Temple University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The amount of opportunities that other majors are experiencing, even if I am not. I am double-majoring so it is hard to devote time to each major's extra curricular opportunities, but there are many events held at Temple. For example, during the recent Presidential election, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were in Philadelphia speaking and students were encouraged to go and see them. We also had Anne Hathaway here, and Bob Saget from "Full House" will be here next week. So, there are a lot of opportunities, especially by being near a major city. Center City is a two-mile subway ride away, so I also brag about the shopping malls/stores available because I come from a small town.


It was convient.


It is only a subway ride away from Center City, which is awesome to go visit!


The different class options, such as virtual, and what I am learning.


I brag most about being in the city of Philadelphia. There is always something to do and someplace to go. It also offers as a giant labortory for learning and exploring.


I mostly talk about the people that I have met as well as the events that happen during the week. I also talk about how nice Morgan Hall is.


The amazing atmosphere. The people here are so nice and make you feel warm and welcome the first time you step on campus. Everyone remembers what it was like to be a freshman in college and not know where to go or what clubs or activities were avaiable to get involved in. At Temple, they really do guide you by the hand and show you that everything the school has to offer. Soon enough, you feel part of the Temple family and it is an amazing feeling.


Atmosphere is not like most schools I've visited. It's it's own little part of the city with a lot of stuff always going on. It's extremely close to downtown area. Quality of education is above average. Although classes are large, it is easy to connect with the professors and get your foot in the door to whatever field you're studying.


It is a great college, supportive in helping with your career, most importantly it feels like home there.


I feel it's a great school; like it's own city/community! It even has a bar on campus! (meeting and having a bite to eat with my older friends) On Campus you feel very secure an safe with the excelent campus police.


The things I brag about most is how it is never boring; there is always something to do. Whether you are just hanging out with friends in your dorms or going out for the night downtown, it is never a dull moment


It's alot of fun and there is always something going on. They offer a lot of majors and classes. There is something for everyone.


I brag about the school spirit of the students, and the incredible well-rounded experience of my professors.


Bill Cosby and Bob Saget attended Temple University.


My college let me start taking classes related to my major as a freshman. They're classes I have to take for my major. I love this because these classes really motivate me and my GPA is higher, because I finally get a chance to apply my skill sets. I'm so glad I don't have to trudge through a year of just general education courses.


It is located in one of best cities in the country. Their are so many electives and majors that their is always the right class out their for you.


I have to say, I fall into the sports fan category. I am a huge sports fan, and when I became a Temple Owl, I became a Temple Owl fan. I got to see the football team go from a "National Joke" to a Nationally Ranked Team in my 5 years at Temple, and I've seen the basketball team grow as well. It's not only these two sports that I watched, they just had the most notible growth in my time at Temple.


It is a really big school with many opportunities and many things to do.


the internship opportunities available.


That is has a lot of connections with outside industries which makes it easier to connect.


As a city school, Temple provides diversity among a multitude of people which works as an active force to compress destructive and exclusive attitudes. Here, I have the freedom to be who I want to be without the nagging pressure to conform to my peers. Here, the confining bubble I grew up in safely, burst allowing me to take a closer glimpse at the complexity and variety of aspects in the world, such as culture and change. Temple has equipped me with the vital life skill of self expression, necessary for constructing future personal and communal success.


I brag about how many opportunities that offered at the school. Also the great advising that I receive when it comes to making great academic choices.


That the student body is so diverese. At Temple there are people from all over the world and sharing the same classroom enviroment with all different ethnicities and creeds is a great experience. Everyone has their differnt ideas and backgrounds and I think Temple helps bring all those together.


The program for my major. It is the reason why I chose the school because it is in the city so I know there are more opporutinites ofr me here than nay other school


About how good the on campus social life is. Always a great sports game to attend, Free Food and Fun Fridays to win great prizes, Concerts, and a movie theatre on campus. Nothing Is better than that!


From the first time I visited Temple, I was drawn to the diversity of the campus. I have always been interested in learning about different types of cultures, so I am very happy with my decision to come to Temple. Every day I am gaining worldly knowledge through immersion in the Temple and Philadelphia communities. Temple is a melting pot of extraordinarily talented and intellectual students and faculty, and I hope that through being exposed to everything a diverse urban campus has to offer, I will exit this University much more educated then when I entered.


Big city, lots of opportunities


The nightlife, and always competitive division I sports teams are always something to brag about. Temple University has a very underrated nightlife, one thats always filled with new fun. Also, With basketball always competing, and Temple football getting better by the day, Temple University athletics is consistently something to brag about.


Temple offers something for everyone - an exciting and flavorful urban atmosphere with small suburban campuses that boast beautiful gardens, artsy niches, and cerebral zen. The breadth of programs offered attracts people of varied interests and creates a hotspot for energetic minds and cultural richness.


