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Temple University was one of the best schools I personally considered for the simple fact that its' student body is one of the most diverse I've ever seen, and its' campus imitates a small city in itself. When I'm on campus I feel like Temple is a town on its' own instead of a school campus, hence why you can find some of the surrounding area as 'TempleTown' on apps like Google Maps.


The quality of the professors and facilities available are just as legitimate and worthwhile as any private, exorbitantly priced university. As a transfer student, the lower cost of Temple University and knowing I would be receiving a wonderful education all the same was why I chose to be a student here. Don't let the words 'state school' fool you into thinking it's any lesser than a private, more 'prestigious' school.


Temple is a realistic school for students with a genuine student body from all walks of life that are looking to achieve excellence in their fields. I was accepted into several schools my Senior year of high school but the tuition they required combined with cost of living was unreasonable. Their status as schools however, often trumped the cost for most students that were accepted. Temple not only has a tremendous record of success for students in both the sciences and the arts, but it maintains reasonable tuition and living costs and continuously rewards those students who work and excell.


Temple University is one of the most diverse campuses around! One of my favorite aspects of Temple is the fact that it is located in the city. It is the real world and you have access to the entire city! You feel like an adult and you don't feel as if you are in a "college-town" type of bubble. I think it gives students more of a real-world outlook and understanding of life, which is amazing.


The location and diversity of types students.


Temple has excellent music faculty. They are very qualified and many of them are in the Philadelphia Orchestra. Temple is also great because it is in Philadelphia, but still has a very collegiate feel. It is convenient to all the culture and convenience of the city. Students at Temple really love it too. Everyone is really glad to be there and really loves the school. Temple also has great diversity; everyone's different, and we have all kinds of different people.


Great City....Phila.!!


More ethnically diverse than other schools I'd considered


24 hour Starbucks that has been the highest grossing one in Philadelphia... 24 hour 7-eleven that has ALL of the slurpee flavors. Diversity is pretty great here.


Hey! Come to Temple because it is a great school! You can't get diversity and top notch academics anywhere else. You also won't find a city with so much to do and so much to explore like Philadelphia!


Temple is an awesome school that provides you with many opportunities to meet new people and try exciting new things. Temple is constantly moving up in the academic ranks while its athletic teams win more and more games each year. Go Owls!


It's a diversal University


Temple is unique because of their diversity of students, the community that sorrounds the school and the variety of programs that are offered. Temple University is place where you feel you belong because it does not matter where you come from or what social class you are. It matters that you are there as any other student, and that is pursuing not just a degree, but also the opportunity to do something different. Temple makes alumni with great academic knowledge, but also great human beings aware of their surroundings and the things that affect their community.


Temple University has many unique features that are unlike other schools. I transferred to Temple University from Ithaca College and the one unique quality that is my favorite above all others is the city of Philadelphia, which the school is located in. Ithaca College is located in a small "College" town, whereas Temple is located in an active city. Temple offers many oppourtunities to help the community through community service, and even clubs which help clean the streets and plant urban gardens. I love being an active member of the community which I live in; Temple helps me achieve that.


As a city school, Temple provides diversity among a multitude of people which works as an active force to compress destructive and exclusive attitudes. Here, I have the freedom to be who I want to be without the nagging pressure to conform to my peers. Here, the confining bubble I grew up in safely, burst allowing me to take a closer glimpse at the complexity and variety of aspects in the world, such as culture and change. Temple has equipped me with the vital life skill of self expression, necessary for constructing future personal and communal success.


Temple University equals diversity. I love Temple you meet people from all over teh United States and the world.


Its not only a college town but it is a big city too. We can do anything with our freetime from going to center city to going to professional sporting events.


the sport and recreation management program.


Temple is located in the city, even though it can be an unsafe area. I like being in Philadelphia because there are many job opportunities surrounding the area.


Compared to other schools, the main thing that I like about Temple is its diversity. I enjoy being amongst other cultures and ethnicities that teach me different perspective than what I already know. It has help me to understand people better and given me a better outloook on life. Also I like the location of Temple and that it is in the heart of Philadelphia. There are so many things to do, and every where I go in the city I learn something diffferent and new. I believe that Temple is in a perfect location, and is a great University.


This was the most diverse school I applied to. There are people of all races and regions and that makes it a cool experience.


We're extremely diverse compared to other universities.


The School of Health Proffesion and Social Work. My intend major is Social work. I attended a community college and received an associate in Human Services. I applied to temple as a declare major of Social Work. This school is unique because with the short time experience at this school; the social work proffesors are the one that keeps the students motivated. Not to mention that the school has an excellent program for the social work students. With the field work placement on your senior year, students has a hands on experience of what to expect.


Temple University doesn't have a campus like any other colleges. It isn't your average college town where majority of the city and area off-campus belong to students. The school is located right outside of the big city of Philadelphia, giving individuals a first-hand experience of what life outside of college is. It is surrounded by working individuals in the real world and offers a numerous amount of employment opportunities, which will facilitate the transition of a person's life after graduation.


The program for my major was very unique and had a great sucess rate compared to other universities which made me choose to attend Temple. When I leave college I was a job not just a degree.


