is middle class and are people who have large ambitions and want to succeed in life. Most students are from Pennsylvania, but there are also a large number of students from New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Temple has students that come from all 50 states. The only thing every Temple student has in common is their love for the sun. When it is warm outside, every students is searching for a spot on the grass to study or catch up with friends. Temple students are active in the community. We celebrated the World Series victory of the Phillies, as well as the election victory of Barack Obama. We also took part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. We cater to every possible interest a Temple student could have.


Temple has all different student groups that involve racial, religious, LGBT, and political issues. These different groups may have different opinions on certain issues but there has never been a problem that has risen due to this. Many students wear comfy clothes to class specially freshman. Girls wear North Face jackets, uggs, and leggings. Guys wear moccasins or sneakers, gym shorts, and plain tshirts. Due to the various student organizations you have meet a lot of people who you might not meet or interact with on a normal day to day basis. I know in our student organization Students for Environmental Action we have students from all different majors within the club who just enjoy the environment. If you came to our dining hall there would be four major types: athletes, hipsters/artsy kids/hippies, more studious/shy students, and misc. Most of our students are from the tri state region: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. Many of the students attend Temple because it has a lower tuition rate than most schools so students come from lower middle class families. There are signs that Temple students are politically aware and are active. When Occupy Philadelphia was happening at city hall several students had walk outs to city hall and held lectures about the issues. Also the political student organizations usually bring guest speakers to campus.


The student body is very diverse. There are students of many different races and backgrounds, and there is a strong liberal presence. No students would feel out of place if they are willing to meet new people; Temple University caters to all interests.


Diverse. They are from all over the place.


As I said before, our school is very diverse, so no one will feel out of place. We have over 200 organizations on campus. Some are specific for majors such as The Society of Professional Journalists or some are for ethnic groups such as The Asian Society of America. People do migrate to their own race groups. You will see a lot of Asians in the library or even Blacks at the Bell Tower hanging out. People aren't racist to each other though. We learn to accept others for who they are including the LGBT. The style of people is diverse too. You will see people wearing sweatpants to class and others wearing fashionable clothes. Most students are from Philadelphia, so you will see a lot of people going home on the weekends, but there still are a lot of people who like to stay and party on the weekends.


Most of my class mates or curious, innovative students that are eager to learn and ask questions in order to further their knowledge of a specific subject.


My classmates are a great group of people from all around the world that are proud of their college and work hard to prepare themselves for the real world.


My classmates are the people who I strive to be like in my everyday life, outgoing, enthusiastic, loyal, motivated and hardworking.


My classmates are friendly and get along well with others.


Temple University has the most diverse population with students from different backgrounds creating a campus to learn new things about people.


Very focused on classes but also friendly and helpful.


My classmates are diverse.


The students are from very diverse backgrounds and hail from all parts of the US and the world. Since Temple is a global university, students will come to the Philadelphia campus from Europe and Asia or just from the local area. Since it’s a state-funded school, the tuition is lower than other premiere colleges in the area so attendance there is broad. The History department is really geared towards future teachers and scholars but some of my friends go to Fox Business School which is very much geared towards helping students get jobs. There also is a huge Health Care Professionals program which also vigorously works with the students to go into diverse occupations in this venue.


My classmates are professional, kind, focused young individuals


different racial and different country. Although I am a foreigner, I never alone. There are so many different country classmates.


My classmates are intelligent, determined, hardworking, and motivated, whether they are working alone or a part of a team; they are eager to learn while also leaving time for fun.


The weird thing about Temple is that for a school so diverse, there's a ton of self-segregation. I've met some people who are really upset about it. They claim that clubs, places to hang out, and parties are all for a certain race. I want to tell you that I've heard that a lot but I don't really experience it for myself. In my experience, even if a club is specifically designed for a specific race or ethnicity (like the Association of Back Engineers or the Vietnamese Student's Association) anyone of any ethnic background can join. Most students I've encountered are pretty friendly and there's no way to predict who'd be sitting at a certain table in a dining hall. People wear anything for class from pajamas to incredibly detailed goth/hipster getup to the mandatory suits in the Fox Business School. People at Temple come from all religious, financial, and political backgrounds and it would be impossible to generalize about which ones are most prominent. In fact, lots of people I've talked to say they went to Temple for the diversity (but they're also the ones who are most upset about the lack of overlap it entails).


My classmates motivate me to work hard and are very friendly.


There is a wide variety. There are some who are brilliant and you know it, some you wonder how they got there. There are students who come from nothing and others who come from money. You will find every type of person here.


Temple has an eclectic selection of food. You will find Vietnamese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Italian, Indian, Vegan, Korean, Greek, and Romanian food; the list goes on! The cuisines are overwhelming at first, and the aroma of our campus is delicious! Here at Temple, the reputation seems to be that we are filled with hipsters. We have a large number of art-affiliated, culturally diverse, eco-friendly and intellectual group of students. This does not necessarily mean they are all hipsters. We are just trendsetters set in a metropolitan setting, so it's inevitable that we may be art and cultural involved. Of course, in such a large university, there will be frat and sorority kids, jocks, foreigners, environmentalists, artistic, and the so on. But we seem to be known as the Diversity University because you will meet people with absolutely different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values.


Temple has the most variety of students I have ever seen on a college campus. My classes are never full of just one "type" or race. Temple has students of every race, religion, sexual orientation and background. I feel like people can truly be who they are here and not have to worry about being looked down upon. I cannot believe that anyone could actually feel left out, ridiculed, or out of place here. Everyone here is different and we all seem to accept that. Some girls wear heels and skirts to class, while other girls go in their pajamas. Big, muscular athletes have course with math and computer whizzes.


Very outgoing and over-acheiving.


The students are very diverse and driven


Friendly and from a variety of backgrounds.