There is ALWAYS something to do at Temple University. Because the school is located in a big city, the possibilities are endless. Whether attending a school sponsored event/ program, going to a sports game, or sight seeing in Center City, you are always guaranteed a good time.


The tuition is more affordable than other university tuitions in the surrounding area. It is cheaper than Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, and even Penn State University. Also, because I grew up in this area, a lot of people I knew from high school go here as well.


I was involved in student activities


The resources offered at Temple are very helpful. Everything from career services to academic advising, the administrators are patient, understanding, and they do everything they can to assist students inside the classroom and getting them properly prepared for life after graduation. For example, career services alone offers a wide variety of resources to help students land their dream jobs or simply gat a part-time job. They cover everything from how to dress for an interview, mock intervews, resume assitance, and access to wide range of internships in countless fields. Temple preps the student for life.


I love the diversity, it reminds me alot of my highschool. It's the main reason I transferred there.


I brag about how fantastic my major is and how great it is to live in an urban environment but still have a campus. I can do so many things by hopping on public transportation, and most of it is cheap or free with my student ID. It's great as a theater student to have so much art right near me.


Not only does Temple have a great academic program, but it is also very culturally diverse. You will make friends with people from every cultural background you can imagine. Also, being in the heart of Philadelphia, there's a great deal of amazing performing arts event which you can attend (at a discounted price with your Temple Pex Passport!).


When speaking to my friends about Temple University I bragg about the quality of education for a cheaper price. Temple is the cheapest university in the city of Philadelphia, because it is state funded, and is still able to provide an excellent education to its students. Although Temple is the most affordable school in the area, the price of tuition raises every year making it more and more difficult to graduate.


Temple has great diversity and it is always busy with so many extracurricular and academic activities. The professors that I had within the Biology Department at Temple were excellent. They made time for their students and encouraged them to go the distance. These professors I used for recommendation letters for graduate school. Temple makes you work very hard and teaches you discipline, which helps prepare for the difficulties one faces in the real world.


We have so many cool things going on in our campus and because we go to college in Philadelphia we get a lot of perks in and around the city. There's always a game going on where tickets are included in our tuition, and we get into concerts as much as 90% off the regular price


It?s a great campus that?s located in the city that is always thriving with life. Not only that but there is a huge diversity of people and culture, so there?s something here for everyone. There is always something to do here no matter what day or time it is. In addition there are a lot of pretty girls. =)


I tend to brag that Tyler School of Art is in the top five art schools on the east coast and in the top ten in the country. I also brag about our brand new facility and amazing staff.


All staff and students are genuinely nice and helpful. Although Temple University is located in North Philadelphia where it is commonly known to be a bad area, being on Temple's campus feels like you're in a totally different enviornment because you feel so safe. From the lively students to the plentiful police officers on duty and the bright lighting. Everything that Temple has to offer is amazing and I do ot think that i would change it for the world.


I brag about the facilities and the faculty for the cost of the school. Tyler school of art at Temple University is one of the best bargains while still being one of the top schools in the state, if not the country. I am proud of the hard work my classes give me because I know it is important to my job later in life and I will be well prepared for any task.


I mainly brag about all the historical facts I have learned along the way, and how I do not have to drag myself out of bed each morning to do something that I deeply despise with all of my heart. I brag that while I may be broke now, in time I will be doing something I love everyday while they are stuck at dead end jobs, regretting the fact they took the road less traveled.


when i tell my friends about my school i like to brag on the diverse amount of people that the university has. moreover, it is almost as you will always meet someone different. I also like to talk about the diverse and abundunt amount of majors that the school provides and how fun the staff and school community make it feel. i also brag about how easy it is to find the universtiy since is the only school that own so much property in that area and it has its own hospital.


I usually speak about the parties, the people, and how the school has such a live crowd. Shows, programs, and basicically extra curriculars.


Everything! There is so much to do in the city; shopping, going to shows/performances, professional sports games, parades, and numerous special events. Center City Philadelphia is within walking distance from Temple's main campus, so there's direct access to a variety of things - it is NEVER boring here. Temple's sports teams are amazing, and something to be proud of. The campus is nice; good city life, and clean, architecturally appealing buildings. The classes are interesting, with excellent learning environments and amazing professors. I love my college.


I brag about how diverse and fun my school is. The amount of people you meet at Temple University is astounding. You bound to make tons of friends when you attend Temple. Temple offers a lot of opportunities and activities that a lot of schools should envy.


I always tell my friends how much I'm learning. I've learned a lot about myself, my community and the world. Writing and reserach is an important prcoess that helps us as individuals and those around us. This process is immediately ingrained into students and I tell my friends about the papers I'm writing. I tell them how amazing the teachers are and how much fun I'm having in class. Learning, growing and becoming aware are extremely important and I am constantly telling my friends how great my school is.


I always brag about the overall diversity of Temple University. Whoever you are, you can find something that you can connect with, whether it's a group of friends, an extracirricular activity, or a place to hang out, Temple is definately the school that makes you feel the most comfortable.