The diversity of both the student and faculty population. Also, the surrounding urban area of Philadelphia. It exposes students to the busy and successful world of Center City, Philadelphia as well as the underpriveledged area of North Philadelphia where the campus is located.


It is a school located in a very poor area of the city.


What's unique about my school is the diversity. Many people come from near and far and form a vast array of demographics that help to make Temple students more educated about not only their own cultures but the cultures of their peers. Temple is filled with very different and unique individuals with great spirits and personalities. That's why I'm proud to be a Temple Owl. I Bleed Cherry and White!!


This school is the epitome of a diverse, urban school and somehow still has the feel of a small school. The professors are approachable and knowledgable, and the environment on campus is extremely welcoming and friendly.


My University gives its students the opportunity to study abroad in one's same field of study. It also has meny programs that allow students to understand their majors and future career. There when students enter their career field they are prepared and competent.


The worst administration I have ever encountered in a school. They should totally clean house.


Temple is in a large city. It is almost impossible to not find something to do.


While compared to most universities throughout the country, Temple University boasts one of the most diverse students populations. Due to the fact that attending college prepares one to enter the workforce, attending a university with a diverse population gives an individual the opportunity to become culturally competent and ethnically responsible. This is one of the premier facets that Temple University provides. I find this feature to be one of utmost importance when integrating the benefits into societal endeavors. Entering society with the intellectual ability to be culturally competent and ethnically responsible is what sets Temple University apart from other schools.


The diversity at Temple is outstanding. Students bring their knowledge and observations from their many different nationalities, countries, and backgrounds into class discussions, thereby giving students unique perspectives from their peers. Along with the students, the surrounding communities bring diversification to the school. Center City Philadelphia hosts a wide array of individuals, theaters, and restaurants which allows the students to broaden their horizons and experience busy city life.


I believe that Temple is underrated. Temple has more than anything to offer. What makes it even better is the tution prices aren't sky rocketed compared to other well known school. I also enjoy Temple because it is in a city where everything is offered to you.


Temple has one of the best study abroad programs in the country, a diverse student body, a proactive sense of community and a fantastic arts program. It's the people you meet that will define your college experience, and between the students and faculty I live and work with every day, and the semester I spent living in a Temple campus in Japan, I have had an education that will resonate with me for a lifetime.


The diversity at Temple makes this institution unique in the specific learning environment the diversity provides. Different cultural backgrounds provide so many different insights and points of view regarding every topic imaginable. Attending Temple is bound to open anyone's mind, creating an optimal learning experience.


I feel as though the location of Temple University is what sets it apart from other schools. Philadelphia is such an amazing city and it creates a significant amount of opportunities to students in order to gain experience in their field of study. Other universities that are located in small towns or rural areas may be a nice fit for some students, but the location of Temple University has suited me thus far and presented me with activities and knowledge that I may have never experinced had I gone to college in a difference location.


Our school's urban location smd diversity. Temple University has consistently been ranked as the most diverse institution in America. The campuses urban location exposes students to an enviroment that they otherwise would not have seen. Student on our campus are minutes away from a bustling metropolitan area. Also, students are able to meet and make friends with students from many backgrounds including the many international students who come to study at Temple.


The difference between this school from other schools that i have considered is that it is a internationally well known school. It has a very high graduating rate that i want to be a part of. It is in the middle of a populated and popular area so there is never a dull moment. The insertion of the university with in the city also gives me a chance to learn more about the city while going to school and learning in my respected major. The last thing is that once you have been admitted you are now family for life.


My school is a city based school with a lot of green areas. It's also has a very interesting mix of students, with varied tastes and liskes.


It is located in Philadelphia, which provides many distinct occurances and opportunities. You can never be bored here; there is always something new and exciting going on.


There are many unique aspects about my school. My school lies within the heart of the city and the students and faculty forge an extremely diverse atmosphere. I meet and see new people all the time from different cultural bakgrounds in the classrooms, walking on campus and going on student-activitity trips. The location of the campus allows for easy transportation including trains, cars and even bicycles. The greatest aspect of all are the teachers. I have learned so much about myself and the world in only one year of school and this has greatly affected my life.


It is very diverse. Every race, nationality, ethnicity, culture, religion, background is represented at Temple.


Diversity and quality of the education and opportunities to improve yourself as a person


The most unique thing about Temple University in comparison to other unversities is the diversity on the campus. The mixture of distinctive cultures and races not only through classes but within organizations, fraternities/sororities, sports/clubs and extra curricular activities.


Campus diversity is valued more at Temple.


What I would consider to be unique about Temple University, would have to be how diverse the school is. If I'm not mistaken, Temple U is one of the top ten most diverse schools in the U.S. It's also a main reason why people choose Temple U as their choice school of study.


Temple is known for its diversity.


Temple is very unique for two reasons, diversity and research oppurtunities. On Temple's campus, people of all genders, race, orientation, and religion can be found. They are all accepted and together, form a wonderful environment. Temple is also known for its various research oppurtunities, employing faculty who are all engaged in some type of research.